Sunday, January 31, 2010

Projectivist! (temporary)

*wails inconsolably*


I've cleaned my bedroom and Michael-Cat is much enamoured of the upper space of the open wardrobe.  He looks most fetching with his white belly hair exposed.  Must throw more things out.  I've not the heart to put anything up there.  I've moved a couple of bookcases to make it easier for him to get up there.


A look of extreme annoyance flashed over Vorkosigan's face, and he bit off an expletive too muffled to quite make out.  As his visitor loomed in the doorway to the Yellow Parlor, his expression went very bland.

The man Pym was failing to impede was a young officer, a tall and startlingly handsome captain in undress greens.  He had dark hair, laughing brown eyes, and a lazy smile.  He paused to sweep Vorkosigan a mocking half-bow, saying, "Hail, O Lord Auditor coz.  My God, Is that Ma Kosti Lunch I spy?  Tell me I'm not too late.  Is there anything left?  Can I lick your crumbs?"  He stepped inside, and his eye swept over Ekaterin.  "Oh ho! Introduce me to your landscape designer, Miles!"

Lord Vorkosigan said, somewhat through his teeth, "Madam Vorsosson, may I make you known to my feckless cousin, Captain Ivan Vorpatril. Ivan, Madam Vorsoisson."

Undaunted by this disapproving editorial, Vorpatril grinned, bowed deeply over her hand, and kissed it.  His lips lingered an appreciative second too long, but at least they were dry and warm; she didn't have to overcome an impolite impulse to wipe her hand on her skirt, when he at last released it.  "And are you taking commissions, Madame Vorsisson?"

Ekatin was not quite sure whether to be amused or offended at his cheerful leer, but amused seemed safer.  She permitted herself a small smile.  "I'm only just starting."
Lord Vorkosigan put in, "Ivan lives in an apartment.  I believe there is a flowerpot on his balcony, but the last time I looked, its conentents were dead."

I love Ivan, have I mentioned?
I've had many favorourite book characters.  Possibly starting with the Duke of Avon and culminating in Silk from the Belgariad, but after all that ...  after my singles and teens, my favourite book character is Ivan.  Ivan is a secondary character and has laughing brown eyes and understands that it is better to walk instead of run when avoiding being landed with work one doesn't want.

It was the Moon wot did it!

What are you? I muse to the moon
wallowing fat and orange like a round of chedder above the horizon

Surely you are more than just a rock or a light
so oft' amorphorlised (sp?) by mortals
striking so significant a chord to naked eye

I would feel cheated if you did not hold power over blood as well as tide

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Friday, January 29, 2010


Please somebody make it stop raining.

Edit:  Predicted wettest weekend on record and king tides.  Took hour and half to open programs and email job application this morning.  Stoopid computer.  Need kitty litter - must brave rain slick and flooding roads on little scooter.  Checked bank accounts yesterday and cursing my lack of discipline.  Prolonged rain and grey skies depresses me - Note To Self:  Never move to england.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australia Day

I was disappointed to see a shop displaying Australia Flag bedecked t-shirts with the slogans
"Go Home, We're Full"
"We eat meat, We drink beer, We speak F#@king English".

Regardless of your stance on the levels of immigration or the processing of refuges, I don't understand why you would want to walk about with such mean spirited slogans writ across your heart.  Why be so impolite?  Where are your manners?  Why fling your dignity to the winds to call names like a child just because you  disagree with somebody?

I don't get all this Australia Day celebration.  I find myself muttering "it wasn't like this when I was young" like a  cranky old lady.

