Saturday, April 11, 2020

Busy busy busy bee

I wish i was in quarantine!
I've wanted a couple of weeks off for years.
8 years to be exact.
Ever since i started working casual.
I have no self control.
Havent managed to save up enough to have two weeks off.
Probably i could if i would, but i cant so i dont.

I've books and boxes wot need sorting and clothes to be bagged, curtains to wash and gardens to dig.

I am quite jealous of the older patients who are mostly self isolating who are telling me about all the gardening they are doing.

Self isolating is my normal state of being except for going out for breakfast.

I sent a picture of my attempt at making my own breakfast to my favourite closed local cafe and they laughed and laughed.

I know when i must be looking particularly frazzled at work, because some very nice person, who has been very patient, will quietly wait for a momentary pause between phone calls, which are few, to tell me something nice or uplifting, like ... "you're doing a very good job", or giving us a random box of chocolates. People are very nice.

A large number of people are now ending conversations or phone calls with "stay safe".

We ran out of face masks for the receptionists at work a couple of weeks ago, but Townsville doesn't really have many cases and the risks are low, so I'm not worried.

I await with interest to see how long the hand sanitiser lasts.  If it keeps on like it is we may make it too the mid or end of April.  I think the next delivery is May.

However, we are doing lots more phone consults now so maybe it will all even out in the end.

I am somewhat more stressed about peoples inability to read signs.

We have red tape.
We have wet floor signs.
We have additional signs taped to the wet floor signs.
We have signs taped to the counter.
We have signs taped to the doors.
We have a large whiteboard in the middle of the doorway with signs as people come in and signs on the walls.
We have lots of signs everywhere, and social media might even count as signs in the air?

We are a plague strewn version of Dr Seuss, but ... we still cannot stop people from leaning on the counter to get in close to talk to us about how they don't want to have to wait because its not safe to linger long inside medical centres with all the sick people.

Easter weekend and i have two days off in a row and hoping to trick myself into being a domestic goddess by talking about all the things i plan to accomplish ...  as if the only thing stopping me being tidy is circumstances and not some illogical mental kink, or maybe a more plain and simple explanation such as lazy lack of interest.

I moved my bed into the longeroom and only rise to go to kichen or bathroom.  The cats love it.  Much snuggling and cuddling, but i really must clean the front rooms and move the bed back into the bedroom, even if it is just for the exercise the five or more steps would achieve, and the sitting up in a chair to watch television which would probably be gooderer for my digestion.

Your feeble domestic intentions are no match
for the dark side.  Leave the bed where it is.
Go on about your business. 

Friday, February 28, 2020

Oh its rainin again ...

I love storm light.

That beautiful shade of gold against blue grey is my favourite.

The storm cloud  rumbles and rushes close crowding out the telly.

Hanging heavy o'er the house.
Intimdating the outside cat.

Well, maybe not so much, but who is not over impressed with the noise and flurry.

Still ... its very green at present.

I wish the mower man would come.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

^rant alert^ Oy vey!

I am incidentally watching/listening to Della Smith cook and fuming to the sound of sprinklers and frogs.

My duplex neighbour has boundary issues due to the lack of fence.
He is a very nice man.
Very friendly.
He has worked as a carer for disabled people in the past.
And as a baker.

If i were an elderly lady who wanted someone to do stuff for her, i would be in pig heaven.

I am not an elderly person who wants someone to do stuff for me.

I am a receptionist, at a busy work place, with only two or three people answering six phone lines, whilst also serving many people in a noisy busy open plan space with screaming children and loud people and other people talking loudly behind us whilst we struggle to hear over them; the constantly printing printers which are next to us; and the quite loud fax/copier/printer which is close by. Without the benefit of proper headphones, reduced to clasping the phone to our ears with our shoulder, at badly setup computers with monitors set too low, on inadequate paded chairs, which need replacing and therefore cause both back and neck pain. Not to mention the added noise pollution from the line of people at the pharmacy, situated less than three feet from the desk (and the small children who have seen the lollies on display and far too easy reach, for sale).

Over the course of a five hour shift I may individually speak to 2 or 3 hundred people, whilst scanning, faxing, shredding, not yelling back at rude people, and I really do not want to talk to anybody when I come home.

I don't want them to take my sprinkler from my side of the yard to do their watering.

I don't want them to put their stuff on my side of the yard.

I don't want them to water my side of the yard.
I don't want them to bring my bins in WHEN I AM AT HOME AND CAN DO IT MYSELF WHENSOEVER I FEEL LIKE IT.

I want to be able to step outside, into my side of the yard, without having to talk to someone else or fend off offers to mend my hose wot i dont want mended (and if I  did could do myself) and which i would prefer to be using with the sprinkler wot i bought wot was in my backyard, ON MY SIDE OF THE YARD before they took it and seem to think that is okay?!

Is it because I am a female?

