Tuesday, January 31, 2017


I have accidently enriched my kitties lives.
Very hot recently and I do not have air-conditioning.
When it gets really bad I buy a bag of ice, put it in a bucket under the fan.
Have been left with a large container of water.

Normally I would throw this out promptly, but they are having no end of fun balancing precariously on the edge to drink.  Am trying to get an action shot, but they move too quickly for me.

I pray to the god I don't believe in that I am present when one finally falls in.

Am going to hit the op-shops on the weekend, to try and find some odd shaped, heavy bottomed, hard to tip over objects I can put water in for their entertainment.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

What to talik about?

The value of my blog was struck home to me when I received one of "those" letters from centrelink for a period of time from 2010. Far beyond anything I  could possibly voluntarily remember.

If it had been of lesser value, at a less stressful time of year, I  would have just paid it, because the difficulty of trying to work out / remember what I'd been doing six or seven years ago to the exact date is completely beyond me. Ive never kept quite so close notes. Usually my periods of unemployment are wellsprings of depression and disappointment that I  do my best to forget.

To suddenly have to try and work out what i was doing for a month and a half six years ago, when i was quite unhappy with my situation, was rather a shock.

Luckily I blog and could reconstruct my movements and managed to re-access some old emails which contained my old payslips.

But what about all the other mad bloggers wot tried to stick to a non-personal theme and not spew their personal trials on all and sundry.

Where can they look to find out what exact day they might have been told to pack their bags because the government has decided to halt and desist employment of all temporary or other employees?

How many other persons with no trust of systems and no detailed personal records are paying back money they don't owe?

It makes me feel even less willing to apply for unemployment assistance than I  already am (and was kindofsortof admonished for not applying sooner one time) because i really don't  WANT to be on unemployment if I  don't have to.

It seems such a shame to me that it is commonly called 'welfare' now, like it is a dirty word, instead of 'social services' like it used to be.

It makes me think about how important words are, and how often colleagues and even managers have asked me about definitions of words, even though i didn't finish highschool, i just read.

And then i get even more mushy and confused and emotional and obsess about commas and stuff and thinking, like maybe I  should be on medication and possibly anti-depressants and outraged that not more people like 'letters and numbers' cause it is sooo good.

Then the cat meeps at me and I go fill their food dish and things return to normal.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Cat in a bucket ...

Much competition for the bucket of clean clothes from off the clothesline.

Current occupant "Sookie".

The colour of their vomit, after eating grass, is not dissimilar to the colour of this bucket.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

I am forcing myself ...

... away from the television and my book with firm statements / commands / selfexplanations!

You really, really(!) NEED underwear!!
I tell myself.
Get up!

I am soo blaise (spelling?)
It's  been slow at work.
My brain has been slow with medication.
Myself has been slow to care.
About anything.

I must i must increase my bust.

Is what ladies used to chant as they did certain exercises wbich were supposed to increase their bust which didnt but actually were very good toning exercises which in that sense certainly, probably, maybe made them perkier? Perhaps?

Lift and thrust.

I have cleaned some litter trays.
Everything smells so much better.
My nose doesn't  normally really work, so i figure they must have been bad.

My birthday/xmas present from my family is a security door which may possibly be being fitted this coming week and i am quite excited, and my cats will be much cooler and there may be sudden vicious placement battles occurring in the near future and maybe if i put off buying a new phone yet again! and buy a cat water fountain instead i can distract them from fighting over who gets to lay down first in front of the new screen door first?

Or maybe not.


I want to win lotto so that i can open a bookstore to replace my local bookstore wot i used to go to after having breakfast out on a friday or saturday or sunday or other day, but wot closed when i wasn't looking over xmas, gosh darn damnit!! I am so pissed off about that!
I would call it 'Brown Books'.
Because i am silly.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Springing into action, I rushed to the door ...

My beautiful silly cat loudly moaned and mewed his excited delight at bringing me a present ...

... a piece of soggy wood.

Friday, January 13, 2017


My life is back to normal, now that my mother has finally gone home, so today I went out to brunch and wandered down to my local bookstore only to find closing down signs and nearly entirely empty displays.

The few scattered remaining books looked forlorn and the nice very tall assistant starting to take down shelves whilst sniffling into a well used tissue. The lovely motherly lady who usually rings up my purchases gave me an extra percentage off my last buy and I burst into tears as I walked away.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Here comes the sun ...

My beautiful Bokkie has not entirely forgiven me for bringing him home from my sisters house. However, he loves me enough that even though he started off lying half the bed away, and even though it is very hot and sticky, he has still ended up snuggled up against my foot.

It has only taken three hours.