Monday, January 25, 2010


I haven't read to you for a while, so since nothing is happening for me at present, here is one of my favourite passages from "Civil Campaign" by Lois McMaster Bujold (one of because there are others - they never fail to move me)

"Well.  I don't wish to invade your privacy.  But do remember, you're allowed to ask for help.  It's part of what families are all about."
"I owe you too much already, milady."
Her smile tilted. "Mark, you don't pay back your parents.  You can't.  The debt you owe them gets collected by your children, who hand it down in turn.  It's a sort of entailment.  Or if you don't have children of the body, it's left as a debt to your common humanity.  Or to your God, if you possess or are possessed by one."
"I'm not sure that seems fair."
"The family economy evades calculation in the gross planetary prodct.  It's the only deal I know where, when you give more than you get, you aren't bankrupted - but rather, vastly enriched."

Saturday, January 23, 2010



I am abroad ... no ... I am at a shopping centre and I am going to get some breakfast.  But not eggs benedict.  Something light.  Possibly with avacado?

First I will need to go to the bookstore for a book.  I cannot sit down to eat breakfast alone without a book.  I get bored.  I cannot just stare off into space lost in my sense of taste.  If the book is good, sometimes I don't even taste what I am eating and look at my plate puzzled during a pause in the narrative - wonder where all the food has gone.

Edit:  Breakfast was shit.  Book good though :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010


a maulstorm of ideas tumbling through head
from watching documentaries on abc and music
and i delighted in the speech by Bruce Milne
so boggled and worried and relieved, things didn't turn out as he thought would be
and I am unburdened
and fancy free
and don't know what to do with
my free-dom
should i write a sign friend
and what should i say?
in this time and age and day?
what is meaningful
what the fuck
in this time of ending
age old habits and descent and bark
saber rattling protestations of need
whats the point of praying on knee
is there a god to answer and even should he
regardless of would he
what is the point?
what is myself that I can decide these things for my non-existant children?

*Content Warning* Contains Cursing

Jesus fucking CHRIST!  I have been trying to apply for a job - ONE ARSE SUCKING JOB - since 9:30 and my computer is beyond annoying and trespassing into possessed by the devil to incite me to violence, menace and murder!!!!!!!

I have debunked and fled for comfort food (pie with mushy peas) and my brother-in-laws computer.

The beers in the beer fridge are singing to me like a magic sword thirsting for blood, I am so wound up and and and ... to be succinct ... I am suffering some computer rage and am venting before I smash something.


Edit:  and then it turns out that the website I'd been looking about has been screwing with me too and the job wasn't there when I searched again (sometimes it spontaneously doesn't register when you tick queensland etc when you hit search)

Edit Edit:  I can't believe I just spent the last three hours attempting to apply for a job that isn't even there.  I've mentioned before that god hates me, haven't I?

Edit Edit Edit:  I am sure it has nothing to do with my habit of muttering "Jesus Christ on a Popsicle Stick" or "Jesus Christ in a Ham Bag" in times of stress. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


My computer has been misbehaving this last couple of weeks and next to imossible to use this last few days, so not much talk, but then there hasn't been much action either, so not much to talk about.  It all works out, ey?

This could become a little Bridget Jonesesque, but this is my third day without drinking alcohol.  Not even a beer when I was babysitting, though it was offerred, which usually cracks my resolve.

Tried to get up at a reasonable time this morning, but then fell asleep in the afternoon and have been mainlining cokeacola since then, so predict a restless wakeful night ahead of me and I am out of books and my DVD player stopped working this afternoon AARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


After long explanations about how after eating something the night before, nephew doesn't want to eat it again the next night, we have agreed to corn on the cob and leftover roast pumpkin for dinner.

*does victory dance*

(I only won because there is actually nothing else in the house and nephew is convinced I can't operate the oven or deep fryer)
(he may have some past history to basis this conviction on)
(i get easily distracted)

Edit:  well darn.  Reportedly his eldest sister started winding him up and threatened to put her ritz chip coated fingers into his food and then pointed close enough to have done so (and she properly did despite protestations otherwise) so there was no pumpkin eaten - sigh.  It was close though, ey?

Oh My Goodness

So I started going through the various garbage bags of stored clothes and half of them turned out to contain past scarf knitting efforts. Here was I thinking I'd cleared out heaps by shipping off 8 scarves in the last week, sheesh.

