Saturday, November 24, 2012

Friday night

Tried not to be early. 
Drifted in about 7.30 ish. 
By time first support "Drawn by Bees" played there were some where between  50 to 80 people there, maybe?
They were lovely and if I wasn't broke I'd have bought their cd too, though there was just a little too much whistling in a row for me.  The harmonies were lovely and the main singers hair very straight and yet somehow also sort of fluffy.

Mr Noga was delightful as ever (and funny and gorgeous and wonderful) and I wish he'd stop walking past me unexpectedly.  I nearly fell over this time.  I probably looked like I was staggering drunk or something and I was unfairly sober.  I only had two drinks at the start of the evening and they weren't particularly alcoholic.  The venue was selling drink tokens.  3 for $10!!!! which is just enough tokens for a glass of wine or a corona - damnit.  And if you want to buy just one token, they charged $4.  All I ask is just a slight forewarning so I can try and suck some of my stomach in.  Is that too much to ask?

By the time Mr Perkins came on the crowd had built to maybe 200ish maybe a bit more.

I was completely and utterly convinced Mr Perkins would only have a couple of the band with him and was beside myself with delight to see they were all there.  sigh Joel Silbersher gibber gibber gibber and I may be just a bit in love with Mr Owens now too.  Is there a limit to the number of musicians one is allowed to be devoted too?  Am I becoming just a little indiscriminate?

People were starting to drift away about half way through their set.  Lots of mature aged fans there and some large hairy tattooed individuals who were hanging out for Beast of Bourbon songs.  Lady with big blonde hair and white linen trousers dancing in airy arm sinuous waves.  Husband in fifties dragging shy wife up front of the band to dance, who would only stand behind the speakers where she wasn't so visible.  Men dancing! In manly ways.  Other men not the clapping or dancing type standing at the back of the room with intermitant trips to the bar.  Tried to talk the security guard into letting them go upstairs, which was chained off.  They didn't seem to want to stand near the other people
attending.  Some very odd men who would just wander about, stand somewhere for a bit,
and than wander about again?  Woman discretely invades stage and dance about next to Mr Perkins. Joel Silbersher has the cutist pout when he is playing.  Thought I heard some snap and crackle towards the end from a piece of equipment that I couldn't actually see, but perhaps I imagined it.  Think crowd numbers were down to the 150ish mark by end of evening. However, that is their loss.  It was great night and Mr Perkins was very funny.  I hope someone posts footage of his interpretive airy arm waving dancing.  Or at least the buttock grab.

The establishment gave away two tickets to everybody there for Jeff Martin next week.