Sunday, October 31, 2010

oOo OOO oOo

There's a clip for Dan Kelly's Dream!
Delightful and suitably disturbing.
If those young ladies lips were any bigger they would be in danger of swallowing their own heads - lol

(not going to get to read this tonight, so chucking it here for later)

Edit:  Was watching 'Last chance to see' cause I loved the book and I keep hoping I will like the show because Stephen Fry is lovely, but my attention always drift away and I start reading my book instead, but my nephew and his half brother were temporarily watching with me, instead of playing whatever computer game they were playing, maybe age of empires? I don't know and Stephen Fry and Mark were talking about sharks being killed for their fins and how they often just cut the fins off and chuck the still living sharks back in the water and my nephew piped up with "They should at least give them prosethtics first".

(sometimes I can't believe that I am one of those lame over fond aunties who bore complete strangers with things their young relatives have done - sorry)

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

This is how my day kind of started off ...
But actually, I didn't lack coffee - I lacked milk - but then after lunch when I started cutting the grass with scissors because I was soo bored (um ... not all the grass - this is the grass that has been growing up where my pumpkin vines have been going apeshit - it is still quite a lot of grass though) when I decided I should start making food and remembered that I had bought cream yesterday, because it was reduced to 90c (bargain!) - it has to be used by 1 November (which is tomorrow - which is not going to happen - but I like living on the edge, dude), so I had me some coffee and everything was much better then :)

My nephew won best dressed at the fancydress disco.
I do not know if there was any pashing.
The blister that developed on my finger from the scissors burst.
There's something very therapeutic about hacking at plants.
That's the real reason I garden.  I'm just growing scrubs so that I get to prune stuff.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Baby babysitting

Looking after my nearly one year old niece for an hour or so.
Lots of pretending it is really the stuffed toy tasmanian devil growlling with return growl.
(growlling babies are funny)
There is a little rubber cow and a little rubber pig.
She mooooo'ed back to me, but couldn't manage a piggie snort.
My sister has no rubber chickens *disappointed face*
I'm enjoy bokking.
I practice on my brother-in-laws chickens.
A bokking baby would be funny, ey?

Baby makes a liar of me and would not moo when parents came back.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday and I've got Zombies on my mind

Well hopefully I have done okay for my first week.
She said so anyway.
(but actually I could have done better ifin I'd not dithered so much and been overcareful because large sums of money was involved).

I wonder if I won the lotto whether I'd get over my allergy for large sums of money?
Maybe I should write to them?
Put it to the Golden Casket people and see wot they say?
Will you assist me in getting over a silly phobia about dealing with large sums of money, by giving me large sums of money?

I am deputised to apply my nephew's vampire makeup for the fancy dress school disco in my sister's stead.  She has made herself up as a zombie and is escorting my niece to her basketball semi-final (she isn't going to have time to get changed when she comes back to pick up the nephew, you see?)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fuzzy - not wearing glasses

Three days down and contemplating finances today.

Will get tiny weeny bit of money from centrelink tomorrow and then possibly get four days pay from new job sometime mid-next week (fingers crossed) and then have to work out how to pay three weeks rent with it, since I will be getting paid fortnightly and their pay days run just two days ahead of my rent day (or is that behind? I am confused) - gah!

I knew I shouldn't have fantasied about buying Thai takeway and shoes.  I just knew it would lead to disappointment.  I said to myself "no NO! Don't think about stuff you could buy", but would I listen to myself? NooooOOOOOoooooooo.

So sometime mid-November I shall be able to eat something lovely.  Heck - maybe I shall take myself to a restaurant with a new book, ey?  Go the whole hog.  Perhaps I shall buy a frock?

But you know what this all means, don't you?  It means I might get to go see Mr Richards and the WHOLE band play sometime next year - if they play on a Saturday somewhere I can fly to in a day.  Maybe even Mr Kelly again.  Either Mr Kellys.  They're always an excellent night out :)

Stop thinking bout spending money - aaaarrrrrgggghhhhh
*slaps self in head*

Friday, October 22, 2010


I can't believe I am this excited :)
I start Tuesday.
w00t w00t w00t

This means I get out of the participation interview with Centrelink too AND the uniform does not involve blue shirts like wot they wear in supermarkets :)

*bounce bounce bounce*
Happy happy joy joy

Riding a waffle to no where

Been doing nothing.
Rereading Terry Pratchett books.

Occasional job interviews that I don't get.  Fifteen year olds who can't spell 'administration' and have never seen the word 'negotiate' and don't know how to pronounce it get second interviews - lol .

Was asked to make a car out of a milkway bar and some smarties yesterday at the course.  Allegedly a little fun activity to show leadership, but there were only two of us there.  I led myself well, at any rate, it would seem.  They liked the little milkway scooter I made.

Interview at 1:30 today and was dressed by 7:30.  Restless.  Scooter-ed to a sisters and was given coffee and money.  I spent it all within a day of my dole payment and have run out of kitty litter a week too early.

Monday will see me head of a chocolate car creation team of five.  This time I shall instruct somebody to stick smarties to the chest of the second chocolate biscuit teddy, so she looks like a proper bikies moll.

I think the instructor is going to have some musk-sticks for us too.  Maybe I could have the biker teddy biscuit pulling up outside a strippers bar with an enhanced chocolate teddy biscuit pole-dancing?

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Please, oh god that i do not believe in, please send me a job so that i don't have to stay shut in a room with delinquent busty blonde hyperactive teenagers who never shut up anymore.  Please.

Update 8/10/10:  I mentioned this to my brother-in-law and he has started wondering if perhaps he should go back to do some study - lol

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nother song *bounce bounce bounce*

nother song from Mr Richards to listen too :)  called long pigs
does not this man have an awesome talent for song titles or wot
and a seriously cute kitty too
i could not ask for more in a youtube clip

was terribly depressed last night after the first day of the course - do you know beauty and the geek? you know how many of the beauties had really quite lovely and bubbly personalities but were thick as bricks?  young girls in group did not know the word 'concise' or 'rapport' and one girl asked how to spell 'possible'

i am a cranky old woman who has too many cats and sometimes drinks sherry - it is cruel to stick me in a room with giggling teenage blondes in too tight clothes and vast expanses of bosom, being lectured by a lady with a very loud intense voice imparting her views on boat people and that choking can kill you (duh) - though she is also a very nice woman and i am being ungrateful - argh

so mother rang last night when i was feeling all sad and cryee and i ended up asking to borrow money so i could still go to cairns for my treat - i am pathetic sometimes, oui?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

... my cats could stand to lose some weight though

Maybe I could spend all tomorrow cutting old newspapers into strips to use as kitty litter?

Maybe the cats could live on dry cat food for a fortnight?

I have developed substantial fat reserves.  Probably I could get by on a spoon full of peanut butter?

Maybe ...


Well ... arse.  I won't be able to afford to go to Cairns after all.  Annual account keeping fees etc leave me with not enough to pay for bus trip and cat food.

arse arse arse arse

(I shall spend the rest of the day kicking the dirt and muttering sulkily that I didn't want to spend twelve hours on a bus for what will probably end up being only six songs anyway - blatantly untrue, but perhaps if I tell myself enough I may come to believe it)