Monday, April 25, 2016

Bemused two

It's sort of funny, the easiest part of my job gets me the most thank yous.

I work as a receptionist and am frequently thanked for sounding happy.

Answering the phone is the least troublesome part of my job, and really it is no problem. Ringing my workplace is not an act of oppression.  You are welcome.

Sunday, April 24, 2016


Daily calls from the parent as she finds qualifying for some bridge competion or 'nother traumatic and fraught with drama.  The couple she really didn't want to be forced to play with didn't make it through, because of a fine incurred yesterday due to behavioural issues.  Unsure if things degenerated to the point where persons were asked to step outside to continue the discussion or not, though that has happened in the past.

Bridge ... its a kill or be killed world, man.

Sunday, April 10, 2016


It is not a good year, so far, for people i know. One dead due to head injuries from a fall down stairs; another just diagnosed with breast cancer, and at the moment i am hoping nieces broken toe counts as something cause everything else seems to be fairly extreme.

Was covering someone elses shift at work Friday. She is an ex-hairdresser and always wears lots of makeup and good hair, so dressed up and did my hair and makeup, to be funny.

Startled at the reaction engendered by both public and workmates.
Can only conclude I must look a bit rough sometimes.

Believe there is speculation that perhaps I now have a boyfriend, lol.