Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Scooter not going to be as expensive as expected, yay!
Can be fixed before mother gets here, yay!
Crazy making medication from last week appears to be wearing off. Have only burst into tears once today, yay!

Started methotrexate Monday afternoon. They mention 'methotrexate fog' day after. Only thing I noticed was stuck working how to spell found for a minute or so yesterday. Knew it started with a 'fff' sound, but couldn't work out what letter that was. Knew it wasn't an s, but it just wouldn't come.
And I wrote 'mend' instead of 'send'.

So far still having trouble concentrating if interrupted and complex decisions, but think that is improving. And that could be a consequence of so many things going wrong in such a short space of time.

Hard to sort out what is because of arthritis flare, medication side effects and life stress.

Plus I am always mental before a rental inspection and mothers imminent arrival.

Six stressful things in a short space would cause anyone to wobble.

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