Monday, October 31, 2016

So ...

.. went and saw a doctor last Friday, as I have been having issues with my arthritis.  My left hand is turning into an uncooperative claw because it is the hand I use to hold the tablet and my Achilles tendons have been niggling for the last month or two.

I attended a medical practice other than the one I work at.

First time in my life have been referred to a specialist without having to ask.

He gently took my hand and examined the swelling and said "you must be in a lot of pain".

It has been heaps worse then this.
I have struggled to walk for extended periods - months.
I nearly burst into tears.
He was so nice.

I had to decline his suggestion of some time off work.

Am now on some medication I've never had before and am wandering about in a slightly dazed state until I get the hang of it.  I feel ever so slightly like a am drunk.

I think I maybe giggling a bit more than usual.

Melbourne Cup tomorrow and am planning to place a small wager on Big Orange, cause it's such a silly name

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Hum ... Interesting ...

... apparently ambulance people seem to think it is perfectly okay to drop people off at medical centres, whom they do not think require hospitalisation, without making sure they have some way of getting home.

Surely they should also issue said individual with a taxi voucher or wait for them to see a doctor, and then take them home, instead of dropping them off miles away with no way of getting home and no money, and didn't want an ambulance in the first place.

Not a nice night at work.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sins came home to roost ...

... though I don't really think not having regular sex is a sin.

A couple of the nurses at work are learning to do pap smears.  They are required to perform fifteen under supervision over a period of time.

I agreed to be one of the lovely ladies First attempts.

However, my lack of indulgence in a certain activity required a change in implement, after which all was sweet.

I have been very bad and this was my first pap smear in nigh on 16/ 20 maybe years.

Mammogram is next.
They reckon I should have had two by now.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Things people say to a receptionist...

P: Hi, how are you? I' d like to book an appointment.

R: Sure šŸ˜€ What's your name?

P: Sharon.

R: What's your last name?

P: Jones.

R: When do you want to see a doctor?

P: Oh it's not for me.

R: Who us it for?

P: My partner!

R: What us your partners name?

P: Peter.

R: What's your partners surname?

P: Chan.

R: When does your partner want to see a doctor?

P: 'yells to background, hey Peter when do you want to see a doctor?'. 'peters 'yells back when can I?'

P: What's available?

R: Who does he want to see?

P: 'yells to Peter off line, who do you want to see? Peter yells back, my f**king doctor.'

P: Whose he normally see?

Receptionist shoots self.
The end.

NB:. This post has been savagedly edited and shortened and cut off a quarter of the way through to protect your sanity.

Things people say to receptionists ...

P:  I need an appointment as soon as possible with Dr "A"!

R:. (on a Saturday) Sooo, Monday 11 am?

p: Oh no. I work till 5 pm. It has to be after 5:30.

R:. So Wednesday 6 pm!

P: Oh yes, that's fine.

I am sooo very tired.

Received a foreboding letter from Centrelink about declared income from four or five years ago saying I had till Twentieth to defend.

Figured I must have done something wrong and was expecting a fine, but instead they sent me a cheque.

Feels very odd.

Newish lady at work has mental health issues, I think. Has not been in of late. Only one person is allowed to have leave at any one time as we do not have the staff to cover shifts. I am really tired.

I really want a couple of days off.

Will be covering some of the admin\managers work over November.  I thought I had done a bad enough job last time not to be landed with it again, but sadly not.


My beautiful Blossom cat is bringing me plants every morning with much fanfare and declaration, in stead of mice.

He us such a cutie.
He knows what his owner likes šŸ˜

He is stealing it from the neighbours garden beds.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


You have got to be shitting me France. 396?
is just silly.

What could I possibly be posting that would come up under the URL of exciting pain?

I haven't even mentioned buying the latest Laurell K Hamilton book.

Edit:. It's taken her acouple of chapters too just get into the showers after an unexplained metaphysical event. Just have a damn shower woman, for fuxks sake!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Very sad

My beloved Samsung tablet has bitten the dust.  Have bought a little Lenovo tablet, but when I am in blogger I can't see the screen for the keyboard unless I turn it length way and then everything is very very small and hard to see.

This is a picture drawn by one of the nurses at work and my manager of what they picture Sam-Land would be like. They thought South park should do an episode there.

Monday, October 10, 2016


How on earth can I possibly have 146 views from France today?
Perhaps they are all Kate Bush fans?

I did not paint anything, but have seen some cheap calenders of reef/ocean scenes and plan to cut the pictures into fish shapes and blu-tak them to the walls of the new doctors office.

I think it will look cool.

Also plan to find some grey coloured cardboard and cut out shark fins, so I can have them circling the desk and skirting boards.  The carpet is a deep blue so that should work out well, I think.