I was going to be ruthless and chuck out some of the clothes, but I think I shall hang onto them for a bit longer yet.  I don't think those skirts would even fit around one of my thighs at present.  I don't have as much as I feared.  Most of the bags were filled with the scarves - lol.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Today did not go as planned

I was going to get up early and start cleaning from the sun room back.  All orderly like.  Was woken slightly earlier than I had intended by shrill screams from stray cat trying to fight with my fat, neutered, possessor of only one testicle, Michael-cat around 6 am'ish.

So I figured 'this is a little too early to start vaccuming and banging about' and so settled back to read some more of my book.  My eyes were sore and I closed them for but a moment and suddenly it was past 11:30 and the sweat soaked sheets of my bed were attempting to meld with my back. It is a strange feeling to wake damp.

I posted more scarves to good natured friends and achieved very little with the rest of my day.

Have vaccumed some and started sorting through books again.  My Charles de Lint books are on the chopping block this time.  I cherish intent to then move on to my bric-a-brac and other useless dust collecting possessions.  Soon it shall be as if I don't exist at all.  I will be left with open spaces and easy to clean floors (and the cats, of course).

I wonder what it is like to live without a fortress of stuff to seperate an area of the world into home territory?

Would it make you feel free?
Or would it make you feel dispossessed?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

More Scarves

Possibly not readily apparent to the casual eye, but this is another scarf :)

Bobbly yarns are cute, but a pain to knit.

Probably you are lucky I didn't inflict this on you earlier, but I am very jealous of anybody in Melbourne who has the opportunity to go to this today  (and to save the disinterested clicking, following is an excerpt)

Where's Dan Kelly been all this time? Huddled beneath an overpass, making puppets out of spoons? Good guess, but no. Dan's been recording his third and latest album ‘Dan Kelly's Dream', and he'll be previewing the new album, with his new star-studded band, at the Toff on Saturday! Dan will of course belt out a bunch of his older tunes, and he'll even play some covers. He might even play ‘Hotel California' if you call out for it enough. Stand up the back and scream requests between songs. They love it when you do that. And then, after the show, stumble over to tell Dan just how much his music means to you. Be sure to glaze him with beery spittle, otherwise he won't believe you. He'll think, "My face is almost completely dry of saliva. That man wasn't moved by my artistry at all!" And he'll be sad. Can you believe this is being published? - JC

actually it is the whole thing - hahhahahahahahahahah - but it is funny yes?
I wish I was there for young Mr Kelly's performance - I quite liked his "dan kelly's nightmare" that he sang when he was being support fo Augie March.

i hate being poor

well darn

This is probably soo right - I wish I'd seen this before I 'd hit the send button in myspace.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Up at a stupid time of night and saw this

which I think is great!

Friday Night

I can't even get Mary-Cat to go consistantly in the litter tray! there is no way I am going to try and make her wear a scarf - she'd murder me in my bed!

Bubba-cat decided he'd been inside too long at 10:30 pm and therefore started making retching noises.

They soo totally have me under control.  (I am soo grateful Kettle invented soo with multiple o's - it has come in very handy)

Proj,  you want a scarf don'tcha?  I have this really, really girly one spare - it is white and pink and a bit hairy - whattayasay?  Want it?

I am going shopping for more yarn tomorrow.  I am nearly out.  Who else wants a unique piece of nearly almost actually not really art to drape around their neck come the cold weather.

If only I had Ramon InsertNameHere's address - perhaps I could send it to lewd bob who could send it to perseus who could send it to Ramon INH - I feel so connected.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hangs head in shame

The overly keen man was around at my house again when I was out today.
Left a note on the door with an invite out this evening.
Even you need to eat it said.
With three exclamation marks.

I feel hunted.

Which makes me cross.
And now I've done a bad thing.

I txted him that he was too full-on for me and that I was not comfortable with all the calls and drop arounds.

