Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hum ... (sorry I am having a whinge)

My first thirteen hour day at work and my right hand is like a claw. 

I imagine you have a list of 3000 or so items.  Imagine the database only brings up one item at a time.  Imagine that you have to mouse click onto a calander and then tick a box to say yes I really did want that date and then press save and than yes I really do want to save and then click to go to next record and then click yes I do actually want to the information to be saved before I move on and infact that is why I clicked save already and then imagine you have to click yes I really meant it when I said I wanted to save it yet again, before it will let you go to the next record BUT ONLY if you have first clicked on another tab that take you to a totally irrelevant field that you have to choose as not applicable first.

Imagine doing that for three and a half hours.

Now usually I kind of find this soothing because it amuses me that anybody has to do this at all, but today I am feeling decidedly fed up. 

I am in fact feeling decidedly under appreciated and have decided I will start applying for a new job tomorrow.


  1. That's horrible. The whole list should be fed in and parsed with a single command. All this mouse clicking bollocks is not how large scale data entry is supposed to be done on a computer. Not by sensible people, anyway. Don't you have IT staff who can sort something out?

  2. Give us this day our daily whinge. And that one sounds wholly justified.

  3. Not our companies database unfortunately - sigh