Sunday, July 31, 2016

I wish i were handy ...

... if i were handy i would carve my own personal, madeup, Pantheon of household gods.

One of which would be 'Tina', god of security and mindful distrust.

She would be quite handy in many aspects of life, such as internet safety and guarding one from losing money to fake love interests, etc.

I shall ponder more in the coming days.

It flowered!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Purring like a fire engine

Oh god, the guilt

She is on my lap ... voluntarily !!!!

She is never on my lap voluntarily.
She hides behind the stove if a car parks to close.
Oh i feel so bad.

Problem cat

One of my cats has quite bad flea dermatitis. I am experimenting with different flea treatments for her to see which one will suit best. In the meantime i have put a bucket on her head ... well, not an actual bucket - one of those plastic collars to try and stop some of the over grooming for a bit.

She dont like it.
Admittedly its only been five minutes, but she is mostly walking backwards at the moment cause the plastic snagging on objects is disturbing her equalibrium (however that is spelt).

Oh the guilt!
Oh how a bit funny it is, but no, bad Sammy - slaps wrist.

Maybe she'll end up on kitty prozak?
Maybe shes just very tense?

Maybe i'll end up giving her daily coconut oil massages like the people i googled?

Have a flower

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday, i think

A very happy Mary-Cat.  Experiment cookery. Chicken boiled and fried and stale bread fried in chicken fat. $4.50 a whole chicken to be used by yesterday - bargin. Carrots and celery and onions, oh my. Water and squishing and bones, oh my.  Tomorrow, rissotto and left overs and whatever i can afford with left over coins, cause i got a bit carried away friday with my first normal pay that i didnt have to starve to pay off/back anything and i stupidly spent all my spare money on hibisuses, which is my latest madness.

Sunday, July 24, 2016


I had never had a gas stove before i moved into my place and did not realise i had to sign up to a company and have regular fillups.  In my mind i thought you just got another bottle when it ran out.  My gas bottle lasted for many years before running out, mostly cause i dont use it.  The number of pans i set on fire due to inattention may have had something to do with that.

Anywho... kmart had an induction cooktop for sale for fifty quid, which seemed awesome!, so i bought it, but it turns out that no pan/sauce pan that i possess works on an induction cooktop.

So i scootered over to my sisters to borrow utensils.  However, friday was national pajama day, which i bought pajamas and slippers for, even though i wasnt working friday, but decided to pop in on the day to give my donation in costume which i bought on the day, cause normally i just sleep in a t-shirt and pants ( i looked supercute in my granny night gown and slippers) HOWEVER, unfortunately this means i scootered over to my sisters in slippers, cause i forgot i was wearing them because they were so comfortable, and am just glad that the two police vehicles i passed didnt notice and pull me over cause that would have been embarrassing.

My imagination:
Have you had anything to drink tonight ma'am?
No, sir.
Are you aware that you are wearing purple fuzzy slippers?
Sorry. No. I forgot.
Are you sure you haven't had anything to drink tonight, ma'am?

... etc

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Feeling watched

Took blossom-cat for a walk around the yard today.  Was stalked by two magpies and what I think is a bowerbird from front, to back, to front again.

One bird only has half a top beak

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Boring post sorry

In my dream last night my toilet was situated in the back yard, just behind my house, with its back to a bit of a fence. Fence at back of yard was tall wooden fence, but fence to side were wire fences with no cover.

In the dream there is no one about to start off with (i check first), then when I am getting down to business a vagrant wanders into the yard to look at the clothes on my clothesline. He notices i am on the loo and politely turns his back and edges out of the yard again.

I am trying to finish up quickly when my little brother also comes out. I ask him to go back in for a bit and clean up. He comes back out and i am telling him about the guy when he comes back with a couple of friends. They dont see us straight away cause we have moved away from the loo. When they do they apologise and explain they are looking for a coat for his friend.

I invite them to take the one on the line as it didnt fit me anymore. Whilst hes trying it on one of the other ones quietly is stealing the silk scarves off the line. I notice and ask him not to because i am fond of them and all three scarper. I see them a little while later all sitting on the kerb at the bus stop at the end of my street.

They rescue puppies from the storm water drain. Lots and lots of puppies. Dozens of them. The dog parents are gathering them all together and come my way. I try to befriend the wary dogs so i can check on the puppies and we take them into my one bedroom duplex which is also full of kittens and are trying to get all the dogs into the door and capture escaping kittens so we can get them all fed.

Then i am trying to sort through the cardboard boxes stacked near my front fence of wine delivered for someone at my address who doesnt live here, cause i am worried the vagrants will come back for them, when the person they are for turns up. He has a bit of a laugh. He is a friend of the landlord. He says he will mention to the landlord about getting the inside toilet fixed, collects his wine and takes a puppy.