Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

This is how my day kind of started off ...
But actually, I didn't lack coffee - I lacked milk - but then after lunch when I started cutting the grass with scissors because I was soo bored (um ... not all the grass - this is the grass that has been growing up where my pumpkin vines have been going apeshit - it is still quite a lot of grass though) when I decided I should start making food and remembered that I had bought cream yesterday, because it was reduced to 90c (bargain!) - it has to be used by 1 November (which is tomorrow - which is not going to happen - but I like living on the edge, dude), so I had me some coffee and everything was much better then :)

My nephew won best dressed at the fancydress disco.
I do not know if there was any pashing.
The blister that developed on my finger from the scissors burst.
There's something very therapeutic about hacking at plants.
That's the real reason I garden.  I'm just growing scrubs so that I get to prune stuff.

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