Thursday, January 17, 2019

Sleeping in

Snuggling with cat in bed.
Stroke softly under chin.
He gently takes my hand in paw and affectionately licks.

I can't but help wonder if he is just cleaning me up abit, so I don't dirty his fur.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

How does one spell tarry? Tary? Tari?

Tarry not amidst the discarded clutter and detritus
Cardboard mountains of consumed tv dinners and too many drinks
But go!  Go forth!
Battle overflowing litter trays stinking of piss.

Face the frequently forgotten and affeared
Tray hidden beneath the back stairs
All to oft' left long
And wilfully misremembered when done so.

Oh, if only I could discourse a river such as Hercules
To wash before me this feline faeces

Be brave little cat mother!
(Not so little in form,
But little in resolve)

Suck deep of breathe and hold
And triumphant undefeated, discard
Behold litter all clean and new
To be promptly christened with urine and poo.

Ive been watching a midsummers nights dream on dvd. Helen mirren as Queeb Titannia.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Flaps arms joyfully like kermit the frog ....

... am rather delighted with Nancy Springers Enola Holmes series for young readers. Wish I could buy books 3 and 4. Not re released for a while.
Patience is not one of my virtues .

I am also reading Abdrzej Sapkowski's Withcher series and am impatient that I am forced to work for a living when I would much rather be reading.

Surely people who could productively not make trouble and just lay back with a good book should be encouraged to do so, and have their subsistence subsidised to allow non literature , restless people who NEED to be doing STUFF to be occupied and encouraged to do so.

It would keep people who whilst otherwise might be tempted to razor their neighbours occupied and feel worthwhile and valued?

Not a good sentence.
There is a better way.
 My brain just don't wanna go there.

Not entirely my fault.
I couldn't sleep last night , even though I was tired.

Was past 12.30 when i tried to sleep, and my preliminary alarms started at 4.30.

I am not a morning person.

I found a cut throat razor in the gutter outside of my home after new year's day and scattered blood stains on the road, but no newsworthy article referencing such has appeared.

I've always wanted a own cut throat razor.

I cannot see what use it would be to take it to tbe local station.
I am much rather inclined to see if the weekend nurse will autoclave it for my safe keeping.

I wish someone would tell me if the new owners of the duplex want to keep renting out the one i live in, or if they want me to move out?  My lease is up at the end of February and I've heard nothing.

I have started demolishing the cobwebs I've allowed to build up out of sentiment for Dianne Wynne Jones, Howls Moving Castle.

You really should read it if you haven't already.

Nothing really like Howls net of spiders. I don't think I could have slept like that.

I sprayed my bathroom about an hour ago.
I just tried to go to the toilet.
An unwell, poisoned cockroach just tried to climb up my foot.

I am not suited to rigorous cleanliness.

I feel sad about the dying insect.

Though I am really very far from impressed with its far too confident interaction with my foot.

80 million this thursday for gold lotto
What would i do with 80 millon?
It is a silly amount.
I'd much rather win smaller mounts,
80 million is stoopid

I am sure i could do something with it anyway, what!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Xmas lunch

First layer of plate consists
Of pickled salad
Beetroot and feta salad
With some garden salad
Wasabi dressing
Ham and turkey

Out of room
What to do?

Second layer consists of
roast vegetables and pork
And gravy made from scratch
Not forgetting the peas and honey carrot

The gravy has leaked down
As gravy does
And mixed with the salad and wasabi dressing!

I shoulda thought it through better

So full

Of look ... watermelon!

Ohhhhh nooooo
Even more full

Cradle the old blind chicken
Being harrassed by the bad tempered peahen

Feed broken crackers to the peacock

Feed the xmas treat to the other chickens
Dried mealy worms
Chickens don't understand what they are
Chickens walk over treat in search for crackers

Bok bok bok

Xmas 2018

Wrap dress wot i will wear as a coat
Action shot two

Action shot one

Xmas bow

Sunday, December 16, 2018

All gone ...

... but the rain left behind a lovely sunset.

Saturday, December 1, 2018


It is 12.30 pm and I am still wide awake, and due at work at 7 am.

Not a happy happenstance.

Faffing about making guacamole and prepping for variations on tadzike for tomorrow .

Imagining laying some aside for the delightful doctor popping back for a couple of weeks before heading back to the UK. 

Imagining inviting him to the sisters for entertainment in the meantime.

Not sure he would be as entranced as I by Critical Role.

Was beside myself with delight to see a theatre full of people give standing ovations for high dice rolls by a troupe of voice actors playing Dungeons and Dragons, ha ha.

One of those things I had never contemplated happening, but which HAS happened, and I am glad it did.  The world would be poorer for the lack of people who would travel hundreds of miles to attended an event to listen/watch a bunch of people play dungeons and dragons in costume on a stage and go nuts when they role a high number on a twenty sided dice.  That is the world I want to belong to :)