Friday, March 25, 2011

oh really? (more whinging sorry - recommend skipping)

So I am continuing to get into trouble from my boss for something that it turns out I actually didn't do wrong in the first place?

I am so not staying here for this.

Apparently I only have to give one weeks notice because I am still on the six months probation.
Mind you, I want to tidy up first.
Get all my filing done and my desk cleaned up first for the next person. 
I don't like to leave things a mess.

If I am very frugle for the next fortnight I might even be able to make it through if Centrelink decide I need to wait the eight week period before being eligible for Newstart Allowance again because I resigned from a job.  It would be nice to get something else before then, but I can't count on that because it is a small town and there is a bit of a dry spell between jobs here generally.

I know it is sensible to just look for other work before leaving, and I am, but have never had the emotional constitution to continue in unhappy stressful situations.  I just cry.  Which is embarrassing.  Also stress is bad for my arthritis and I don't want another flare-up.  It's better to have no money and be hungry than to be in severe pain and unable to dress myself properly, ey? :)  Proper flare-ups seem to last for eight months to a year.  At least the two I've had so far in the last seventeen years did.


  1. AAAARGH. You are stronger than I am - I have put up with some awful things in the past. And yes, if stress aggravates your arthritis there is only one decision you can make. All digits crossed for you.

  2. [I] have never had the emotional constitution to continue in unhappy stressful situations.

    Of course, I don't know all the details of your particular situation and so forth, so the only advice I can give is this: Be cool and analytical about the situation. If you're not scared of having to find a new job and you know you're not doing anything wrong, you can just take your boss' (or anyone's) bullshit with a grain of salt while having a good calm think and plotting a course of action that's to your best advantage. It's not worth getting worked up over. Not with your apparent condition.

  3. Sorry to hear that you're leaving your current job, but I can understand being blamed and getting grief for something that wasn't your fault to begin with.