Saturday, November 24, 2012

Friday night

Tried not to be early. 
Drifted in about 7.30 ish. 
By time first support "Drawn by Bees" played there were some where between  50 to 80 people there, maybe?
They were lovely and if I wasn't broke I'd have bought their cd too, though there was just a little too much whistling in a row for me.  The harmonies were lovely and the main singers hair very straight and yet somehow also sort of fluffy.

Mr Noga was delightful as ever (and funny and gorgeous and wonderful) and I wish he'd stop walking past me unexpectedly.  I nearly fell over this time.  I probably looked like I was staggering drunk or something and I was unfairly sober.  I only had two drinks at the start of the evening and they weren't particularly alcoholic.  The venue was selling drink tokens.  3 for $10!!!! which is just enough tokens for a glass of wine or a corona - damnit.  And if you want to buy just one token, they charged $4.  All I ask is just a slight forewarning so I can try and suck some of my stomach in.  Is that too much to ask?

By the time Mr Perkins came on the crowd had built to maybe 200ish maybe a bit more.

I was completely and utterly convinced Mr Perkins would only have a couple of the band with him and was beside myself with delight to see they were all there.  sigh Joel Silbersher gibber gibber gibber and I may be just a bit in love with Mr Owens now too.  Is there a limit to the number of musicians one is allowed to be devoted too?  Am I becoming just a little indiscriminate?

People were starting to drift away about half way through their set.  Lots of mature aged fans there and some large hairy tattooed individuals who were hanging out for Beast of Bourbon songs.  Lady with big blonde hair and white linen trousers dancing in airy arm sinuous waves.  Husband in fifties dragging shy wife up front of the band to dance, who would only stand behind the speakers where she wasn't so visible.  Men dancing! In manly ways.  Other men not the clapping or dancing type standing at the back of the room with intermitant trips to the bar.  Tried to talk the security guard into letting them go upstairs, which was chained off.  They didn't seem to want to stand near the other people
attending.  Some very odd men who would just wander about, stand somewhere for a bit,
and than wander about again?  Woman discretely invades stage and dance about next to Mr Perkins. Joel Silbersher has the cutist pout when he is playing.  Thought I heard some snap and crackle towards the end from a piece of equipment that I couldn't actually see, but perhaps I imagined it.  Think crowd numbers were down to the 150ish mark by end of evening. However, that is their loss.  It was great night and Mr Perkins was very funny.  I hope someone posts footage of his interpretive airy arm waving dancing.  Or at least the buttock grab.

The establishment gave away two tickets to everybody there for Jeff Martin next week.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I apologise

I have been in a stupid mindset of late and I don't have a letter "T" on my keyboard since I made a last minute grab at a cat as it lept on board in an attempt to reclaim my attention from the little screen.  Typing with a t is an exercise in determination at present, which is a state/forte/emotion? I am somewhat lacking.

I have a stupid amount of cats and they have been boarded at my sisters for the last couple of mouths whilst my landlord has been doing work around the flat.

My rent increase notification arrived today and I am not sure I can actually afford it and am therefore swamped with depressed thoughts about homeless bagladydom or having most of my pets put down and begging room and rest for one or two at relatives probably over-stretched tolerance.

Am rather wishing I had not decreed November to be no alcohol month and indeed am very close to chucking the whole idea out on its ear.  What was I thinking?

Well I know what I was thinking.  I was thinking I might manage to stay under 90 kilos with clothes &  shoes on, perhaps even in the afternoon and due to have my period.  Two whole days of the scales saying 89.6 or 7 got me feeling all ambitious.

7:30 1/11/12:  feeling less hysterical about the whole thing this morning, though will definately need to make economies and be disciplined and planned about everything I do come next year.  The emergency fund is more necessary now, that's all and the wall-phone is sadly going to have to go..

Thursday, August 23, 2012

too much information?

Now that I am a larger person than I was, when I am on the toilet and can't actually see the toilet I am sitting on - just my legs and the shirt that I am wearing - I get disorientated and its like my brain doesn't really believe the toilet is there.  It try's to tell me that actually I am pissing on the floor.  However, I know this isn't true, but the brain is adamant and I come over a bit dizzy, kind of.

Not really dizzy, but a bit, sort of.  Like those days when I am walking about and feel taller than usual for no reason at all.

I hope other people have days when they feel taller.  It's sort of pleasant.
Happily I never have days when I feel shorter.
I wouldn't like that at all.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Well, a sleepless night prior to the rental inspection and the creeping, sneaking cough kicked in and I am feverish and spluttering.  I have discovered there is a good reason I have never seen someone spit from a motorcycle.  A coughing fit on the scooter resulted in a mouth full of phlem and  it seemed like a good idea at the time.  I used my coat sleeve to whip it off my cheek and chin and neck and helmet and helmet strap and all the other many and various places it ended up on me.

