Thursday, September 1, 2016

Boring dream post alert

Strong dreaming sessions lately.

In my dream last night my front door came off its hinges and then seemed too small to fill the space when propped against it, and then it went into my new normal of cats escaping and me trying to gather them up etc.

People came over to visit and tried to help. One of them pointed out a couple of other doors that were closed. Turned out there was another two thirds of house I had forgotten about. Two or three bedrooms all fully furnished and a bathroom with a bath and a plumbing issue and a sunroom. And cupboards full of my old clothes that I was storing for future possible use by my nieces.

This was a house I've dreamed about before. Also with a escaping/gathering of cats theme.

The funny thing about last nights dream was that I became self aware quite early into it, but was unable to wake myself up, or take charge. Took four tries.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Far out! Its Wednesday already!

I am trying to differentiate myself from the other overweight ( tbrough shes lost nearly 30 kilos in the last two years) brunette that works mornings to my afternoons, by wearing flowers in my hair.  I am slightly chuffed to be described as 'the nice one' by a patient.  Though that is probably an indictment (sp?) of my urge to please.

I gain and she loses and every one thinks we are the same person. Ha ha ha
Slaps wrist
Bad sammy
Shouldnt think that is funny

She pays much more attention to her grooming than i do.

I feel like i am letting the side down, a bit, but then i also think that wearing makeup to work is a waste of time. Its just work and if you look good all the time, its not much of a difference/surprise when you look awesome to go out.

Probably thats just the laziness showing through.

I dont want looking special to be too much of an effort.

Monday, August 29, 2016

First cat bath ...

Wet kitty recovering from trauma of first bath (well, shower, really).

May have to put bucket back on head shortly. She is going at this cleaning with a vengance.

Personally, i think she needs kitty prozac, or something. She is a bit into self harm lately.  I was hoping once the scabs were gone she could stop being so stringent with herself, but I am thinking she has more issues than that.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

I'm thinking Flowers ...

I am working on my next melbourne cup day work outfit.

I went very lowkey last year with just a necklace, and in consequence, missed the entire race restraining a potentially violent, not in the best place, patient who was taken away by the police.

This year I plan to be excessive, so that even if I feel I should, I won't be dressed to be of use.  It was the first melbourne cup I've missed since Just-a-dash.

I am contemplating my hairdo/hat situation ...

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Puddle of cat

Late morning kitty kips.

Sunday, August 21, 2016


Oh by golly, by lad! There is a second season of Blandings, which I need to lay my grubby paws on before Christmas.

I was struggling for mother friendly entertainment - besides which I LOVED the first series.  What little treasures some english persons are, and I must admit to a deep and, so far, unshakable crush on Tiomothy Spall since seeing series one.


There is talk of a third series this year.

Perhaps god loves me afterall ( even though I ticked no religion on the census ).

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The earth moved ...

... and I completely missed it.
I think my chair absorbed all the shock.

(5.8 quake off coast of Bowen)