Friday, July 20, 2018

Bad cat

Bokkie-cat was upset with me for no good reason and when I picked him up to make kissyfaces at him, he attacked my face!

I hissed and spat at him so he would know he done wrong.

In retaliation I dressed him up ina pink polka dot bowtie.

I think he feels the humiliation.

Cause he tried to hit me again during the punishment photoshoot.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

I got punked by a bird!

Was getting ready to leave Monday.

Was putting helmut on.
Thought I heard a cat?
Thought I heard Mary-Cat!
Then I  thought I  heard a cat fight in the distance.

Did one of my cats get out?

Dashed down driveway to look.

Only a bowerbird with half a sandwich surrounded by Indian Miner Birds.
Six or seven.

Thought I  head a cat again?

Realised Bowerbird was making cat noises at other birds to try and scare them away.

I have never felt more present in my surroundings.

Sometimes the bowerbirds replicate the noise my cats make scratching the wall near their litter trays.

If I won the lotto tonight ...

... this would be the email I would send to work.

"Events of Tuesday, 17th July 2018.

A fax arrived addressed to Dr B------------..
Dr B-------------- was nearby, so I handed said fax directly to doctor.
Dr B-------------- asked me to give to nurses/Nurse Manager, as last sentence of said fax requested ambulance transfer to be organised.
Passed fax to ------------, as the nurse on duty.

----------------- protested that would not do anything without doctor telling her too. .
Fair enough.

Said that is fine . 
I can ask him to message you. 
He has read the fax and just said to give to nurses because of the ambulance transfer etc.

She said fine, but im not doing it straight away.

Upon Nurse Managers arrival I presume it was presented to her with a complaint as Nurse Manager stamped towards reception, held the fax up in an aquisitory manner and demanded loudly 'WHO GAVE THIS TO US! Etc."

I do not feel that this manner of communication was required or necessary.
It is typical of how reception staff are spoken too.
I know this seems like i am making a mountain out of a molehill but i am very over the kind of language and tone that us being used on a regular basis.

I am not an enemy.
I have worked here for six years.
I do not seek out new and interesting ways to make life difficult for my fellow employees.

Quite the opposite.

I recognise that we all have to work and we dont get a choice about who we work with and do my best to get on with everyone.  Indeed, happy people are less stressful to spend time with.

The rough way our Manager and Nurse Manager interact is all fine, but reception staff are not on the same managerial/family level to be able to communicate in the same way without ramifications.

I am not comfortable about the way ---------------  immediately goes to look at other employees timesheets and sign in and out times the minute she is upset with someone.

I know this will make no difference at all and that all issues with personal interaction will, be fobbed off with references to menpause (this is a regular excuse of nurse manager for her own behaviour for last six years), which I find insulting and misogynist, even though perpetuated by a relatively nice lady with anger management issues.

Fuck you all."

I am never going to win lottto, but I do find venting on blogspot a bit of a relief.

I acknowledge I am in an over sensitive state at present and understand I should be just be shrugging this off like normal people do.  I am aware i have always been over sensitive about personal interaction.

I went home sick before i could say or do anything stupid.
Which was a strong posibility today.

Will have to reschedule my physio appointment as I won't be able to afford it after loosing a days pay.

Will need to buy/make Melissa a present for staying late for me on a day when she really wanted to leave on time.

All this happened before ten this morning.
It is now five and i have been wailing and nashing my teeth on and off for seven hours.
Total overkill.

Nervousness is listed as a side effect of celebrex.
Is this nervousness ?

Sadly, I don't think I can blame this on medication.

I just really need a holiday.
Ive not had more than three or four days off in a row for six years.

Maybe five days once.

Not really a people person no matter how well I pretend.
Much rather being stuffed away into small isolated offices cubicles with a computer and a list.

Bought a lotto ticket on the way home anyway.

Friday, July 6, 2018

He will knock four times ...

Well, not exactly knock.

But Snowball totally doesn't understand why I've not turned out all my other cats in favour of him.

Little pig , little pig,
(i was born in the uear of the pig)
Let me come in.

'Why is this stupid human,  that i have honoured with my
presence,  not opening the door?'

Bloody hell! How many cats has she got?!?!

 I finally managed to get a picture of his testicles, which are a delightful caramel colour amongst the creamy whiteness for his underside.

Also, I decided the decorating rule didn't
Just apply to dogs.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Not quite picnic at hanging rock but ...

Bokkie was deeply unimpressed by Snowballs presence.

He lured him into chasing him down the stormwater drains this morning.

Bokkie returned 15 - 20 minutes later.
Looking smug.

Poor Snowball has not been seen since.

What did Bokkie do to Snowball?

Monday, July 2, 2018

Meet Snowball ...

Yet another cat has turned up at my house.

I half think he might be FeedMe's sibling.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Resolution - be more thoughtful

Booked myself in to see a hand wrist physio.

My homework is to wrap myself up into a fist for half an hour every night to gently stretch my fingers.

Must remember to have a loo break between hands.
Am rocking back and forth in my chair waiting for the time to count down.