Friday, September 1, 2017

My wish granted ...

... since it appears George has been out all night terrorising the neighbourhood in his blue feather boa, ha ha ha ha

I had to give him a tummy rub
even though he had my cat bailled
up in the stormwater drain

Thursday, August 31, 2017

New hobby ...

... i only wish he had come by during daylight hours, so I could take better pictures.

I think feathers suit him.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

My new hobby ...

There is a dog living a few streets away who escapes on a regular basis.

He seems to have decided instead of sitting around at home all day he should travel the neighbourhood taunting less free canines, barking at my cats and scaring them and pretending they oppress and beat him up when i am present, and mooching at my next doors neighbours house with the Labrador.

So I decided I should dress him up when he comes over.

Some outfits so far ...

Friday, August 18, 2017

My beautiful Woolliff ...

... is in cuddly mood.  He is lifting his back leg up so I can properly rub his tummy whilst he curls around my arm.

Thankfully he does not get so aroused that he humps my leg, like wot my sisters cat Lamington does (even though he is desexed).  It is strangely disturbing to watch, and takes sooooo long.  My niece says if she interrupts him he gets very cranky, where as if she lets him have his way, then he is all sweet and cuddly afterwards.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

I am a bad person, but ....

... it is soooooo FUNNY!!!!!


Son of dr working at practice had been being given work experience. Father paid him adult rates to do it.

Manager away on leave for three weeks.
Receptionist temporarily handling his admin role quit at short notice due to family reasons.
Myself stepped up to do.
Vacant reception role given to not overly suited twitchy 18 year old boy.  Opportunity organised/requested by father.

Boy received first real payslip.

(Admittedly I think they may have the wrong pay rate by a couple of dollars an hour, but perhaps they were going to employ him as permanent part-time, rather than the casual even their long term staff are employed at)

Dummy spit of epic proportions is being played out in a family household as we speak as 18 year old who is not very good at job thinks he is wasting his time earning money at offical payrate.  Says he has already spent as much as he is being paid, and its not worth the effort.

I am ridiculously amused, though admire his confidence and over inflated feelings of self worth.

One of his main gripes is that he has starved himself for this, since he feels the need to stop for a main meal at morning tea, as well as lunch time, and is angry food isnt provided free of charge as he was eating the food provided to the doctors for feee when his dad was paying him to work.

I don't think he understands how much of a favour they were doing for his dad and how unwelcome and not very good he is.

My experience of trying to teach him how to write an  address on an envelope will live long in my memory.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

I had a dream ....

... a short dream.

A first dream.
... of multiple dreams ...

There were others after, interspersed with worries and stress caused by work pressures and the nurse manager telling me i nearly killed one of their patients - because receptionists are the enemy and they aren't my patients at all even though I've been there five years or more.

Whatever ...

In my dream i had a massage. Not just an ordinary massage. More nearly a ceremony with smoke, and fragrance, but not incense, and though it could have turned sexual (of please! Yes please! I never get to have sex dreams, damnit!!!!) it was just lovely and i woke up with the shoulder i am continually troubled by with cramps and spasms all soft and lush and relaxed.  Everything was relaxed.

It was beautiful.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

WARNING - Sad post alert - Last saturday ...

... my beautiful Pease Blossom ...
  (a boy, just to clarify)
((my main cat, just to be more clarifcific)) ...
passed away, convulsing in my arms.
He had renal failure and was not robust in his illnesss. Many times choosing not to eat.

If i were rich he would have spent weeks on drips and bi-weekly blood tests and over $100 monthly pills.

Such was not possible.

He would hide if a car pulled up in front of a neighbours house.
When at the vets he would need to be force fed unless i could visit, for he would not eat or defect if i were not present.

He always slept on my hip, or back or stomach.
He would be on my lap if i were still.
Or on my back if i so much as leant slightly forward.
He liked back-surfing.
I would take him on trips around the house like so.

He waged a war with the Tablet, where he won if he sat closer to my face than the screen.

I had to work last Saturday.
I work every Saturday now because no one else wants to work saturdays, even though they know i would like to have two days off in a row at least once a month. Even though i cover all their shifts whenever they don't want to work them.

The manager was on leave, so i didn't feel able to not work.

Blossom waited until i came home.

I rinsed his mouth out under the tap and bundled him in a blanket, stroking his poor head.

He seemed to give me a purr, though that could well have been my overstrained imagination.

I cradled his corpse for far longer than was probably necessary because i couldn't differentiate between the blood pulsing in my ears and a heartbeat.

He is currently in my freezer pending a decision on burial.

Its been raining alot.
The irony is fierce.
It rarely rains here.
We have been on level three water restrictions for months.
The radio station personalities are calling Townsville "the Dome".

My yard is underwater, so burial with commerative garden is unfeasible at present.

I am very sad.
He was a very nice cat.
He was only nine.