Wednesday, April 4, 2012

well fuck.
I completely missed earth hour.
And I was so impressed by one of the ads I saw.

What the heck day was it anyway?

Work is kind of sucking. 

Four days off WOOT!I am going to clean and sort and weed and make my home beautiful for myself and then perhaps save up for a four hundred and something dollar fibreglass sheep (bugger the chest of drawers) to make myself feel beter.


  1. Indulge yourself to the max.

    And please, pretty please remove the stinking two word, word verification. Damn you blogger I can be a robot if I like.

  2. If you do buy the sheep, please post photos. Dressing it in an old pair of undies optional.

  3. Dressed in undies - Heck that sound like an exhibition!