Thursday, August 23, 2012

too much information?

Now that I am a larger person than I was, when I am on the toilet and can't actually see the toilet I am sitting on - just my legs and the shirt that I am wearing - I get disorientated and its like my brain doesn't really believe the toilet is there.  It try's to tell me that actually I am pissing on the floor.  However, I know this isn't true, but the brain is adamant and I come over a bit dizzy, kind of.

Not really dizzy, but a bit, sort of.  Like those days when I am walking about and feel taller than usual for no reason at all.

I hope other people have days when they feel taller.  It's sort of pleasant.
Happily I never have days when I feel shorter.
I wouldn't like that at all.


  1. I was a short person until the year I turned 15 when I grew eight inches - and nearly two the following year. Having looked at it from both sides, tall is almost always better. My body problem is that I forget how fat I have got, and am quite taken aback when I go past a mirror and see this woman in my clothes. Not fun.

  2. I think my brain edits well enough that I am okay walking past mirrors, but other peoples photos of me FREAK ME THE HELL OUT!
    I don't even hardly recognise myself in them.

  3. I strongly resist (and resent) people trying to take my photo.