Friday, October 26, 2018

Frustrating dream ...

Dream self was told i smelt and needed to bath more regularly by dream coworker,  but in a nice way?!?

Dream self was thinking , well ...  maybe fair enough.  It is starting to get summery warm, and i usually shower at night before bed, not in the morning.

Maybe i do smell?

So i was nice to dream coworker, and thanked her for telling me.


Then dream self remembers that dream self did actually dream shower that morning, though did not dream wash dream hair during dream shower.

And then i was all like, i'm gonna have a few words with not so dreamy dream coworker, and then i woke up without getting to yell at anybody.


Thursday, October 18, 2018

Methotrexate 5 continued

Sooooo tired.
Too tired to cook.

Lived on tadzike and pesto last few days.

Today bought microwave dinners.

Large microwave dinners.
Family microwave dinners.
Curried sausages and mashed potato with garlic each advertised as servings for four people.


Giant food baby lives here.
*bewildered shrug*
I wasn't even all that hungry?

Sunday, October 14, 2018


May have a home for Snowball.
Just have to make myself let him go.

He has developed the slightly dangerous habit of cutting in front of me when I'm walking to get attention.  When I stop he throws himself to the ground and rolls onto his back playing cute kitty for pats.

He races me up the stairs and lays down in front of the door so i have to stop and pat him and then move him out of the way so I can open it.

Methotrexate Week 5

This is more of a diary entry.
It is useful to have a record to refer back to for dates and times of events.

Week 5 of methotrexate and the random crying started today, sigh.
Was hoping that wouldn't happen until after I got up to 15 mg.
Was riding home from shops on scooter and started crying for no reason.

The absentminded brainlessness was pretty much immediate.

Forgot to lock the house before going to work.
Hit the car accelerator instead of the brake.
Had trouble forming sentences and tracking simple instructions all Thursday.

Mood swings and waking up angry.
Actually being unkind to people I'm serving.

Feeling flat and generally not happy as base starting point all the time.
Not necessarily actively unhappy, but definately not chirpy like I would normally be.

I really would much rather be in pain.
Pain doesn't effect my mood so much.
Sometimes pain is funny.

In other news, my landlord has put the duplex up for sale.
Believe is under contract already.
Don't know if they are investors yet or whether they will want me to move out so it can be converted back into a house, like I think it was originally.

Don't fancy living next door to the owners.

Have lease till end of February .
Don't know if I'll have to move yet or not.

My scooter broke down just before the long weekend.
Went to new dealership for it as the original one closed down.
Said couldn't collect until after the long weekend.
Was lucky to be able to borrow sisters second car since it was holidays.
Week and a bit later they still hadn't collected it.

Ended up having to apply for a credit card and buy a new scooter so I would have transport to get to work.

Bought new scooter from different dealer.

Other dealership have picked up my old scooter and maybe i will find out if it is repairable next week. Not sure they can repair even if it is repairable, as they don't have parts for TGB brand.

Finally got round to buying a cable to connect the dvd to the tv, so I happily have access to movies again.  Am having a wallow in Sherlock. A study in Pink is my favourite .  Benedict is a cutey pie and the baddy is one of my favourites too 😀

Since I spent sooooo much money this week (scooter and creditcard surcharge cost a bit over $3000), I bought some Christmas presents too.