Friday, January 28, 2011

Weather with you

Well - possible Category 3 Cyclone Anthony to maybe hit us Monday, with potential Category 4 cyclone to maybe develop and head our way by Thursday.  Mind you, that one just says "north of Gladstone", but I don't expect it will do nice things for the recently flooded areas, ey? 

sigh - more rain

Now I gots to go buy a supply of baked beans, cat food, batteries and booze ... um ... I mean water, and tidy up my yard of potential missles.

Edit:  Another fizzer. Didn't even get any wind. Perhaps Yasi will be more interesting.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Morning started with extended kitty-cuddles and a bed of dribbling purring blissed out felines.  I wish I were there still.  It is definately a cuddling with cats in bed day.

Found a bottle of Claytons in the grocery story yesterday.  I've always been curious.  It tasts like cola mixed with ginger.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday 1

lol - my favourite story so far today - "Fan snorts Gallaghers dandruff in cocaine mix-up".

(I did nothing over the weekend and now have domestic cleanliness hopes pinned on Australia Day)

I have been desparately waiting for my sister to finish the book so I can talk about it - cause there's this terribly important thing that happens right at the end - and she was so close yesterday - just pages away, but we had to go have cake for the eldest's birthday today.  Gah!  I hate waiting.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

lol - i haven't thought of this for years


No breakfast for me.  A slow stumble about the house, early hydration then a lame leap to scooter and putter to my sisters to proudly extend my copy of Cryoburn by Lois McMaster Bujold for her reading pleasure.

I have taken the opportunity to watch the first episode of the late session wot Dan Kelly was on.  Very enjoyable though I find Jack Thompson much easier to understand when he puts on an accent.  He doesn't move his lips enough in his normal conversational speaking voice and its a little too slurred for me to understand easily.

I think its because I come from a family of mildly deaf people - lots of loud voices are used - plus we all enunciate a lot due to early "art of speech" lessons (not so much me but my sisters and probably my mother before us).

I am going to make an effort to write something today.  I've done nothing creative for ages.  I feel  dull, like the colour is bleeding out of me.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Uncle Sidney caught The Late Session that Dan Kelly was on (which I wrote on my calendar so that I wouldn't forget and then got caught up in a book and forgot).

I'd played Drunk on Election night for him once before, but he hadn't been in a listening mood cause he was raving about another musician's cd that he'd come across and was playing repetitively for the last so many weeks - but he was dead impressed this time and raved enthuiastically during our weekly phone chat last night.

I'd love to take him along to seem him live, but he isn't well enough.

Bypasses, valve replaced, bowel cancer, colostomy bag, type 2 diabetes and his knees are fucked, which they can't do replacements for because of all the above listed issues (and the colostomy bag makes farting noises which he is self conscious about).

I have Tex Perkins and his Ladyboyz playing today. I wish they'd done two versions, one without vocals, not that there is anything wrong with Tex - we like Mr Tex - but I would like to be able to hear all the little weird
fiddly things they did with the music better.

Up to "I don't wanna be here anymore" and my mind is visualising a film clip of him singing whilst sitting on a toilet and making constipated faces ...You don't know how hard I got it...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Uncle Sid Story

Uncle Sid reckons he was in a pub one day when there was a beer strike on. 
Only stuff available was some really terrible South Australian stuff.
He observed a man come in and ask for a beer.
Publican explained - beer strike -  only stuff bad -  do you still want to try it?
Man says yes.
Asks whats so terrible about it?
Publican explains current theory is that they used bore water when making it.
Man takes a sip of beer.
Man says ... those South Australians - they don't waste much of the pig, do they?

(Uncle Sidney reckons this actually happened, but Uncle Sidney's brain rewires stories into better stories on a regular basis.  It is a good story though so I wrote it down after I hung up from our weekly chat)


My head is a blank space fit only for flys.

But I think I would find the buzzing really annoying.

And flys do that thing where they keep bumping into the area around the gap where they can exit or entrance, which is so frustrating to watch and then if one tries to help them by herding them towards the gap or even make the gap larger, they panic and fly in completely the wrong direction.

So fuck the flys.

I am a no fly zone.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I am a fool

I succumed (sp?) to temptation and bought the damn computer game online yesterday and then stayed up until 2 am finishing it.  The cats not happy with me. 

I only have that little built in mouse to use.  I am not very good at using it.  My little finger extends out like I am drinking tea in one of those little cups wot are so awkard to use, but so pretty.  The tenseness of the action combined with the athritis has caused the last joint of my little finger to swell and go crooked.  It will not go back once I stop using the computer.  That is it for that finger now.  Crooked for ever.  Evidence of my bloodymindedness if not compentance.  A monkey could finish the game.  It's just one of those match 3 items ones.  I think I got so obessed cause one then earns points to buy stuff to set up a village.  Houses.  Market.  Trees.  Certain trees make the little people happy.  I think I just liked buying stuff. 

The urge is there to play again and set the villages up completely differently, but I need to wash clothes for work and don't think it would be a good idea to stay up till the small hours again crippling myself just before Monday.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Flashback - Poem

Patience is a Virtue

Frustration froths within my frame
And burns and boils inside my brain
Whilst I wail and nash my teeth in pain
As this cursed computer drives me INSANE!