My landlord is still lurking, my rental agents were unimpressed with me, but are at least over and my house is slightly clearer than it was.

I have found some DVD's of the old "The Saint" television series starring Roger Moore, but haven't watched them much yet as if I have been home I have been asleep or compulsively measuring my temperature and mainlining vitamin C.

I'd quite like to go to Tex Perkins Johnny Cash show, but I may still be to ill to manage it after work, sigh.  Thems-the-breaks, ey?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


oh she-ite
i think he went inside
the back doors bolt was drawn
and i can not imagine forgetting to bolt it, because i don't trust the back door to stay closed without it

I had not cleaned yet
I used up all the space in the bin with the newspapers i was storing in the carport

I am so not in the right headspace to be having to be getting up at 5 am for the first time in two years and donning the hated blue blouse.

Did I say I have a job?
It's a part time job - 25 hours a week.
I have been fantasising about a part-time job for months.  I have so wanted to be retired.  A part-time job is ideal and so hard to get.  The lady in charge is apparently blunt and inclined to tell you if you are not doing things right - HOW FANTASTIC!  I feel slightly less stressed knowing that I will be  being monitored.  The last permanent job I had (which I really liked and wish the office hand not gone nuts - it was about the perfect job, darn it) the training was slight and worrying.  I winced thinking about the work I had done three months later when I felt I knew a bit more about what I was doing.


I wonder if my landlord is really not going to turn up again until Friday, since originally he wasn't supposed to be back until next week?

Well I won't be here cause I am working, so there.
it is so not much of a nah situation
they are not supposed to come inside unless arrange and notice given, but I am a messy pig/slob and therefore not in a position of high ground
the cats aren't really the issue - my slobbery is really the issue

I am so not going to sleep tonight.  I bundled my Blossom and my Wooliff up and tucked them away in their cage at my sisters.  My poor babies.  It is so cold at the moment.  Poor me.  It is so cold at the moment.  My hands were shaking during the whole process and I am still on the verge of crying.  I feel very emotionally imbalanced without my sweeties.

And I can't seem to stop saying 'Sweetie' since the last repeat of Doctor Who
Stephen Moffat has a lot to answer for


My landlord dropped by this week to advise he wants to paint the outside of the house and can I clear out the garage and get rid of the rubbish so that he can get to the walls.  Said I would have it cleared up by the weekend.  (I had been hoping to get a skip in to get rid of some of the larger objects, like the television that doesn't work and the single bed frame I don't want anymore and what I don't think is good enough for the charity shops, but I ran out of money, d'oh).

He dropped by this morning to start stripping the paint off some of the boards!!  My brother-in-law isn't coming by until tomorrow and I haven't cleaned up the house yet or smuggled out my excess cats or cleaned the litter trays yet cause there wasn't any room in the bin after I got rid of all the old newspapers I've been hoping to use in the garden if I ever had enough money to get a load of soil dropped off!!!!!!

Have tidied a bit and closed some windows and fled the scene in the hope he won't come inside if I am not there - worried he might need to use the toilet or something.  Having to rely on my cats hiding because there is a strange man outside, but can't guarantee they will.

Was expecting to have tomorrow to deal with stuff, but am starting work at 7 am at my new job, that I thought I had stuffed the interview for yesterday!!!

But it is part-time so I will have the afternoon free.  Landlord said he would do a bit today and then come back Friday.

I feel a bit sick with stress, but will get Blossom and Wooliff out tonight.  My poor babies.  They have been cuddled up to me like sticky-burrs at night cause its so cold.

He has advised he needs to put up the rent and was checking if I had rental assistance (as I mentioned I was between jobs at the moment when he came by Monday) but have assured him I am not usually out of work for long and that it was fine to raise it.

He is a very nice man - but I am a slob and a pig - and certainly only a good tenant in the sense that I don't break anything and pay my rent on time, preferably ahead of time, and don't have domestics and punch holes in walls.


Friday, July 27, 2012


I don't know why, but this song has been teasing around the edges of my mind all week.
I never actually heard the full song before.  It was only a snippet on the radio.
So, today whilst at my sister-in-law's house scouring the job ads I thought to google it.
It's really rather sweet.

You Put Your Arms Around Me - Jens Lekman

It has much improved my mood :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Well ... things are very different at the Centrelink office too.

Had my phone interview yesterday morning and was booked in at the Government Job Search Agency that afternoon.  I get to sign lots of documents.  And apparently after I get a job I have to forward them copies of my payslips for months?!?

