Friday, December 16, 2011

Holy cow - its Friday!!!

... and so today, I was witness to my parent shitty with step-parent for waking her at an unusually early hour - it was blamed on his orgy of  backgammon since he has been here and thus I tried to rack my brain for things he could do to divert her, but sadly, it is so humid and hot I can't think of anything pleasant, and so he shall be doomed too tramping round the planetarium like wot she has already posited as a cure for my nieces and nephews slack immobility.  I feel such a failure.  Still, I acknowledge there isn't really much to do in Townsville.  I take solice I did not spoil my eldest nieces enjoyment of Breaking Dawn Part One.  Much as I was tempted.  It was actually quite good.

And I don't care how much you don't like the Twilight series or how badly you feel it is writ.  I spent my formative years reading Mills and Boon, so am quite pleased that my nieces have something slightly more complex and moral to keep them occupied.

I am drunk out of my skull and have been bleaching my hair rather unsucessfully.  Kindly my government appointed employment monitors have allocated me only six jobs a fortnight to apply for, but sadly there haven't been six jobs I am qualified for too apply for.  I shall steal myself over the next week to cold call/ well actually cold post a number of business to make up for this weakness in my character.  Perhaps I shall get lucky.

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