Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The final countdown

Saturday (or was it Sunday?) BBQ dinner with family
arrived early
sang dreadfully with my nieces
Queen songs
some Christmas hymns
their cat ran away
a bit
well ... just moved on, perhaps

there weren't any complaints from neighbours
as far as I know

Everybody loves bohemian rhapsody, don't they?

i met a friend of my brother-in-law's at a party and he couldn't even bring himself to listen to Queen songs because he was so uncomfortable with the idea that the lead singer was gay - gave him a cold shiver down his spine

my brain is flitting hither and thither today and christmas is near
i have two presents and am hanging out for birthday cash for more
my Uncle Sidney always sends me some money so that I can buy Christmas presents

he is an uncle in a million


  1. "Everybody loves bohemian rhapsody, don't they?"

    Of course they do! You know there was a doco on about Queen the other night, and someone said how they once saw some people singing along with Killer Queen and thought it was just outrageously strange. Apparently it was just not the done thing back then to sing along at concerts. I ask these people:


    And you can tell friend/aquaintence that Freddy Mercury wasn't gay, he was bisexual, so he can relax. Or just get the fuck over himself.

    - Bec

  2. I suspect that bisexuality wouldn't make a person like that any more comfortable. Their loss. And no, I don't know how anyone can listen to Bohemium Rhapsody without their toes twitching at least.
    I hope your wonderful Uncle Sydney gives you enough money to buy yourself something too. And you are two presents ahead of me.

  3. Sadly I already bought stuff for myself. THERE WAS A SALE DAMNIT. I bought a little minnie chopper - like a baby food processor with only one type of blade and a new dvd player, cause my last one ceased to wish to open and they were both only $19 each. I had to buy them. And then I bought a book which I shouldn't have but did cause I got no self control and now I will be eating sausages for the next week cause they are cheap and the peanut butter has been giving me an upset stomach - lol