Monday, December 19, 2011

followup photo

okay - so here is a picture of it dry - somewhat Ronald McDonald ish

i am aiming to start lopping some of it of in the next couple of weeks, since I only do stuff like this when i am about get my hair cut short - it has been so humid here i am struggling with the urge to just shave it off at a number 3 or 4


  1. I think you look quite nice. It might help that this was taken from a more flattering angle than the last one though.

    Speaking from personal experience, having a shaved head in the summer is great. Just remember to wear a hat when you're outside, yeah?

  2. I agree with the second commenter. You look very nice and that shade is pretty decent.

  3. my two year old niece gave me the funniest looks when i showed up with different coloured hair, but she refrained from remarking on it haha