Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Flying visit

An excellent post.
Just what I needed to distract.

no time to scratch myself at work
up to my neck and drowning

backbone of office has hurt back
crushed a vertibra (sp?)

burying myself in Hamish MacBeth books during off hours
sleeping better for it

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

oh really? (more whinging sorry - recommend skipping)

So I am continuing to get into trouble from my boss for something that it turns out I actually didn't do wrong in the first place?

I am so not staying here for this.

Apparently I only have to give one weeks notice because I am still on the six months probation.
Mind you, I want to tidy up first.
Get all my filing done and my desk cleaned up first for the next person. 
I don't like to leave things a mess.

If I am very frugle for the next fortnight I might even be able to make it through if Centrelink decide I need to wait the eight week period before being eligible for Newstart Allowance again because I resigned from a job.  It would be nice to get something else before then, but I can't count on that because it is a small town and there is a bit of a dry spell between jobs here generally.

I know it is sensible to just look for other work before leaving, and I am, but have never had the emotional constitution to continue in unhappy stressful situations.  I just cry.  Which is embarrassing.  Also stress is bad for my arthritis and I don't want another flare-up.  It's better to have no money and be hungry than to be in severe pain and unable to dress myself properly, ey? :)  Proper flare-ups seem to last for eight months to a year.  At least the two I've had so far in the last seventeen years did.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hum ... (sorry I am having a whinge)

My first thirteen hour day at work and my right hand is like a claw. 

I imagine you have a list of 3000 or so items.  Imagine the database only brings up one item at a time.  Imagine that you have to mouse click onto a calander and then tick a box to say yes I really did want that date and then press save and than yes I really do want to save and then click to go to next record and then click yes I do actually want to the information to be saved before I move on and infact that is why I clicked save already and then imagine you have to click yes I really meant it when I said I wanted to save it yet again, before it will let you go to the next record BUT ONLY if you have first clicked on another tab that take you to a totally irrelevant field that you have to choose as not applicable first.

Imagine doing that for three and a half hours.

Now usually I kind of find this soothing because it amuses me that anybody has to do this at all, but today I am feeling decidedly fed up. 

I am in fact feeling decidedly under appreciated and have decided I will start applying for a new job tomorrow.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Babysitting night and there is a computer free!

I'm obviously using up my lotto luck here, so must take advantage of it (bummer though cause I think it's 20 million this Saturday - I am not sure an hour or so free computer access wins out against 20 million in my list of preferences).

Not that I've anything to blog about either.  I am just working and sleeping with no fascination dogging my mind and livening up my life.  I'm not non-interventionally cyber stalking any musicians.  No book series dragging my attention away from work and duty.  No pretty boys to sigh wistfully over.  Hell I don't even have an androgynous french waiter anymore, gosh darn it (though there is that guy at the thai takeaway that does the most graceful little bow when he hands the green chicken curry over - makes me go a bit quivery - but I hardly ever have thai cause my arse is growing gargantuan and soon will have small moons orbiting it).

I can't blog about work, cause that would be improper.  Nor would it be interesting for anybody else.  I haven't had any racy fantasies at all.  Not for months.  My libido is on extended holidays.  I think it's traveling around the world and gotten held up somewhere.  Maybe its in Ibiza? Maybe it's with James Blunt.  The hussy. 

Read the latest Jasper Fforde which is excellent as always.  I have mostly just been rereading books.  I have an excellent book.  I've read a few pages and it is really really going to be excellent.  Just after a couple of pages and I don't say that very often, but I can't make myself read it.  My brain only wants the familiar.  It's in bed with the blankets over its head and will only come out for Tamora Pierce or Lois McMaster Bujold.  I may have to go scavenging for Georgette Heyer novels just to make a proper fist of my retreat into comfort reading.


There is none.

I have realised why I was grumpy over the weekend.  My backbrain remembered I was missing Glenn Richard's performance / musical extravaganza / gig. 

The delightful young Mr Kelly and awesome Mr Liddiard are this weekend.
I shall be all snarls and sneers, cause I sensibly decided not to go.
I hate senisble.
Senisble can kiss my arse.

And sure, he was wearing a nice shirt, but what shirt, ey?
Is it new?
Is it brown?
As a description 'a nice shirt' sucks.

Also I want a picture of the pointy shoes.

If there is time (hahahahahaha she laughed scornfully at herself) I shall troll the net for reviews and pictures.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

It is raining.  People are walking around the half finished refurbished mall, which no longer is, in shorts and singlets for exercise or a nice morning stroll?  Top of 27 degrees yesterday.  Felt a bit cool.  Half-finished because they are putting the road back.

Breakfast was edible and I tried desparately not to listen into the conversation of the two young things talking about ones promotion at work.  They looked about sixteen, but I am sure were older and one has been put in charge of something.  Something to do with childcare.  They were so excited.

I've never been excited about work in my life and being put in charge of something would be my worst nightmare.  It felt very weird to overhear.  Made me wish they'd turn Cher up. 

I am wishing I were retired today.  I know I don't turn forty until December, but I am feeling old and unwell.  I haven't been able to get to sleep lately - not sure if it is because of work or the weather - and my arthritis and body in general always have their revenge on me if I don't let it sleep.  It's rather like a permanent hangover. 

I am going to spend the day in bed with my cats :)

And I am going to by milk on the way home and make myself hot chocolate.

And maybe I'll buy some apple pie and custard that I can heat up later.

And maybe I shall buy a new DVD and move the televsion into the bedroom.

