Friday, March 5, 2021

Ethel the PIrate Cat

yohoho and a bottle of milk
meowed the pirate kitty
as it scaled the yardarm without and skill
high on catnip and boozy ...

boozy red wine
boozy red wine
high on catnip and boozy red wine

red red wine, she went on to yowl, stay close to meeeeee
*hic* oopsy 
she fell
just as they sailed into Sydney

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Second confession ...

 ... my beautiful favourite band Augie March have release a cd of songs recorded live, which I have bought both physically and digitally and maddeningly also vinyly - even though I do not possess a record player. 

I also bought the vinyl version of the rerelease of Sunset Studies because it looks like a lolly.

I am an idiot.

I am going out tomorrow to look at record players.

I still kind of want to lick it.

I should confess ...

 ... in regards to the brown sofa.  I fully meant to buy something completely different.  I was in fact going to buy a purpleish fake velvet patchwork fainting couch.  I looked numerous times.  I struggled at the thought of spending large amounts of money. I lusted.  I visited the shop multiple times.  I eventually, actually spoke to someone who worked there.  I said I'd come back next week. Felt ill at the thought of spending large amounts of money

I came back the next week, ish. Loins girded to outlay large sums of money.

Spoke to the same lady and apologised for interrupting her lunch and bathroom break from last time. I said I was ready to buy the Chaise Lounge now. Got distracted by my own story of my father passing away and probate and being able to buy a sofa for the first time in 20 years etc.  Caught up in saleslady's own feelings of being moved and slight teary eye-ed-ness and rough voiced move-ed-ness.

Thought it seemed a bit more expensive, but figured I'd missed out on the boxing day sales due to delays at being unable to commit to large outlays of money and speaking to strangers etc.  

However, remained troubled, so looked at the receipt when I came home.  

Had bought a completely different sofa.

It is an infinitely more sensible sofa.  

Even though it is a bit too big for my loungeroom.  

The cats like it.

(not sexy dark purple fake velvet though, sigh)

i have no title yet ...

 ... very similar to those comedy talk fests on the ABC or SBS in that way ... I may choose a title by the end of the post ... perhaps ... maybe ...

I have a new laptop.

I have internet.

I am struggling to type due to the arthritis in my fingers which is making me a little cross.

Funnily enough crossing my fingers is something I can no longer do.  I still casually mention crossing my fingers and then fail to carry through.  So not really gotten used to it yet.

Typing used to be my preferred mode of communication.  It whooshed more smoothly than speech. I also do not yet have a mouse and separate keyboard.  I am a bit crap with the little pad one fingers like a figure skater and have only managed right hand mouse clicking by luck with my eyes shut and a hopeful frame of mind. Not that I have ever fingered a figure skater. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Although I probably wouldn't be very dexterous if it cropped up in my near future.  sorry.

I have bought a hippo lamp and a brown sofa and I have fully intended to finish moving furniture about for about a month so that I can walk around my flat without having to turn the light on and concentrate hard.  I fully meant to do some of that today.

I did not do that.

Tomorrow is a new day but.  I may yet do that.  All hope is not yet lost.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

... sigh .... 2020

 Really, this is an unspeakable  year.   

My father passed away.  My other sister has cancer and is doing chemo ( thou ovarian cancer caught early, which is actually awesome, because you don't normally get to catch it early - so actually probablly great)

There have been other gastly things which I've obviously blocked from my memory cause I can't remember them off the top of my head.

One of my musician crushes passed away a few days ago and I only found out this afternoon. 

He once passed unnecessarily closely to my chair at a gig in Brisbane and I got to leer at his rear from an inch away, and then proceded to say sexually inappropriate things on line *smacks wrist bad sammy*.  One of a handful of people whom my occasionally unruly hormones and enthusiasms inspired me to fly for to see.  I even went out in Townsville, where I never feel particularly safe to be inebriated on my own.

RIP Mike Noga

Ps. Could all the other people I adore please take very good care of themselves for at least the next six months.  I'm usually pretty resilient,  but this year is testing me.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Busy busy busy bee

I wish i was in quarantine!
I've wanted a couple of weeks off for years.
8 years to be exact.
Ever since i started working casual.
I have no self control.
Havent managed to save up enough to have two weeks off.
Probably i could if i would, but i cant so i dont.

I've books and boxes wot need sorting and clothes to be bagged, curtains to wash and gardens to dig.

I am quite jealous of the older patients who are mostly self isolating who are telling me about all the gardening they are doing.

Self isolating is my normal state of being except for going out for breakfast.

I sent a picture of my attempt at making my own breakfast to my favourite closed local cafe and they laughed and laughed.

I know when i must be looking particularly frazzled at work, because some very nice person, who has been very patient, will quietly wait for a momentary pause between phone calls, which are few, to tell me something nice or uplifting, like ... "you're doing a very good job", or giving us a random box of chocolates. People are very nice.

A large number of people are now ending conversations or phone calls with "stay safe".

We ran out of face masks for the receptionists at work a couple of weeks ago, but Townsville doesn't really have many cases and the risks are low, so I'm not worried.

I await with interest to see how long the hand sanitiser lasts.  If it keeps on like it is we may make it too the mid or end of April.  I think the next delivery is May.

However, we are doing lots more phone consults now so maybe it will all even out in the end.

I am somewhat more stressed about peoples inability to read signs.

We have red tape.
We have wet floor signs.
We have additional signs taped to the wet floor signs.
We have signs taped to the counter.
We have signs taped to the doors.
We have a large whiteboard in the middle of the doorway with signs as people come in and signs on the walls.
We have lots of signs everywhere, and social media might even count as signs in the air?

We are a plague strewn version of Dr Seuss, but ... we still cannot stop people from leaning on the counter to get in close to talk to us about how they don't want to have to wait because its not safe to linger long inside medical centres with all the sick people.

Easter weekend and i have two days off in a row and hoping to trick myself into being a domestic goddess by talking about all the things i plan to accomplish ...  as if the only thing stopping me being tidy is circumstances and not some illogical mental kink, or maybe a more plain and simple explanation such as lazy lack of interest.

I moved my bed into the longeroom and only rise to go to kichen or bathroom.  The cats love it.  Much snuggling and cuddling, but i really must clean the front rooms and move the bed back into the bedroom, even if it is just for the exercise the five or more steps would achieve, and the sitting up in a chair to watch television which would probably be gooderer for my digestion.

Your feeble domestic intentions are no match
for the dark side.  Leave the bed where it is.
Go on about your business. 

Friday, February 28, 2020

Oh its rainin again ...

I love storm light.

That beautiful shade of gold against blue grey is my favourite.

The storm cloud  rumbles and rushes close crowding out the telly.

Hanging heavy o'er the house.
Intimdating the outside cat.

Well, maybe not so much, but who is not over impressed with the noise and flurry.

Still ... its very green at present.

I wish the mower man would come.