Wednesday, December 21, 2011

slaps self in head

well i am a dill

i mismarked my calendar when i had my rent paid up till and am therefore now a week behind instead of a week in front - grrrrrrrr

sigh - i can't help but wish they'd sent the notice of breach back in November instead of waiting till the week before christmas - still, these things are sent to try us - i have organised late payment of my electricity bill instead

had the oddest end to one of todays backgammon games with my step-father - he had pieces off the board already and i ended up with one piece on the two mark and fourteen pieces pilled up on the six mark and then managed to throw a double six, two double fives and a double two to win the game - it was freaky - i was rolling about on the floor laughing - he still managed to slaughter me twelve games to six, but as long as i win a couple of battles, i am content to lose the war

my intention to be a good daughter and go for a drive with mother was thwarted by vehicular difficulties - my nieces and nephew are shutting themselves away in their rooms and not coming out unless absolutely necessary - mind you, that isn't all that different from their usual modus operandi - but it is still interesting to see my own teenage coping mechanism replicated - i wonder if they had their grandma showing up every day for a couple of months, if they'd start wanting to paint their walls black too - lol

Monday, December 19, 2011

followup photo

okay - so here is a picture of it dry - somewhat Ronald McDonald ish

i am aiming to start lopping some of it of in the next couple of weeks, since I only do stuff like this when i am about get my hair cut short - it has been so humid here i am struggling with the urge to just shave it off at a number 3 or 4

Friday, December 16, 2011

Definately not a poem

Drunk as a skunk
i lurch and lumber towards
a bleary future to provide the answer
but there isn't one
at least
not one I am satisified with

so fuck it
I'll just bleach my hair
oh dear, that was a bad idea

Holy cow - its Friday!!!

... and so today, I was witness to my parent shitty with step-parent for waking her at an unusually early hour - it was blamed on his orgy of  backgammon since he has been here and thus I tried to rack my brain for things he could do to divert her, but sadly, it is so humid and hot I can't think of anything pleasant, and so he shall be doomed too tramping round the planetarium like wot she has already posited as a cure for my nieces and nephews slack immobility.  I feel such a failure.  Still, I acknowledge there isn't really much to do in Townsville.  I take solice I did not spoil my eldest nieces enjoyment of Breaking Dawn Part One.  Much as I was tempted.  It was actually quite good.

And I don't care how much you don't like the Twilight series or how badly you feel it is writ.  I spent my formative years reading Mills and Boon, so am quite pleased that my nieces have something slightly more complex and moral to keep them occupied.

I am drunk out of my skull and have been bleaching my hair rather unsucessfully.  Kindly my government appointed employment monitors have allocated me only six jobs a fortnight to apply for, but sadly there haven't been six jobs I am qualified for too apply for.  I shall steal myself over the next week to cold call/ well actually cold post a number of business to make up for this weakness in my character.  Perhaps I shall get lucky.

Monday, December 12, 2011


The ever so wonderful BHJ's latest post is lovely and reminds me of the story of the time my brother and his friend tried to burn our house down. 

I was there at the time but I remember the story better

The adults were all in the house chatting - neighbours visiting i think - and brother wondered in asking where the metho was - parent told him - not long later occurred to parent that metho was an unusual request for a six or seven year old to make and perhaps he should not actually be allowed to have metho - investigations were made and myself, brother and brother's friend were out the back trying to set the house on fire - it wasn't working with just matches and a small mound of grass

I can't help wishing I had been inside to see their faces
not sure how true the story is
but remember the pile of grass and the matches
didn't help that our house was up on stumps, about three or four steps up
the pile of grass wasn't really big enough to be effective

(don't know what I'll do if BHJ comments on this one - last time I eeeked and flapped my hands like a girlie-girl)

I think it is Monday

birthday bbq the day before - held for my brother-in-law and myself - was pleasant and the eldest provided me a bottle of aged wine - 2004 - i love aged wine - like apple juice of the gods - my mother won't drink it - she thinks old wine will kill her and that the colour looks like urine

okay ... maybe it does resemble a dehydrated persons watery bi-product, but it's awesome anyway

I have (not actually) dead cats scattered around my flat
the heat
they just sleep it out

it is 10:30 pm and the thermometre says it is 32 degrees

I made one of my nieces listen to "Toms Diner" by suzanne vega and it now being played frequently - i am chuffed

but when will it be on?
is it boxing day?
I shall die of waiting
i hate waiting

Going Postal 17 December
but I am always a little disappointed with the tv versions of the books

my brain is a desert and i haven't written anything for fun for a year
at least
maybe more?

So ... flashback poem from August 2008

If I bought somebody home
Would they like my stuff?
Or would they just think my place was far to cluttered up?

Disapprove of all my books,
And hate all my little things.
Does my flat just represent my personal failings?

I’d want them to like my pictures,
And think the fake vines round the phone cord cool.
What if they just see the dust and cats and think me a lazy crazy fool?

Should I decorate more to lure the innocent and unwary?
Until I’ve got them in my grasp, then stick them with the laundry?

one day I shall get together the ones I like and draw a little cartoon to go with them and have them all printed out nice for myself - and which I will probably years down the line burn like wot i did my story starts/attempts from my pre-teens - lol

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Ladykillers is on telly.  I have always meant to watch it.  A colourised version.  Alec Guiness looks so odd with those teeth.  I would like to look like Mrs Wilberforce when I am old.  I shall study her hair style.  I don't think I shall ever shrink that much though, so perhaps a lost cause already.  Really, I would like to look like Maggie Smith, but that is also not going to happen.  Gosh.  Peter Sellars looks so young in this.

I am re-reading all my Terry Pratchett books and flaking out with the cats.

Not a lot of admin jobs being advertised at present, though a couple of government jobs which I may attempt a response to.  Why must they make the jobs all sound so stessful when they advertise?  It's all about needing to be excellent time managers and able to work under pressure in a challenging but rewarding workplace.  I don't want a challenging workplace.  I don't even care if it is rewarding.  I want someone to advertise for an efficient experienced administration support officer who is a quick learner and happy to carry out boring repetitive duties.  bah!

Previous workplace's Christmas Party on sunday (which is also my birthday).  Am heading along and keen to catchup on the latest gossip. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The final countdown

Saturday (or was it Sunday?) BBQ dinner with family
arrived early
sang dreadfully with my nieces
Queen songs
some Christmas hymns
their cat ran away
a bit
well ... just moved on, perhaps

there weren't any complaints from neighbours
as far as I know

Everybody loves bohemian rhapsody, don't they?

i met a friend of my brother-in-law's at a party and he couldn't even bring himself to listen to Queen songs because he was so uncomfortable with the idea that the lead singer was gay - gave him a cold shiver down his spine

my brain is flitting hither and thither today and christmas is near
i have two presents and am hanging out for birthday cash for more
my Uncle Sidney always sends me some money so that I can buy Christmas presents

he is an uncle in a million