Thursday, August 23, 2012

too much information?

Now that I am a larger person than I was, when I am on the toilet and can't actually see the toilet I am sitting on - just my legs and the shirt that I am wearing - I get disorientated and its like my brain doesn't really believe the toilet is there.  It try's to tell me that actually I am pissing on the floor.  However, I know this isn't true, but the brain is adamant and I come over a bit dizzy, kind of.

Not really dizzy, but a bit, sort of.  Like those days when I am walking about and feel taller than usual for no reason at all.

I hope other people have days when they feel taller.  It's sort of pleasant.
Happily I never have days when I feel shorter.
I wouldn't like that at all.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Well, a sleepless night prior to the rental inspection and the creeping, sneaking cough kicked in and I am feverish and spluttering.  I have discovered there is a good reason I have never seen someone spit from a motorcycle.  A coughing fit on the scooter resulted in a mouth full of phlem and  it seemed like a good idea at the time.  I used my coat sleeve to whip it off my cheek and chin and neck and helmet and helmet strap and all the other many and various places it ended up on me.

My landlord is still lurking, my rental agents were unimpressed with me, but are at least over and my house is slightly clearer than it was.

I have found some DVD's of the old "The Saint" television series starring Roger Moore, but haven't watched them much yet as if I have been home I have been asleep or compulsively measuring my temperature and mainlining vitamin C.

I'd quite like to go to Tex Perkins Johnny Cash show, but I may still be to ill to manage it after work, sigh.  Thems-the-breaks, ey?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


oh she-ite
i think he went inside
the back doors bolt was drawn
and i can not imagine forgetting to bolt it, because i don't trust the back door to stay closed without it

I had not cleaned yet
I used up all the space in the bin with the newspapers i was storing in the carport

I am so not in the right headspace to be having to be getting up at 5 am for the first time in two years and donning the hated blue blouse.

Did I say I have a job?
It's a part time job - 25 hours a week.
I have been fantasising about a part-time job for months.  I have so wanted to be retired.  A part-time job is ideal and so hard to get.  The lady in charge is apparently blunt and inclined to tell you if you are not doing things right - HOW FANTASTIC!  I feel slightly less stressed knowing that I will be  being monitored.  The last permanent job I had (which I really liked and wish the office hand not gone nuts - it was about the perfect job, darn it) the training was slight and worrying.  I winced thinking about the work I had done three months later when I felt I knew a bit more about what I was doing.


I wonder if my landlord is really not going to turn up again until Friday, since originally he wasn't supposed to be back until next week?

Well I won't be here cause I am working, so there.
it is so not much of a nah situation
they are not supposed to come inside unless arrange and notice given, but I am a messy pig/slob and therefore not in a position of high ground
the cats aren't really the issue - my slobbery is really the issue

I am so not going to sleep tonight.  I bundled my Blossom and my Wooliff up and tucked them away in their cage at my sisters.  My poor babies.  It is so cold at the moment.  Poor me.  It is so cold at the moment.  My hands were shaking during the whole process and I am still on the verge of crying.  I feel very emotionally imbalanced without my sweeties.

And I can't seem to stop saying 'Sweetie' since the last repeat of Doctor Who
Stephen Moffat has a lot to answer for


My landlord dropped by this week to advise he wants to paint the outside of the house and can I clear out the garage and get rid of the rubbish so that he can get to the walls.  Said I would have it cleared up by the weekend.  (I had been hoping to get a skip in to get rid of some of the larger objects, like the television that doesn't work and the single bed frame I don't want anymore and what I don't think is good enough for the charity shops, but I ran out of money, d'oh).

He dropped by this morning to start stripping the paint off some of the boards!!  My brother-in-law isn't coming by until tomorrow and I haven't cleaned up the house yet or smuggled out my excess cats or cleaned the litter trays yet cause there wasn't any room in the bin after I got rid of all the old newspapers I've been hoping to use in the garden if I ever had enough money to get a load of soil dropped off!!!!!!

Have tidied a bit and closed some windows and fled the scene in the hope he won't come inside if I am not there - worried he might need to use the toilet or something.  Having to rely on my cats hiding because there is a strange man outside, but can't guarantee they will.

Was expecting to have tomorrow to deal with stuff, but am starting work at 7 am at my new job, that I thought I had stuffed the interview for yesterday!!!

But it is part-time so I will have the afternoon free.  Landlord said he would do a bit today and then come back Friday.

I feel a bit sick with stress, but will get Blossom and Wooliff out tonight.  My poor babies.  They have been cuddled up to me like sticky-burrs at night cause its so cold.

He has advised he needs to put up the rent and was checking if I had rental assistance (as I mentioned I was between jobs at the moment when he came by Monday) but have assured him I am not usually out of work for long and that it was fine to raise it.

He is a very nice man - but I am a slob and a pig - and certainly only a good tenant in the sense that I don't break anything and pay my rent on time, preferably ahead of time, and don't have domestics and punch holes in walls.