She wasn't actually all that bad, it was just the gentle patronising tone that irritated me, and the lock of astonishment when I said I was 40.  I wonder how old she had thought I was?  She was rather giving me the impression I did not know how to tie up shoe-laces.

Attended Centrelink this morning and normally one arrives; ones name is taken; and one is told to sit down and wait until ones name is called.

Not now.  Now they have to make an appointment for me to come back because they only have a limited number of staff able to approve claims.  I've never had that happen before.  There was a line out the door and nearly around the corner of the building.  How many staff have they lost?  The poor cookies.


11:38 am Centrelink dude was nice, but the place looks like a desert.  They just need a few tumbleweeds.  Another lineup out the door.  Stacks of other people waiting for their appointment, being subject to one of the morning shows whilst they wait.  That vacuum cleaner is starting to look very tempting to me.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Blogger hates me at present, but I have not an appropriate level of interest to enable me to investigate why.

Have been spending obscene lengths of time in bed when I should be doing things.  Starting from tomorrow will beat myself with baseball bat (or should that be cricket bat since I am Australian?) to make myself move.

It's not exactly depression, just an overwhelming desire to retreat from the world.

That movie, the name of which I cannot remember at present by that guy from Talking Heads, whose name I also cannot currently remember, but wot had that guy who played the husband of Rosanne Barr in her television series, whose name I also cannot remember but was perhaps John something, in it and that featured a rich female character, whose name I do not remember, who had not left her bed for years, has been somewhat on my mind of late as rather a desirable idea.

Except her bedroom was all very pastel and frilly and not a place I would want to spend years in.

Ha!  David Byrne

A lovely movie.  Very scenic.  Lots of flat expanses with big horizons and pictures of doors.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Okay, so I lied

Not shortly, but within a month, ey?

Temp job has finished.  I called centrelink to make an intent to claim.  Telephone interview not until 16th of July!!!  That's two weeks away.  It can be up to 14 days after that for the first payment to come through.  I was not expecting it.  This means many weeks rent to pay out of last pay.

And I thought I had been so organised.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I will post soon.

The trainee wot I am fond of is moving in a couple of weeks.
And the other temp wot I am fond of is finishing next friday, sadly when she thought she was listted against the other permanent staff wot is on maternity leave till next May and thus a nasty surlprise and I am snookered as to h-wh-hat I shall do for their respective last days.

The trainee is awesome and pierced and tatooed and tall and lovely.
And the other temp is pierced and cool and fab and has awesome hair and I wish both of themwould be with me for ages. 

I am contemplating working on a little cartoon of trainee telling someone on the phone to have a good day, whilst simultationously contemplating how much she woudl like to come around and punch them, which is one of the opinons she voices so often ... that the persons calling in should be punched.

And the temp ... I have offered to make her bacon and onion dip.  I can't help but feel like I am short changing someone.  But which one?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Not a nice surprise

I was a little shattered to hear that Anne McCaffery died 21 November last year.  My sister mentioned it yesterday when she saw me browsing through her copy of The White Dragon. She is one of a handful of writers that got me through my early years a relatively sane - ish person. I remember receiving one of her books on the birthday I spent in hospital. I had an excellent stay.  Napping and reading and napping and reading and watching a nun paint a big square pillar with scenes of Jack & Jill.

Whenever I was unhappy or struggling to go to sleep I would imagine myself on Pern.  Sometimes impressing a dragon.  Sometimes a fire lizard.  Sometimes just working in a hold weaving or something.  I could never really cast myself as someone working in a weir cause they all seemed so secure in themselves and confident and even in my fantasies I was never secure in myself or confident - lol

New photo challenge

Taking a photo of a niece on a swing, with my cheap camera from cash converters, is even harder than taking a self portrait of myself crossing my eyes.

I've been at the beach

Monday, April 23, 2012

I know I'm up late ...

because it's past 12 am and I am supposed to start work at 7:30, but have flicked onto a movie called "The Roly Poly Man" starring Paul Chubb and ITS AWESOME!!!!!

I am excessively grateful for who ever Danny Embling is, because I really really wanted to post a little taste of it - I particularly wanted to post the bit that starts at the above link ad 3:30 ish which makes me wish I hadn't stopped collecting all though little metal washer like thingies that used to go around the spikey things wot people used to use to keep paper work together on files before the plastic thingies were invented.  No one in the offices I worked in actually used them and I wanted to glue or weld them into ... something ... one day.  But it would have taken an aweful lot of them and I ended up chuckin' em.

