Monday, March 28, 2016

We always hurt the ones we love most

So ... on his last visit to my sister's house my beautiful little three month old kitten broke some plates and cups.  This visit he broke my nieces toe (they were playing chasie and she didn't make the corner).

He shall be renamed 'Springbok Bonebreaker, the Destroyer'.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Am making trouble at work.
Have stuck cute itty bitty little fuzzy chickens to the tops of the monitors that just peak over the top of the counter at perfect reach to really tempt and upset small sick children being totted in to the doctors cause they are sick and miserable.
The adults try to distract and engage the small sick child during the booking in process by pointing out the chicken, if not seen already, and than spending the rest of the time stopping the child from trying to take the chicken and dealing with the resulting tantrum.
Not content with this I have added two little nests with foam easter eggs in the attrium by the concrete bunnies.

Delighted to come to work today to find the nests in disarray and foam eggs scattered with little tooth marks in them.
Foolled the possums too.