Sunday, September 25, 2016

Maybe i need to set up a phone line?

Another adolescent frog tried to commit suicide by cat(s) this evening.

How do they get in?

Do they crawl through the cracks in the louvres?
Do they come up the drains?
Do they crawl out from under the lowered lid of the toilet?

However they achieve it, it must take effort.

The cats couldnt be bothered this evening.

It made it all the way too the kitchen from downstairs ( three steps ). Mob mentality took over then and they were all gawking at it.  It would do its little froggy scream like ' come on if you think you're hard enough', and they were all like, 'oh my god, look at him! Isnt he a funny colour, haha'.

I used a cherry tomato punnet container to transport it outside,

Couldnt for the life of me, from looking at it, tell you if it was a boy or a girl, but based on behaviour, i reckon it was a boy.


Pease Blossom

Pease Blossom is such a handsome boy. I dont really understand why the vets keep calling him she just because of his name. He looks like a boy to me.

Mind you, i dont run a hundred percent at guessing based on face, but im not too far off. Admittedly, the curly haired present on gardening australia from western australia had me puzzled for an episode or two.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Lazy breakfast adventures ...

... because i wont be paying for it. Thats pretty lazy isnt it?

Eldest sister treating me to breakfast tomorrow, as i will be feeding their cats and guinea pigs over the next four days, whilst the family adjourns to Magnetic Island for holiday fun.

I love both sisters houses and their cats. I will be in mad cat lady heaven with eleven (counting my own and theirs together) cats, four guinea pigs, four to six chickens (i can never remember which are theirs and which are their neighbours) and two feral peacocks.

They will be racked with, well not actually racked, but vaguely discomforted anyway, with guilt because i will be bopping about by each of their properties petting and feeding their animals and bumming about on their sofas getting kitty love.  Which is my idea of a good time, ha ha.

Its a win win situation that requires me to get out of bed at a respectably hour, which will be good for me if not necessarily enjoyable, and thus virtue is its own reward is a bit crap cause surely this is the definitition of hedinisom?

Sorry. I still cant spell.
The gist is the gist though, right?

Friday, September 23, 2016

Cats have their own perspective ...

... and were thrilled to bits with the picture wrappings.

Something charming ...

This is the second picture I bought today.

(Actually the first, cause when I turned up it was marked down to only $40, so I surrendered to temptation and bought two).

It is an original illustration by Jenny Finn from a book tittled 'Tales from 5he Hallowed Hollow'.

She's had a few pictures for sale at the Townsville Art Society shop over the last few months (some even listed as free to a child), and today is the first time I've had cash to spare for one of them. There have been at least three come and go during my pennyless period, darnit.

*que the sound of gnashing teeth and wringing hands*

Not even a vaguly good photo and I seem to be completely unable to hang pictures straight.

Something nice ...

Bought myself this lovely lino block print by Margaret Crawford with the money earned from the extra shifts worked this week.

Thursday, September 22, 2016


I soooo wanted to tell her to pull her head in and stop behaving like a pork chop, but you cant really. Besides, ive never had an authoritive voice.

We added her to the wait list, even though we had stopped taking patients due to the very long waits due to only having one doctor working tonight, and advised her there was only one doctor and it was likely to be an hour or so wait; because she sobbed and said it was urgent.

Then she proceeded to rant and rave about having to wait, and how unprofessional we were, and apparently were 'treating her like a dog'. She wrote out a complaint and generally wailed and nashed teeth.

It was only half an hour and she didnt have an appointment and she got her script ahead of other people who had been waiting longer.

Her young children sat outside in the car the whole time.
I envied them.

Tomorrow I shall have to defend my actions which consisted of assuring her she would be seen as soon as the doctor finished with the person he was with and offering her a glass of water.