As an adult I know I should have just telephoned him and talked to him.
But then he would have argued with me.
Or been desperate to make amends.
Maybe even have cried?

So I txted and have fled to my sisters to hide out in case he comes around my house again.

I am such a chicken weiner nancy girl.

The nasty part of my brain is tossing scenarios at me.  Me staying here until after dinner and sneaking back home after dark only to find him lying in wait for me on my doorstep. 

I wish I didn't have an imagination.
My imagination is cruel to me.

Is it Thursday?

This is the scarf I am currently working on.  I am trying to make it look like one of my left over scarves.

After the last knitting frenzy I went into I had lots of little bits and pieces of yarn left over.  Sometimes only 10 centimetres.  I tied them all together and knitted scarves out of them.

I thought they looked terrific, but hardly anybody else did - lol

Edit:  someone just mentioned they were drinking coffee *sigh*  I only have instant.  I am going to go out and gets me some real coffee.  I have no self control.  I have one taker for a scarf so I am going to post her a selection to chose from - mwahahahahahahahahaha - that should cut the numbers down a bit.


The first person close to me to die was my Grandma.  Not Grandma Cardle.  Grandma.  I don't know if Grandma Cardle ever noticed that she had that extra behind the significient?    Grandma was on dad's side.

Grandma died when I was young.  Not sure what age.  Only that it was pre-eleven.

When she was dying I fantisiesd that I would be able to gain points against the kids a school who didn't like me.  I fantasised that the leader would say to me "Why were you away from school so long" and what was my exccuse.  I imagained I could reply in heartbroken voice (because it was actually true whcih was cool) that my Grandma had died and that they would then feel bad - but then it actually happened and I said my line - and at the time it hit me hard because I meant it - and they didn't give a shit and didn't feel bad at all for bringing it up - pre-teen is silly, ey? and my grandma dying from a heartattack gained me diddly squat.

I still miss her.

I regret the last visit to her at hospital.
I asked her "how are you?"
What a dumb question.
I was probably only eight or nine or something.
It was a red rose.
Red almost black.
Wrapped in plastic.
I remember trying to make a deal with god that she would last longer than the rose.

Didn't work.

Lying on a mattress beneath the ceiling fan of Grandma Cardle's lounge room where I'd slept so many school holidays before, terrified the ceiling fan was going to fall down and mince us all because it used to make so much noise

Grandma was visiting her sisiters who were Sister's of Mercy and showing off about how tuff she was and overdoinging it.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Beuing Human

I think it is called "Being Human".

by golly

I don't know what the fuck this is BUT IT IS AWESOME!!!!

they appear to be vampire boys in england with social issues
and it is hilarious

Edit:  and there's only one e in peedo hahahahahhaa

Drunk watching television

Californication - Rick Springfield - NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Pehaps you've not seen this episode - and that's okay - freaky episode - I don't like to think of Rick Springfield that way.

I LOVE Rick Springfield.
Rick Springfield is beautiful.

Edit:  I need a set top box so that I can watch ABC2 so that I can see touchwood - it keeps taunting me with itself - I wantz tourchwood!  I always wanted to be like Ace.  I've always wanted to blow stuff up.  Maybe I should stop restricting myself?  I have interneet afterall.  Perhaps there is stuff I could combine to blow up stuff in my own back yard?

Dan Kelly has an environmental science degree?  I prefer it when my pop gods are a bit useless *sigh*  it is my fate to fall in love with intelligent acomplianced musicians.  Probably they even restrain from giving their spare change to indigineous females without front teeth who beg at regional shopping centres in country towns?  I always worry their better halves wiill beat the crap out of them if they haven't earned enough money in the time frame provided.

I am such a sucker.

oh gosh - its not even 11 o'clock - what am i watching?  whats with this wolf thing? why are there such pretty boys on teleivison?  where are the men?  the serious men?

