Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I apologise

I have been in a stupid mindset of late and I don't have a letter "T" on my keyboard since I made a last minute grab at a cat as it lept on board in an attempt to reclaim my attention from the little screen.  Typing with a t is an exercise in determination at present, which is a state/forte/emotion? I am somewhat lacking.

I have a stupid amount of cats and they have been boarded at my sisters for the last couple of mouths whilst my landlord has been doing work around the flat.

My rent increase notification arrived today and I am not sure I can actually afford it and am therefore swamped with depressed thoughts about homeless bagladydom or having most of my pets put down and begging room and rest for one or two at relatives probably over-stretched tolerance.

Am rather wishing I had not decreed November to be no alcohol month and indeed am very close to chucking the whole idea out on its ear.  What was I thinking?

Well I know what I was thinking.  I was thinking I might manage to stay under 90 kilos with clothes &  shoes on, perhaps even in the afternoon and due to have my period.  Two whole days of the scales saying 89.6 or 7 got me feeling all ambitious.

7:30 1/11/12:  feeling less hysterical about the whole thing this morning, though will definately need to make economies and be disciplined and planned about everything I do come next year.  The emergency fund is more necessary now, that's all and the wall-phone is sadly going to have to go..