Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Cat knocked glass of wine over onto laptop and died it.

Pretty blonde woman backed into scooter and crushed front bit.  Scooter has been in shop for last week.

Last night I appear to have walked in my sleep and for some reason taken inside tabby cat outside and outside tabby cat inside, and thus causing lingering trauma to black inside kitty who did not understand why tabby cat was suddenly hissing and spitting and growling at her all night when previously she had gotten on so well with a tabby cat.

Black inside cat is now hissing and growling at returned inside tabby cat and also holding me responsible and hissing and spitting and slashing at me whenever I come near her.

2013 is a strange year so far.

I am rereading Perfect Skin by Nick Earls and rediscovering how much I like it and belly-laughing out loud on public transport again, which is something only he has ever made me do

14/3/13 - Shopping Centre computer not letting me make comments.

ZigZag Street is funniest. Not hurt. Just surprised, and late and inept at finding horn on scooter because I've never used it.