Edit Edit:  One of my cats is on heat and it is driving me nuts. reow reow reow at the back door - excruciating! - what am i watching?  i quite like it. that flash of black eye was quite a turn on.

oh my golly!

that is so sweeeeeeet

what the hell am I watichihg?

and the mom can't see a reflection of the guy with the kid in the hand mirror?
what am i watching?

I think I need to stop and go search the tv guide, ey?


Oh God I'm watching Oprah

If I start watching cricket one of you will kill me, won't you?


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

HA! I am evil overlord type person

I  made my niece look at my bruise afterall.

It's too good a bruise to keep to myself.  It needs to be shared.

(it's not actually on my butt.  more my upper thigh.  the sub-butt region)


losing track of time
sleeping late and not able to get to sleep
fell over like an old person last night
how embarrassment
burgundy bruised butt
luckily only lightly struck head on door frame
failed to shatter line of dirty cups congrugating down side of armchair

have a blanket and sheet draped over armchair to absorb sweat
corner of blanket slipped under foot on polished wooden floor
think I caused a shuddering Kabomb! noise when I hit
need to lose weight
though confess layer of fat made a good cushion
I am not hurt at all
I always have visions of broken pelvis and brittle bones
Have hung around with too many old people perhaps?

Wantz a dan kelly update, but don't wanna nag
hes propbably busy
maybe even trapped in a blizzard or something?
wild winter weather overseas and he did say heading to london for mixing?
Wantz pictures of snowy london too
maybe he hasn't left yet?
maybe I could offload scarf on him?
they are clogging up my flat
challenging to keep cats away from them
they like to maim and eat them
in fact he's got a big family, hasn't he?
maybe i could offload ALL of them on him
that would be a bit mad though
complete stranger sending loads of sissy colour scarves to guy in middle of heatwave
hahahahaha - almost am tempted

no no - must keep weird insane sense of humour under control
must remember "I am not funny"

I shall go knit another scarf to keep myself out of trouble

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Enough already!

... also, in addition to my previous blog, I feel I need to state, I am sick to death of listening to the best of Michael Jackson at the cinemas whilst waiting for the adverts to start.  I really think you can stop playing it now.  He is dead.  Let it go.


A charming evening, though ...I have been being bad. I watched a trashy action movie today - Sherlock Holmes.

My goodness - who ever throught that trashy action movie and Sherlock Holmes would ever go in the same sentence?  I am exceedingly fond of the old black and white Sherlock Holmes television episodes I bought for negligible amount of cash at a discount store on impluse one day.  Love them to pieces, actually.

Actually ... I like them soo much, I went searching for other Sherlock Holmes episodes and bought them, even though they weren't the same people doing it and may I say I dislike Basil Rathbone?  I care not whether you mind or not.  Basil Rathbone I do not like at all. 

Robert Downy Jr tied to a bed head with only a stragetically placed cushion however is very nice indeed *leer*

High thirties degree heat triggers my knitting urge.  Does anybody want a scarf?  They are free?  I must warn you.  Some of them are regretably pinkish.

My misson for Monday is to sort through all my cd's and put them in their proper cases. 

I am one of those terrible anarchistic people who just take a cd out of the cd player without the proper case and put it into the case of the cd I am putting into the cd player and then never get around to finding the original cd case for the cd that is thus in the incorrect cd case.

And so, in my unstable state of unemployment I shall be bringing order unto chaos.

It's cool.  You don't need to pay me for that either. 
I live to serve.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Random Photos

Playing with photographs and I liked the way the kettle and dustpan and brush turned out.

This is Wombat-kitten giving me a nasty look for waking her up.

Kettle fiddled photo number two :)

Blossom-cat recovered from its attempt to swallow a three metre ribbon and cuddling up to my foot.


This is driving me mental.

I'd rather have no internet than slow internet.

Friday, January 8, 2010


What is wrong with my credit card?
Why don't you want to accept it?

