Thursday, November 10, 2016


Rheumatologist appointment Tuesday.

Blossom has bought me a dying sparrow, just for a change.

Stinking hot and humid.

Finally bought new mattress to go with bedframe.

New medication continuing to make me space cadet.

Reading Miss Peregrine's peculiar children.
Good, but don't love it.
Not uplifting or joyous.
More kind of Lemony Snicketish.
Very creepy photographs.

Will be working six days a week for next few weeks.
Rental inspection due 30th.
Meltdown imminent.
Except medication has me feeling like I am half drunk all the time. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Let nervous nurse training to do pap smears experiment on me as her first practical attempt. Unfortunately, first attempt failure and notified need to repeat in three months. However, first hurdle over and successfully up to fifteenth procedure today. I feel like I have contributed to others future health.

I bet it's still 30 something stoopid degrees!  Darn summer!

Shafted with doing admin work of manager whilst he is on holidays for two weeks.  Means I will also get all the yelly people fobbed off onto me by my fellow workers.  Tried to advise not mentally at my best at present with new medication, but could see the whole idea waft past their ears like a nearly visible hallucination.

Funnily enough, hallucinations are one of the side effects to watch out for, lol.

It looks like I have dead cats strewn across the end of my bed, but they are only sleeping.


  1. Sigh.
    Good luck.
    I am not sure whether to hope that the space cadet feeling wears off, or to hope it gives you some protection from the yellers.
    And I agree with you about Miss Peregrine. Haven't read the others in the series yet.

  2. So, are you saying you've let your nurse friend give you fifteen practice pap smears so far? Jesus christ, that sounds above and beyond.

    It's been creeping up to just below forty degrees where I am at the moment (inland).

    Good luck with the inspection.