Saturday, November 26, 2016

Stressed ...

The frogs are trying to kill themselves again.
Have rescued teenage amphibians two nights in a row.

Was the Scream I heard a moment before that of the frog I fished from the toilet not ten minutes ago?

Nearly a nasty accident there.
I was in a terrible rush at the time and had to purse my cheeks savagely and flail about for something to catch it with. It was an Olympian of frogs.
Lept about all over the place.
Fending cats off with one hand.
Trying to get the frog to jump into a bag.
Welding my knees together and chanting "I am the Master of my own sphincter" to myself.

Friday, November 25, 2016

D'oh ...

... was doing okay today until just after lunch when my brain suddenly fused and I came over all tired.

Left work at three.

In my head I indicated left to pullout and put the car into drive. In reality, I indicated right (back to the kerb) and put the car into reverse.

Luckily the hand break was still on.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Scooter not going to be as expensive as expected, yay!
Can be fixed before mother gets here, yay!
Crazy making medication from last week appears to be wearing off. Have only burst into tears once today, yay!

Started methotrexate Monday afternoon. They mention 'methotrexate fog' day after. Only thing I noticed was stuck working how to spell found for a minute or so yesterday. Knew it started with a 'fff' sound, but couldn't work out what letter that was. Knew it wasn't an s, but it just wouldn't come.
And I wrote 'mend' instead of 'send'.

So far still having trouble concentrating if interrupted and complex decisions, but think that is improving. And that could be a consequence of so many things going wrong in such a short space of time.

Hard to sort out what is because of arthritis flare, medication side effects and life stress.

Plus I am always mental before a rental inspection and mothers imminent arrival.

Six stressful things in a short space would cause anyone to wobble.

I feel special ...

My dead scooter from last year is still in the workshop.
They have parked my new scooter next to it, lol.
I have my own section.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Booggled ...

I've managed to kill a scooter in under a year.

Not under warranty cause I missed a service, sigh.

(When I'd hurt my back, but turned out to be a kidney cyst, or a combination of the two and was having difficulties moving about in the morning. Got to and from work and that was about it.  Then the cat was sick.)

One thing at a time though, right?

Tomorrow go explain to Centrelink that I don't owe them $700 from September 2010.

Then pop over to the scooter place to see how much an engine rebuild will cost.

Then decide if there is a chance in heck of getting something sorted before mother arrives so that hopefully she never finds out about it.

I have ten days.

Maybe I can hire a scooter that looks exactly like mine?

And I can't drink cause I started methotrexate today, damnit!  Cheezels just aren't the same.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

December curse has kicked in early ...

Rheumatologist visit lovely and will start methotrexate Monday.

Came home to bill from Centrelink from 2010, as they are auditing database s and the group certificate for that job appears to be based on dates payslips processed rather than dates worked however, finally got back into old email and still have the payslips so just need to get in and appeal the decision. Unsure how long or easy that will be.

Newish scooter wot turns one year old January has suddenly ceased to function half way home.

Rental inspection two weeks away and I am working six days a week in lead up too when I would usually take time off.

Left hand is swollen and don't work so good and new medication will take a month or so to kick in.

Mother is arriving early this year and will be here 2nd December.

I am having a very last large drink and battling the urge to just kick the sh*t out of the scooter and set it on fire.

Burn Baby, burn ... like my Christmas.

Thursday, November 10, 2016


Rheumatologist appointment Tuesday.

Blossom has bought me a dying sparrow, just for a change.

Stinking hot and humid.

Finally bought new mattress to go with bedframe.

New medication continuing to make me space cadet.

Reading Miss Peregrine's peculiar children.
Good, but don't love it.
Not uplifting or joyous.
More kind of Lemony Snicketish.
Very creepy photographs.

Will be working six days a week for next few weeks.
Rental inspection due 30th.
Meltdown imminent.
Except medication has me feeling like I am half drunk all the time. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Let nervous nurse training to do pap smears experiment on me as her first practical attempt. Unfortunately, first attempt failure and notified need to repeat in three months. However, first hurdle over and successfully up to fifteenth procedure today. I feel like I have contributed to others future health.

I bet it's still 30 something stoopid degrees!  Darn summer!

Shafted with doing admin work of manager whilst he is on holidays for two weeks.  Means I will also get all the yelly people fobbed off onto me by my fellow workers.  Tried to advise not mentally at my best at present with new medication, but could see the whole idea waft past their ears like a nearly visible hallucination.

Funnily enough, hallucinations are one of the side effects to watch out for, lol.

It looks like I have dead cats strewn across the end of my bed, but they are only sleeping.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The unknowable ...

... inscrutable mind of the feline.

What is Blossom thinking when gifting his daily present of plant matter?