It toys with us,
It teases
Flashing egg timers and spinning coins do not appease us

Take your running dinosaurs with bows on their head or not
And shove it up the horses arse that across my screen doth trot
Gimmicks do not satisfy
The urge to douse with petrol and fry
It’s CPU, mouse and monitor
And leap upon the pieces after
And dance my devilish glee
Upon it’s useless, unresponsive keys

Take that! I will cry
And have at you
As I joyfully beat and bat you

(And champagne like bubbles will course through
My body as I rise renewed)
From the twanging thumped corpse that was my computer’s CPU

I will no longer wait
For machines to ruminate
I declare
It is not fair
I will not suffer it to frustrate
And instead, will it cremate

And all machines should then take heed
For I will match word with deed
If you stubbornly persist
My stated wishes to resist

For I’ve no three Asimov robot AI rules to keep to
And will happily maim and injure YOU

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Relief Valves

I wear the orange safety vest with reflective stripes into my sisters house to please my mother - cause she mentions it everytime I see her since the new scooter. 

The atmosphere was tense.  

Before I even entered my nieces converged upon me for hugs and sympathy.  I could only repeat "It's out of my power dudes" as they beggged "make her go away". 

One small comment by my sister of "Oh just leave the rice alone" when parent was having issues with the way they cook rice because they don't have a microwave rice cooker, was all that was required for floods of tears and a rapid departure.

Unholy glee on the part of my sister and her spawn. Sister has fingers crossed that perhaps parent will be so upset that they will have a single solitary day of relief.

Parent has been spoilling for a reason to cry since the Bruce Highway has been cut and she hasn't been able to go home when she wanted to.  The trials and tribulations of the control freak.

And to think we have been so nice to her that she hasn't had any excuse to fly off the handle before now since 3 January - lol

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The two hour car ride for a sandwich

This is the overflowing dam we drove out to see.

It was a two hour drive each way and I took lots of photos of clouds.

And this is a tree.

The things a cats gotta put up with

 Bubba seems strangely unimpressed with the company
 But then he decided maybe they could be useful afterall.


Strange and vivid dreams that I am reluctant to leave, just as I have to. 
What two weeks of sleeping in past ten or twelve will do for a person.

Extreme flooding after a period of drought - it makes ya think, don't it?
Makes ya think somebody is taking the piss.

That's it, isn't it?
It's a conspiracy to send me barmey.
*shakes fist at sky*

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Post schmost

The book I ordered hasn't arrived - sad face -  I think it will not arrive at all - tracking says it was posted before the ones I ordered for my niece and hers have arrived already - it is very sad.
I hate waiting.

Brother-in-law cooking pancakes for the family today.
Cats being smoochy.
Rainbow lorikeets frolicing in my sisters gum tree.
The sun burns already and it is only 8:19 am.
The air conditioner is purring.
The ceiling fan whorling.
I feel a bit sick cause I drank excessivelyish last night.
It is my usual coping method for parental visits.
Terrible dreams where I went out drinking with CEO of a company I dreamed I worked for after some kind of team meating to discuss safety procedures and dream me arriving at dream work the next day worried I drank too much the night before, but not remembering anything else embarrassing to dream self, only to be told that actually dream me had vomted in front of CEO and management twice during the course of the evening. 

Fuck I need coffee

Friday, January 7, 2011


I weeded.
A pile as high as my thigh.
Much still to do.
Perhaps if it doesn't rain again for a while some of the plants might even live?

I am zombiefied by holiday sleepins.
Must practice getting up early over the weekend.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Blather blather blah

I intended to spring clean over the break and garden - but rain, presence of parent and humidity have conspired against my fragile intentions and willowly will.  Thus my current piggy profile pic is entirely appropriate.

Lacklustre and limp I spent all day yesterday playing an interminal Jewelquest.   At 7 pm last night I had only reached Chapter Four or five of possible twelve made up of varying twenty to thirty boards each.  My cats disapproved and attempted interuption by knocking things off tables and bodily forcing disengagement from the keyboard and (unsuccessful) lap coups.

I cannot try and make it up to them with food treats because one of them is having a vomiting phase (don't know which one) and the others are somewhat disinterested from heat - both hormonal and external.  Must get Sookey desexed this year.

I won $26 on the lotto - it's not 31 million, but still a pleasant surprise.

I am forty this year - well, come December round anyway.
Forty is one of those important years.
A spring clean for the body and mind. 

I am daunted ... an internal and external habitat due all the same time - gah!

I fear a half-hearted tidyup may be the only thing that happens.

Perhaps you might suggest I create a display/plan of what I want to achieve out of life? 

Sadly, my only goals have always been to have no hassles, cats, and lots of books to read.
What do the contented people do when they turn forty?

I don't think my joints would like skydiving.

Also one is always worried one would be tempted to not open the shute.
Far to attracted to edges.
Think I have some lemming in me.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

My new scooter

 I have named her Kym, as she is a Kymco Like 50.  I am so much higher off the ground on her - it feels very strange.

Was wearing white t-shirt when she was bought and then the heavens opened when I was riding her home - aye currumba.

Mother lent me the money to buy her.