Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Not a nice surprise

I was a little shattered to hear that Anne McCaffery died 21 November last year.  My sister mentioned it yesterday when she saw me browsing through her copy of The White Dragon. She is one of a handful of writers that got me through my early years a relatively sane - ish person. I remember receiving one of her books on the birthday I spent in hospital. I had an excellent stay.  Napping and reading and napping and reading and watching a nun paint a big square pillar with scenes of Jack & Jill.

Whenever I was unhappy or struggling to go to sleep I would imagine myself on Pern.  Sometimes impressing a dragon.  Sometimes a fire lizard.  Sometimes just working in a hold weaving or something.  I could never really cast myself as someone working in a weir cause they all seemed so secure in themselves and confident and even in my fantasies I was never secure in myself or confident - lol

New photo challenge

Taking a photo of a niece on a swing, with my cheap camera from cash converters, is even harder than taking a self portrait of myself crossing my eyes.

I've been at the beach

Monday, April 23, 2012

I know I'm up late ...

because it's past 12 am and I am supposed to start work at 7:30, but have flicked onto a movie called "The Roly Poly Man" starring Paul Chubb and ITS AWESOME!!!!!

I am excessively grateful for who ever Danny Embling is, because I really really wanted to post a little taste of it - I particularly wanted to post the bit that starts at the above link ad 3:30 ish which makes me wish I hadn't stopped collecting all though little metal washer like thingies that used to go around the spikey things wot people used to use to keep paper work together on files before the plastic thingies were invented.  No one in the offices I worked in actually used them and I wanted to glue or weld them into ... something ... one day.  But it would have taken an aweful lot of them and I ended up chuckin' em.

And may I say I hate the new version of blogger?
Well, I am going to say it anyway.
Hate it.

p.s. and the line at about 8:50 made me laugh out loud too

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Flashback poem - Wassail - April 2011


Let us drink to absent friends we've never had
Indeed, I hold to my friends so lightly it is as if they were not there anyway
so perhaps let us drink to all people
and contemplate our place in the world
and then perhaps weep a little
because we can
and because we are drunk
and because there are a lot of people in the world
and therefore a lot to toast

and perhaps at the end we will be friends
swear to each other faith and loyality
forsworn and forgotten once the fumes have cleared
the night nothing but a headache and a blank ill remembered spot in our memory
and in the cold light we might say ...
out out damned spot
I can't believe I drank so much
I hope I didn't do anything embarrassing
where did that tattoo come from? 
(perhaps this would suffice for my contribution to the photo & text album - I am startled to see how long it has been since I have regularly inflicted new writ doggrel upon the general public unlucky enough to click on my blog.  Probably I should start again.  Originally I was only allowed to blog if it rhymed - in a bid to cut down the amount I was posting - now I am hardly posting at all, perhaps it can get me started again - lol )

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

well fuck.
I completely missed earth hour.
And I was so impressed by one of the ads I saw.

What the heck day was it anyway?

Work is kind of sucking. 

Four days off WOOT!I am going to clean and sort and weed and make my home beautiful for myself and then perhaps save up for a four hundred and something dollar fibreglass sheep (bugger the chest of drawers) to make myself feel beter.