Sunday, October 31, 2010

oOo OOO oOo

There's a clip for Dan Kelly's Dream!
Delightful and suitably disturbing.
If those young ladies lips were any bigger they would be in danger of swallowing their own heads - lol

(not going to get to read this tonight, so chucking it here for later)

Edit:  Was watching 'Last chance to see' cause I loved the book and I keep hoping I will like the show because Stephen Fry is lovely, but my attention always drift away and I start reading my book instead, but my nephew and his half brother were temporarily watching with me, instead of playing whatever computer game they were playing, maybe age of empires? I don't know and Stephen Fry and Mark were talking about sharks being killed for their fins and how they often just cut the fins off and chuck the still living sharks back in the water and my nephew piped up with "They should at least give them prosethtics first".

(sometimes I can't believe that I am one of those lame over fond aunties who bore complete strangers with things their young relatives have done - sorry)

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