Thursday, December 26, 2013

Boxing Day

One cider down and a glass of rose in hand
Parent busy in sister's kitchen
Frozen prawns defrosted
Bowls of water with lemon to rinse hands
Don't eat seafood myself
Probably should eat something
Base for the booze
Didn't buy a wading pool this year to dangle feet into whilst sitting on verandah
Beautiful sunny day
Light breeze
Humidity not too much above 50 percent, I don't think
Saw a flock of black cockatoo grazing on the ground in the park this morning
Sister's cat curled up in her underwear drawer and resisting relocation with fang and claw
Cricket on telly
Leftover ham from yesterday perhaps?
Snow would be weird
Suppose could fill bucket with water for feet?
Fresh passionfruit from the vine
Don't like passionfruit either
Nor mango
Crates of them on the verandah
Rose goes down rather fast
Ibis flapping around skin from yesterdays ham
stolen from compost heap
like dog playing tug-of-war
trying to break off a piece
hahahahahahaha if only you could see this

15/1/14 - Yo Alex, Still haven't replaced my computer,see :) Leading a strange womb like existence. Scooter fixed, but not successfully. Going back in again on 24th. This weird public access computer does not let me comment on my own blog? lol

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Cat knocked glass of wine over onto laptop and died it.

Pretty blonde woman backed into scooter and crushed front bit.  Scooter has been in shop for last week.

Last night I appear to have walked in my sleep and for some reason taken inside tabby cat outside and outside tabby cat inside, and thus causing lingering trauma to black inside kitty who did not understand why tabby cat was suddenly hissing and spitting and growling at her all night when previously she had gotten on so well with a tabby cat.

Black inside cat is now hissing and growling at returned inside tabby cat and also holding me responsible and hissing and spitting and slashing at me whenever I come near her.

2013 is a strange year so far.

I am rereading Perfect Skin by Nick Earls and rediscovering how much I like it and belly-laughing out loud on public transport again, which is something only he has ever made me do

14/3/13 - Shopping Centre computer not letting me make comments.

ZigZag Street is funniest. Not hurt. Just surprised, and late and inept at finding horn on scooter because I've never used it.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Ride through the Park

with bees

This is actually at my sisters house, where I ended up after my ride.
This loriket was as curious about what I was doing, as I was about what it was doing
And of course, whilst on the ride through the park before work I discovered my scooter was dripping fuel from underneath and I am without transport for the next week and a half or so.  I have my fingers crossed that it won't be expensive to fix.
*shakes fist at 2013 and mutters bastard*

Sunday, January 20, 2013

January 2013

things are quiet
the usual post-christmas tensions nibble away at my tentative, timid new year optimism
short haircut lovely, but terribly similar to mothers
heat and humidity sap good intentions and resolve to indulge in domestic godesstry is overturned with a swap to the other side of the pillow and a sleep in till eleven
i would feel better for raisin toast, but it is so hard not to order eggs benedict
everything is green and lush and some afternoons I scooter through the park before work 
i pass flocks of red tailed black cockatoos grazing and magpie geese bathing in puddles
a wash of green and pink lotus flowers cover the ponds
there used to be a small animal enclosure here with kangaroos and wallabies and emus and birds but now i can't quite remember which spot where it was situated
i am tired and melancholy and rereading old familiar favourites and watching already seen dvds again and again and when i drift into daydream i imagine sad things happening
i have planted seeds in the garden
warm summer rain soaked my shoes
the breeze after dried off my shirt as i sipped coffee at the cafe
it stopped raining as soon as i bought an umbrella

(the spell check is suggesting "destroyer" as an alternative to "goddestry" - lol - like, dude, stop with the negatives waves man)