Monday, July 22, 2019


An abby-normal (vague reference to movie 'young Frankenstein') burst of energy on the weekend saw me  progress slightly on my gremlin project.

The son of one of the ladies at work grew his hair to shave for a cure.

I donated and asked for a couple of locks of hair.  The plan being to incorporate them into the gremlins.  I thought it would be cool.

However, I've been so tired, they have not grown much.  There has been a great deal more thinking and buying, than doing.

I didn't know why i suddenly felt okay to create, but then i noticed there were threads of black ash spiralling down from the sky and realised i was breathing deeply of the smoke from the grass fires in my area.

I grew up on a cane farm.

The sweet smell of burning cane and molasses, is part and parcel of my childhood.

Its going to get awkward if i have to set fire to my surroundings so i can have the energy just to mop my kichen.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

I shouldn't be spending money but,...

.... shoud be my new ongoing title but, ... i couldn't resist!

An elder gentleman was selling paintings outside the local IGA.

He said he didn't sign his name because once he'd sold it, it belonged to me.


Tuesday, May 14, 2019

I confess!

I wasn't supposed to be spending money this week, but ...

It is such a cute little painting and goes so well with the little cat lamp my brother gave me for Christmas.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

I wish i were there ...

I am swimming with delight of my nieces and nephew!

Eldest decided she really wanted to reenact a scene from the princess diaries where they have a canvas studded with balloons filled with paint and pop them with darts.

She decided to do this with her siblings to celebrate her mothers birthday, the day before mothers day, whilst her mother is away on long service leave camping holiday and not in a position to stop them,

She also decided to do this on the day they had mostly run out of food, and was soooo busy preparing for the event, that they'd not had much water, and decided they should have cocktails first, before doing anything else.
Like cooking.
And stuff.

Luckily, they also decided to film the event.
They even did a time lapse.

Sophie (happily/drunkenly) threw a dart.
It rebounded, after popping a paint filled ballon ...
... and she caught it again ...

She therefore argued that it meant she got another throw.

I have suggested the resulting artwork should be entittled 'Twilight pee on LSD'.

Apparently it got smugged a bit when she thought it was a good idea to hop up on the table to add more paint filled ballons, instead of waiting for her much taller brother.
(Sophie is a bit on the short side, but tall in personality and determination).

She is already planning a reenactment for when her mom gets home, but possibly without the darts.

... and the tacks they where using to fix the balloons, which had a tendency too projectile out from the canvas with prejudice.

Also, they are missing some darts.

Oh me, oh my ....

I have gained an overly chatty neighbour who has put my lack of enthusiastic response to the invite to come watch a movie with him sometime to offence at 'implied' cracking onto.

Extra implied 'as if!'.

I am not a social person.
I have been very polite.

He was supposed to fence his dog in, as it was not a dog friendly rental.
My cat had been missing two days.
(He is back now)
I am working twice my usual hours because someone is off sick for May.

He seems to be reacting to the concept of 'duplex' like others might to share house.

It is not a share house.

He keeps offering to do stuff for me.
I know i am messy and useless,  but i don't want people to do stuff for me!
I want to do it or nothing!

And i like it messy!!!
I feel so more secure!
Like I've left boobie-traps to ensnare trespassers .
If only there were a fence!

He is in his seventies or so, and obviously not used to living a single life, but ...

... but ....

... secretly ...

... secretly, I  wish I  were a serial killer and knew how to hide bodies, sigh.

On weekends when I work alone I speak to at least 150 people face to face.
I would take calls from probably twice that.
After shallow unrewarding potentially antagonistic interactions with 450 people in 7 hours, i REALLY don't want to see, talk, integrate with a living soul wot is not a cat.

I don't think it is unreasonable to expect my neighbour and his rather lovely elderly dog wot I am already sneaking treats too, to stay on their own side.

I am trying to wrack my brians of elderly patients who might want a man.
He has had a knee replacement, so he probably could dance?

Thursday, April 25, 2019


My sister and her partner have gone away camping, leaving their grown up children alone in the house.

Except from my nieces latest update:

Day 3 without parents: Dukey found a couple of maggots in the corner of our laundry next to our bin. He freaked out and sprayed them with bug spray, but it wasn't working fast enough and they were crawling towards him so he smashed them with a shoe. More started coming out from under the carpet though - more than he could squash - so he decided to drown them with water. But then he realised he'd used too much water and there was a massive wet patch on the carpet. So he tried to mop it up with towels and then when he ran out of towels (and I swear to god, I wish I was making this up) grabbed the fucking iron and started trying to iron the fucking floor dry. It worked a little bit but was taking forever so he gave up, put the towels in the washing machine, and wandered off into his room.
Came back an hour later. The entire back end of the house is flooded. He forgot to put the draining hose in the laundry tub. And he can't dry the floors with with towels. Because all the towels were in the wash. So now he is in the corridor with the mop, gagging as he tries to get rid of this water.
The worst part?
And now they're in the kitchen.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

It was a bargin!

Have been lecturing myself for the last two weeks about the need to get a grip and do some serious saving for a while.

And then ... sigh.

The ever fabulous Margaret Crawford went and made the gorgeous little bunny mug and my steely resolve crumbled before it even got to flash its colours.