Bring on the thunder, i say.

Let it rain down on me.
Let the rain touch my hair.
Let the rain set me free.
Let it rain down on me.

It is rumbling in the distance and mocking my sudden surge of proprietary home occupancy, aka me watering the dying lawn for the first time in a couple of weeks, probably solely in reaction to my neighbours most recent transgressions.

If i wanted to live in a share house ...
... i would be living in a share house.
... and saving lots and lots of money, ey?


Wednesday, January 1, 2020


Hark! What will the new year bring?

A houseparty full of people singing badly along to country music.

Is it significant that the boys and girls are singing separate parts?
I think it could be a Kid Rock song.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Farewell 2019 Greetings 2020

Fare thee well year ...
With all your foolish virtual self harming thoughts
Punishing maybes

I hear the echos of fucks
That resound from blocks away
Both joyous

A new year

A year that was not anything
A year that passed in a heart beat
A year in which the heart seemed to beat too much
Too fast
And sometimes not at all

It all evened out in the end
And counted for nothing

I am not sure the year counted at all
It cetainly didn't really feel like it happened

Some things are more 'more' than they were
But some are less?

Some closer to death
But i feel more distant

Mum had a stroke
Dad has Alzheimers
The house a street away sounds like a jolly domestic
Which is all very confusing

I think i feel more positive?
Less plastic

Mums is mostly herself
Just tires easily
Dad is sedated

Turning eleven of the clock
and only three or four houses are loud now
Happy louds
Wa heys and woos
Instead of ings

Its amazing how far an ing carries.

Further than embers

I am on the cooking channel
I am reading a childrens book
I am trying not to think about my life

It almost would be a relief to watch the bushfire news
(Which is a silly selfish thought)
(And both true and untrue at the same time)
(I am not so selfabsorbed as to trump tragedy)
(But selfabsorbed enough to fancy it for awhile)

Which makes me flash back to a scene from Grosse Point Blank
What an awesome film that was
... for a while ...

My new years resolution...
... apart from quitting alcohol,
Eating healthy,
Exercising and loosing weight) ...
Is to watch Grosse Point Blank on a regular basis
And attempt to learn the words off by heart!

I don't expect it to make me a more complete being

Probably I'd have to watch Lady Hawke for that, ay?

Edit:  you know it really drives me nuts when I can't work out what people are saying!  I refuse to put on dark clothing and crawl closer to their house just to hear. Why! Why did I not invest in one of them there cheap directional devices!  This happens every year.

Okay Fuckit!!!
That is my new NEW years resolution!
Directional fucking listening devices!

Fucking drives me nuts!

Ing ing ing ing ing

Edit edit:  and now all the neighbour hoood dogs are taking turns to bark.

And i can hear weird crashing fence noises
Close by ...
... but take reassurence in that they reported arresting the man in my neighbourhood this morning responsibe for a violent home invasion and crime spree, not really, argh!

Did i mention i missed most of 'Dinner for one'?
I love that show
I watch it every year
You should google it

Try and drink along with it, ha ha
Its a challenge!

They have been wooing periodically for hours
I just wish they sounded happier about it.

Twenty minutes to go.

Edit edit edit:  did i tell you already?  One of my first employers clients told my boss i sounded like a dead horse on the phone.  He called me into his office and made me practice sounding more cheerful.  He randomly called into the office over the next few weeks and after I'd answered the call would bark "SOUND MORE CHEERFUL".

This is what i want to tell the house a block away.

Twelve minutes too go

Edit efit editititditargh for heavens sake! Its still five mintes to go and they satarted the countdown to early and mucked it up counting down from ten to five.  Far ou brussel sprout.

Okay now they are wooing again.
They got the time right cause they can hear the fireworks going off in the distance...

... HAPPY NEW YEAR CUNTS     WOOO HOOO!!!!!!  ....

Monday, July 22, 2019


An abby-normal (vague reference to movie 'young Frankenstein') burst of energy on the weekend saw me  progress slightly on my gremlin project.

The son of one of the ladies at work grew his hair to shave for a cure.

I donated and asked for a couple of locks of hair.  The plan being to incorporate them into the gremlins.  I thought it would be cool.

However, I've been so tired, they have not grown much.  There has been a great deal more thinking and buying, than doing.

I didn't know why i suddenly felt okay to create, but then i noticed there were threads of black ash spiralling down from the sky and realised i was breathing deeply of the smoke from the grass fires in my area.

I grew up on a cane farm.

The sweet smell of burning cane and molasses, is part and parcel of my childhood.

Its going to get awkward if i have to set fire to my surroundings so i can have the energy just to mop my kichen.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

I shouldn't be spending money but,...

.... shoud be my new ongoing title but, ... i couldn't resist!

An elder gentleman was selling paintings outside the local IGA.

He said he didn't sign his name because once he'd sold it, it belonged to me.