Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Babysitting night and there is a computer free!

I'm obviously using up my lotto luck here, so must take advantage of it (bummer though cause I think it's 20 million this Saturday - I am not sure an hour or so free computer access wins out against 20 million in my list of preferences).

Not that I've anything to blog about either.  I am just working and sleeping with no fascination dogging my mind and livening up my life.  I'm not non-interventionally cyber stalking any musicians.  No book series dragging my attention away from work and duty.  No pretty boys to sigh wistfully over.  Hell I don't even have an androgynous french waiter anymore, gosh darn it (though there is that guy at the thai takeaway that does the most graceful little bow when he hands the green chicken curry over - makes me go a bit quivery - but I hardly ever have thai cause my arse is growing gargantuan and soon will have small moons orbiting it).

I can't blog about work, cause that would be improper.  Nor would it be interesting for anybody else.  I haven't had any racy fantasies at all.  Not for months.  My libido is on extended holidays.  I think it's traveling around the world and gotten held up somewhere.  Maybe its in Ibiza? Maybe it's with James Blunt.  The hussy. 

Read the latest Jasper Fforde which is excellent as always.  I have mostly just been rereading books.  I have an excellent book.  I've read a few pages and it is really really going to be excellent.  Just after a couple of pages and I don't say that very often, but I can't make myself read it.  My brain only wants the familiar.  It's in bed with the blankets over its head and will only come out for Tamora Pierce or Lois McMaster Bujold.  I may have to go scavenging for Georgette Heyer novels just to make a proper fist of my retreat into comfort reading.


  1. My libido is on extended holidays

    Well, I know what that's like. Still haven't worked out if it's a good or a bad thing, though. Certainly makes life less complicated. Makes you look twice at those dodgy flyers you get in the mail, too.

    How much exercise do you get?

  2. Comfort reading is a wonderous thing. The equivalent of hot chocolate and a hand crocheted rug. Though I am looking forward to the Jasper many fffs. Have just finished his Last Dragonslayer which I loved. It had to be a winner though - I like his writing (lots) and have a weakness for dragons. Enjoy your stolen hour.

  3. I get zero exercise, but have resolved to start swimming as soon as they finish working on one of our local pools. I think the refurbishment is due to be completed end of this month now. It got delayed because of the rain - lol

    The Last Dragonslayer - it was good wasn't it :) Shades of Grey made my head hurt to read, but was also excellent.

  4. Yay swimming. Apart from gardening the only exercise I get. There is a new Tuesday Next book too. You were right about Shades of Grey (head hurting I mean) but I will get the next one in that series too.

  5. Probably worth doing. I can't say it's done anything for my libido (though some say it works wonders), but it does make me feel far more energetic and switched on and helps me sleep better (which is something else you've mentioned recently). At the least, I doubt it could do any harm.