Friday, October 22, 2010

Riding a waffle to no where

Been doing nothing.
Rereading Terry Pratchett books.

Occasional job interviews that I don't get.  Fifteen year olds who can't spell 'administration' and have never seen the word 'negotiate' and don't know how to pronounce it get second interviews - lol .

Was asked to make a car out of a milkway bar and some smarties yesterday at the course.  Allegedly a little fun activity to show leadership, but there were only two of us there.  I led myself well, at any rate, it would seem.  They liked the little milkway scooter I made.

Interview at 1:30 today and was dressed by 7:30.  Restless.  Scooter-ed to a sisters and was given coffee and money.  I spent it all within a day of my dole payment and have run out of kitty litter a week too early.

Monday will see me head of a chocolate car creation team of five.  This time I shall instruct somebody to stick smarties to the chest of the second chocolate biscuit teddy, so she looks like a proper bikies moll.

I think the instructor is going to have some musk-sticks for us too.  Maybe I could have the biker teddy biscuit pulling up outside a strippers bar with an enhanced chocolate teddy biscuit pole-dancing?

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