Saturday, October 22, 2016

Things people say to a receptionist...

P: Hi, how are you? I' d like to book an appointment.

R: Sure 😀 What's your name?

P: Sharon.

R: What's your last name?

P: Jones.

R: When do you want to see a doctor?

P: Oh it's not for me.

R: Who us it for?

P: My partner!

R: What us your partners name?

P: Peter.

R: What's your partners surname?

P: Chan.

R: When does your partner want to see a doctor?

P: 'yells to background, hey Peter when do you want to see a doctor?'. 'peters 'yells back when can I?'

P: What's available?

R: Who does he want to see?

P: 'yells to Peter off line, who do you want to see? Peter yells back, my f**king doctor.'

P: Whose he normally see?

Receptionist shoots self.
The end.

NB:. This post has been savagedly edited and shortened and cut off a quarter of the way through to protect your sanity.

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  1. Bigger sigh.
    Glad that you came back from the dead though.