I am at a shopping centre having just double checked that the payment to my creditcard has been processed and that is a YES (cause I just bought a Jasper Fforde book which is sounding crazed, i have to say - much looking forward to the reading of am I).

My major concern however, is that last time it declined my credit card when I was trying to top up my pre-paid balance, it went through the second time, and then later in the day the declined payment was processed - which i only just remembered after I had tried to put $100 on my pre-paid four or five times thinking that perhaps there was something wrong with the connection or the payment was late going in, it is usually there by 8:30 - and now I'm a little concerned that I am going to have a $500 credit on my feckin' pre-paid sometime later this afternoon, which I would be a bit upset about because ...
*takes a breathe*
I reported my landline unfunction yesterday and they said a guy would come test to see if there was a problem with the outside connection sometime by COB today and that I didn't need to be home and that if there was something that needed to be tested inside they'd leave a card in the letterbox and I'd need to ring for an appointment, so I was going to spend today cleaning just incase somebody needed to come inside my flat, which is a pigsty cause I've been sitting on my arse watching tennis all week and didn't clean over christmas period, and then the cats got me up early this morning, so I fed them, and then there was a knock on the door and it was the telstra guy and he tested outside and then came 'inside' to test the connection - DAMNIT shitbuggerarse - and I was shamed *sigh* and he was tall and goodlooking with muscular shoulders and I didn't get to perve cause I was wilting with embarrassment at the state of my lounge and the fact that I had not yet had a chance to clean out the kitty litter for the morning *whimper* and I think the chickie said, when I was talking to her yesterday, that if it turned out to be something inside there service fee is something like $105, so you see ... 2010 is shitting me already.

(and i was wearing bike shorts and a tight singlet top which i had slept in and i am fat and fat girls should not answer the door to handsome young men without much more clothes on)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Reporting in

This is the last of my internet until (fingers crossed) tomorrow when I shall have money on my credit card again to buy some more. My last pay has arrived and I have promptly distributed it to the most necessary places and am looking toward a future filled with frugality.

I am of course going to go out and have a last helping of eggs benedict to console myself today.
Which I shouldn't do.
But will.

Blossom-cat managed to get himself into strife this morning.  Woke to choking noises at the end of my bed.  He'd swallowed two or three feet of a 3 metre long ribbon and was starting to have issues.  Desperately trying to chew a piece off, which wasn't working, and just swallowing more.  An odd feeling helping pull it out.  Made me think of the endless string of hankies trick from the pocket of clowns and illusionists.  Except not.  Poor kitty.  Poor stoopid kitty.

 I shall now assume a guise of respectability and adjourn to the shops to look at stuff wistfully.

I promise I have been bathing these last few days of sloth, but the hair and teeth brushing have taken a bit of a dive.

Edit:  Dan Kelly has not updated his blog, but has updated his site.  It's not really working for me though.  He has replaced his quite fetching portrait with the list of words that are on his poster.  However, over half of the words are concealed/overshadowed by the blog.  So whilst it looks funky, it is irritating.   Perhaps that is just me?  I can be a little OCD sometimes, I think, ey?  It still looks nice.    

Edit Edit:  humble pie - i look at his site on my sister's puter with the nice flatscreen and the writing is all legible off to the side.  it's only mostly behind the blog frame cause i have clunky old monitor - which i won't say is crappy because my brother-in-law and sister lent it to me to use after the cats broked the LCD screen of my laptop and it is therefore fabulous - even though the cord was bent so long that if it isn't in just exactly the write position the colour goes nuts - its fabulous.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

During my time off so far ...

I have developed and deep and abiding loathing for "Escape from Scorpion Island"

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I am wearing my glasses for the first time (in my nieces and nephews company) in a while and my 8yr nephew has forgotten he has seen my glasses before.

He says they make me look like a geek and that I should never ever wear them.