Probably should find some way of incorporating crocpdiles as there have been some large ones sighted drifting about peopled areas lately, but I think that will be too hard.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

I really like this song

I have no idea if this cut and pasre will work.  I am not awe-fey (sp?) with the tablet as such and its capabilities.

I love kate bush, but always was a bit embarassed by the dancing. Have never been comfortable with exhibitionism, but I love the dancing in this very much.

Not sure about the face masks, but good on her, hey?


I am going to try and paint stuff tomorrow.

I havent painted for over a decade, maybe more.
I was never any good anyway.

It would work better if i had a concept or idea to start with, but i got nothing but the urge to fill pages and pages.

Possibly i may share?
Or not.

Possibly i may just go to the markets and eat dumplings and nap instead.
Actually, that is really quite possible, nearing probable.

All things are possible in a free world.

I wish I were like sketcher ben who I am following on facebook who is soo awesome, sigh.  He does these beautiful little water colour sketches of scenes. Just lovely.

If i were more able technlogically i would post a link.
But I'm not.
So I won't.
Cause I can't.
So I can't.
Though I'd like.
Though I can't.
So i wont.

And the neighbours down the road are having a domestic and the lady/woman has a voice that carries blocks.  I used to yell like that when i was five or less.

I miss it.
It would be nice to just let go and scream and scream when I felt like it.
But not so nice for others, hey?

Envy thy name be Sam.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Was it only last week?

Or was it the week before?
Anyway, this is my favourite guinea pig photo.

She almost looks like i cut and paste her onto the background.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Maybe i need a knew label ?

I think the top joint of my finger took a left turn today, but it is probably my imagination. Seems bigger to me, but hurts less. Go figure, hey?

Apologise for the selfcentred post, but I have always regreted not having photos of my feet before my toes were so transformed, so I swore I would try and document future changes.  I hate the lack of evidence.

"I really did have nice hands and feet once upon a time", she said wistfully.

Its so rare to just be perfectly happy with a feature and then it gets all deformed and ugly.  Part of me keeps expecting to go blind, because after my feet and hands i most like my eyes.

Edit :  disregarding the dreadful state of my nails, I thought I should add context, if only for myself at a future date :)

My second and third toes used to be longer or the same size as my big toe and so on. My older sister used to tell me she was more evolved because her toes were short and stubby, whereas mine were more long like a monkeys.


1am and my middle finger has decided it wants to be a sumo wrestler.

I have been thinking about my evening and trying to decide what it was I ate/drank and I think it was the soda water.  I had three greedy glasses of soda water tonight.

The arthritis does not approve of carbonated beverages.

(I'd slap my wrist for being naughty, but it hurts too)

Edit: I think I will send the makers of nurofen a xmas card this year. They are a good thing and I am grateful they exist.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

On a side note ...

... so carried away with happiness at actually getting two days off in a row, for the first time in months, and after a particularly stressful couple of weeks, I failed to pay due and proper attention to my roster beyond the public holiday and in conjunction with an unreliable phone failed to remember, or be properly alerted in time to my omission - I was supposed to start at 9 am today, instead of my normal 1pm.


However, not so embarassed cause the 7 am didnt get there till 8 am, whilst the 8 am forgot and turned up at 7am, so i was not alone in mistake, though not as dramatically in miserror.

I have been all-a-blush since lunch.

Concept - reducing clutter ...

... funnily enough this has been something I have been trying the last few years.

I reasoned, that if everything had a place, it would be easier to put them in their place.  I have gotten rid of more books then I ever conceived possible.

Lately, i have boxed up all my bric-a-brac with the intent of what is not missed can be disposed of.

Oddly enough, i find this has made me even more messy.

As if the possesions are the barrier that holds my mess in check.

I think I need a certain kind of clutter around me to make me feel like I am present and securely occupying my space, but it is only a theory so far, as i haven't managed to get to a vacant enough state to be able to start from scratch.

I was in the mind set last night to just throw everything out and start again. It is still tickling at my mind as an interesting idea.  What would it be like to start again. What would the new posessions I chose show me to be, uncluttered by things given by others to muddy the view. All a bit nacasistic says my inner self.

When boxing bric-a-brac it turned out to be mostly stuff given to me. Probably most of what I own has been given or inherited or gifted as presents at obligatory occasions when someone has to give you something, not nessecarily because it solely spoke to them as something I just had to have, so they bought it without a need to buy something

I am getting convoluted and squiggly.

My head is like this on an ordinary day.
I don't even want to revisit it on a bad day.
They happen on their own and don't need to be reaffirmed in a light hearted blog.

Stuff isnt important anyway.
Oh look, a kitty!

Even my cat seems to think this is a silly post!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Colour me startled!

Was making a prchase at Target and checkout lady advised, for my information, that underwear was not returnable.


This just reaffirms my decision; never live closely with another human being.
I do not understand people.

Cats are cool.

Like bow-ties.

I'm thinking about ordering a monocle