Friday, December 16, 2011

Definately not a poem

Drunk as a skunk
i lurch and lumber towards
a bleary future to provide the answer
but there isn't one
at least
not one I am satisified with

so fuck it
I'll just bleach my hair
oh dear, that was a bad idea


  1. Heh heh, it is a nice shade of orange.

  2. I like it. It seems you don't (or are unsure), but I do really like it.

  3. Very nice pic. Haven't seen one of you in about a couple of years.

    The color seems to match your unique personality.

  4. G: lol - that's cause I haven't tortured my hair for a couple of years :)

    TEC: merci - it will however be changing - as when one has dark hair one has got to bleach it before one does anything else - my niece wants me to make it red and green for christmas, but since I am supposed to be looking for work, I don't think I shall be doing that

  5. i kinda like it... i'm prone to doing odd things to my hair as well... i think it's been every shade of every color - except maybe blue ha! and then i just shave it off when needed and start all over

  6. I went blue once and liked it tremendously - but it washed out to a weird moss-on-a-corpse kind of green

    the whole dye hair then shave and start again I have done before, but years ago - it felt quite liberating. not like when you've spent the last two years growing the stuff. so often one wants to chop it all off, but restrain because its taken so long to get it to shoulder length

    however, last time i did the dye and shave people assumed i had cancer - lol