Maybe I'll buy some episodes of Dr Who.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Headless chicken

Work is crazed. 
I shall do something about posting on the weekend :)
Here is a flashback post from 4 July 2008

I arrive at work.

It is cold.
It is dark.
It is an ungodly hour of the morning.
I have only just bought my cup of coffee and have an elevator ride up three floors before I will drink it.
The security guard, an old Spanish man in his 50’s “psssts” at me.
He motions with his head for me to come over.
He takes me arm and leads me over into a corner.
He looks around to make sure no one is watching.
“You see that light?” he whispers in his thick Spanish accent.
He glancing briefly, discretely, upwards at the halogen spotlight above our heads.
Standing within the embrace of the light, I nod.
Hard to miss.
"Yes, Lenny."
“It only comes on when you enter the building.” he says
“You are the light of the building.”
“When you are not here, it is dark.”
I smile and flutter my eyelashes.
We do this everyday for a year.
The other security guard, a hungarian lady, sneaks me confectionary tidbits.
Somethings I miss about Sydney.
Nobody calls me the light of the building in Townsville.

Monday, March 7, 2011


nothing is straight forward today
the achieveable is taking forever
(and therefore feeling much less achieveable)

it is gray
pouring with rain

people who live a bit out of town
and in danger of getting cut off
have already gone home

i have my period
i wish i were in bed with a heat pack
or a docile cat

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Just for something to do

Oh little kitty so full of vomit
Where will thou decorate with this insectoid banquet? (a bit of a stretch as a rhyme I concede)
Will it be on the chair?
Will it be in the hall?
Will it be in be under foot when nature makes it's midnight call?

oh little kitty so soft and sweet
will it seep between the toes of my feet?

Fingers crossed

I am at work on a Saturday, copy typing lists and singing loudly and badly along to Little Birdy's Tonight's the night.

I hope the men in the workshop can't hear me.

Flashback Poem - 18 August 2008

I've decided that my mission for this week - to keep myself occupied and out of trouble  - will be to write the most revolting vomitous poem possible.

First Verse:

Oh my cutie ickle snookie wookums
My Sweet wittle bunny face
I want to make smoochie-woochie noises
Snuggle-wuggled in your embrace

I had a possible next line of:

My pumpkin, my pigeon, my petunia
I want your crotch pressed against my vagina

but I think it might be too good for this poem

Your big chocolaty eyes
and the scrunch of your ickle nosey-wosey
Make my heart go pitter-patter
And my cheeks go rosie

You are the plum in my jam
The banana in my cake
Just for one smile from you
All others I would forsake

I am not sure about the above verse - I don't think it is bad enough. The one below is a definate winner though :D

If I were a pumpkin pie
My skin wouldbe the crust
Because just looking at you
Turns my insides to mush

I want to ruffle my fingers through
Your fluffy wuffy hair
And lick you all over
Like chocolate from an ├ęclair

You are more moreish than bacon
And more addictive than Malteasers
I want to tie you to the bed
And tickle you with feathers

If making custard tart
You'd be the bottle it came in
Spurting forth
Tasty goodness from within

ha hahahaha oh my goodness - this is nearly as fun as the toilet poems :lol:

Oh to bury my nose in the crook of your neck
And breathe in the scent of my snookie bear
And then to run my fingers through
Your shoulder hair

You are the bee’s pyjamas
And the cat’s knees
I want to say bless you
Even when you don’t sneeze


Your eyes make the morning sun
look like the dull glimmer of the moon
And torrid daydreams of you
Cause me to nearly swoon

(stumped for inspiration I googled bad pick up lines - there were some very funny ones there :) I have to try to work in - My love for you is like diarrhoea, I just can't hold it in - If I had a rose for every time I thought of you, I would be walking through my garden forever - and this might be one of my favourites :) - You know, when you and I get old and your son/daughter comes up to me and says "Daddy, how did you meet mommy?" I'm gonna have to tell him/her how quiet you were, or how difficult you were being.")

Friday, March 4, 2011

It's Friday? How did that happen?

Gosh this week has gone fast.  Busy busy busy.

I am at work in an unbrushed state hoping I've managed to camouflage by pulling it back with hair combs, but perhaps the "aura" of camouflage is too strong because the female solider in her camo outfit in the red sedan COMPLETELY FAILED TO SEE ME ON THE ROUNDABOUT!!!!

It is good I have to take the corner so slow in this wet weather.  I was on the damn roundabout slowing to complete the right turn and she just kept going.  I am going to have to start wearing the stupid orange vest with reflective stripes, wot makes me feel so daggy, during the daytime *sigh*

I am content to wear it at night, but in the daytime, on the larger than usual scooter, with the lights on, cause that is the rules, it shouldn't be necessary *pout*

It's because I am near one of the bases.  Riding near the bases, or near where the army rent homes, is to dice with death.  Solitaire with a pearl handled scooter - to butcher a Warren Zevon line.  Lots of cars with V8 engines and young men people who are firmly convinced they are excellent drivers with super good reflexes.  My older brother was like that.  Is like that.  Idiots.

:)  I've had my little rant now and feel better.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Finally quiet has decended upon the office and can drink my coffee.

I stopped to buy breakfast on the way in early today. 
I sat down and turned computer.
I started munching
I intending to read my emails and make an orderly start on the day, but everybody kept asking me to do stuff for them. 

What ... do they think I work here or something?

My sister had lots of a back molar fall off and now has to get and crown.
I am so jealous.
I want a gold tooth too *pout*