I was whinging about my jeans not fitting last Sunday, cause I'd put on weight.  He said to buy more jeans.  I said these were already those jeans.  He said he is never going to get fat.  I told him that as you get older and have jobs where you sit about a lot, it gets a bit harder.  He said he was going to get a job that kept him active.

So he's decided he is going to be a professional basketball player.

la lala la

By golly - here I am again.
About nothing.

dum de dum de dum

If I were a more analytical person I could blog about watching the tennis.  Perhaps I'd even get a book deal out of  it.  Like that dude that wrote a book about reading all 20 volumes of the Oxford English Dictionary.

My phone isn't working.
I worry that it has been cut off on purpose.
But I paid the bill.
I know I paid the bill.
It was a day or two before it was due.

okay ... now i gotta go check my banking records just to be sure.

Maybe i paid money onto electricity or something by accident?  It's the kind of thing I'd do.  Though I have not done it before.

Edit:  Yep - I paid the bill.  Wonder whats up?  This will be why the overly keen man hasn't been able to get through to me on the phone.  Not upset about that.  Well ... I am upset that he was trying to ring, cause I'd said I would call him when I was ready.  I was firm.  I thought.  After he'd called the THIRD TIME in three days.  And I'm angry that he then chose to turn up at my house because he couldn't get through.  But I wasn't mean to him.  But probably I should have been.  Or at least blunt.  But I was so angry I was having to be careful what I said, which means I was probably too friendly.  Because I am just generally friendly.  ARGH!

Am alive - just watching tennis

I keep forgetting to put my glasses on *ouchie*.  My head hurts and my neck aches. All this television watching - I'm not fit for it   It disagrees with me.  The Hopman Cup has been most enjoyable so far anyway.

The lawnmowing guy knocked on my door yesterday to chat.  He has never done this before.  He apologised regarding his attempt to mow my water logged yard.  He complimented me on my eggplants. 

Here I was picturing general disapproval of my gardening efforts.  My neighbour doesn't really like plants and I think the landlord is more an expanse of grass kind of guy too.

The lawnmower guy likes cats.  He has three.  He has a russian blue he is very proud of.  Thinks him very smart.  If the door is left slightly ajar it will open it up the rest of the way itself.  He is into permaculture.

It is nice to think that I have a mower guy who is going to take care around the garden edges.

My grandmother used to try and have a garden bed down the sunny side of her house.  My Uncle Sidney used to just run over it with the tractor mower.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Just Awesome

I have no idea what this says, but this guy has the most awesome collection of pictures on his blog.


My Uncle Sidney told me about the Pirelli Calanders.  I can't remember how old I was and I don't know how we'd gotten onto the subject.  Maybe a documentary had been on television or something.  I bought him a book about the history of the calander one year.

Have no idea why, but today I started wondering what this years was like, so I googled.  Only found behind the scene type photos and it ain't doing much for me.  I liked it best when they were incorporating the tyre tread into the photos, but anyway - this lead to randomly googling for pirelli pictures and came across this one from 1995.  How funky is it :) 

I think the book I found for Uncle Sidney was only the first few years *shrug* can't really remember now, but this was one of the pictures I liked the best from it.

This was a later year - I may not be remembering right, but I think this one was taken by the first female photographer for the calander.

Edit:  also this is pretty out there :)

Oh the suffering - THE SUFFERING

Babysitting the nieces and nephews.  11 yr niece is making me watch youtube clips.  I feel I should share.  Wait this one out till the end.

There is a whole series.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Saturday I wake ...

It is as if the land surrounding my house has been transformed into some kind expensive canal riddled housing development for insects, set around a series of informal lakes.

 The Hopman Cup has started.  I've lost my tennis watching skills.  I am restless.  I am distracted.  I wander away from the television and wash a dish.  The Australian Girl is about to lose to Romania.

Actually I am more in the mood for cooking shows today.   A nice Global Village episode would be lovely.  A bit of scenery, a bit of cooking, some general knowledge.  sigh

Would somebody buy me a divan?