And may I say I hate the new version of blogger?
Well, I am going to say it anyway.
Hate it.

p.s. and the line at about 8:50 made me laugh out loud too

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Flashback poem - Wassail - April 2011


Let us drink to absent friends we've never had
Indeed, I hold to my friends so lightly it is as if they were not there anyway
so perhaps let us drink to all people
and contemplate our place in the world
and then perhaps weep a little
because we can
and because we are drunk
and because there are a lot of people in the world
and therefore a lot to toast

and perhaps at the end we will be friends
swear to each other faith and loyality
forsworn and forgotten once the fumes have cleared
the night nothing but a headache and a blank ill remembered spot in our memory
and in the cold light we might say ...
out out damned spot
I can't believe I drank so much
I hope I didn't do anything embarrassing
where did that tattoo come from? 
(perhaps this would suffice for my contribution to the photo & text album - I am startled to see how long it has been since I have regularly inflicted new writ doggrel upon the general public unlucky enough to click on my blog.  Probably I should start again.  Originally I was only allowed to blog if it rhymed - in a bid to cut down the amount I was posting - now I am hardly posting at all, perhaps it can get me started again - lol )

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

well fuck.
I completely missed earth hour.
And I was so impressed by one of the ads I saw.

What the heck day was it anyway?

Work is kind of sucking. 

Four days off WOOT!I am going to clean and sort and weed and make my home beautiful for myself and then perhaps save up for a four hundred and something dollar fibreglass sheep (bugger the chest of drawers) to make myself feel beter.

Saturday, March 31, 2012


I saw these on one of those daytime television shows and just had to share

The insert is sewn into the panty - your protection is always secure! Learn more about how these panties work to keep you confident, comfortable and smooth in tight situations. You will feel safe and secure knowing you aren't "that girl" everyone is laughing at behind your back. 

Wooly baa-lamb and prince among men

Am wattching Wodehouse Playhouse DVD one and may take to calling people wooly baa-lambs and tallyho

Eldest has asked for an entry for the yearly family photo album and suggested I contribute something as there is a scarcity of photographs of my expanding self (she didn't say expanding) and suggested that this year we should all contribute a little written update or piece of something.  So I suggested I could submit a poem.

Am currently perusing my past efforts and considering submitting a sketch with them.

First lazy effort below.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


oh god oh god oh god
it was like a mini orgasim in an envelope!!!!!

my delightful and talented and wonderful friend sticky-nikkkkkiiiiii (and I am not just saying that because she gave me his WONDERFUL thing for FREEEEEEE) sent me a print of the picture that I soooo lusted for!!!! (probably this is an unstable amount of exclaimation marks and the internet might explode or something?)

I can't wait until the eldest gets to see it :)  I am sure she will try and steal it.
she should be so lucky

I did, in fact see the eldest today with my obscenely delightful two and a bit year old niece.  I love her sentences.  Collecting herbs in the yard and telling me she had money.  Her cousin Dukey trying to pretend she was saying 'mummy' so that he could get her to go back inside and he could go back to his computer game and her saying "no dukey, I don't want to go back to mummy, I want to see the chickens!" (and heck, the chickens are great) .  She is a two year old with definate ideas and I have been enjoying the reading-out-loud a little too much.  In fact, I have been reading out loud to myself in the evenings sometimes.

OH OH OHO OHO and I saw a set of Wodehouse Collection with Pauline Collins like wot (actually not like - actually actually) that I used to watch when I was little .... but I can't remember what shop it was??!?

So this weekend I shall have to try and replicate everything I did two weeks ago (cause I think I forgot I saw it last weekend, but perhaps it was last weekend and I just don't remember that it was last weekend instead of the last last weekend??)

(oh and dan kelly updated his blog, BUT NOT ENOUGH!!!! so I ain't going to link *pouts*)

Monday, March 26, 2012

oh shit i hope dr who hasn't started yet

So ... a change of government.

it does however mean that I may be unemployed again very soon, since I am a mere temp and that is usually one of the first things that is cut (although not for very long - couple months down the track we all come back - such number fakery - although not necessarily the same people)

which is a pity cause I saw this gorgeous dressing table at a second hand store on saturday which I would adore to own - along with the indian glory box which was the size of a dining room table - so awesome.  I wished I'd had camera with me.  They will probably be sold by the I get back there next week - even though getting back there next week will make no difference because I really shouldn't be buying stuff.  I should be culling so that all my belongings fit into one suitcase.

Apart from the cats, of course.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Flashback poem - 12-02-09

*sniff* I have a cold and am feeling somewhat miserable
so I figure it is time for a flashback to a past poetic effort

i wander merry and merrily on my way
i am quite happy today

the sun is shining
i'm feeling mellow
though the swell of my belly over band does billow

soft squishy
cushiony me
today it does not displease

i poke myself
and watch it jiggle
a belly so round and present and ample

i feed my face
a vegaterian open grill
and i am contented and full

the birds sing and crickets chirp
and my cats are all fat, fluffy and inert

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

hum ... i should have known there was something up when my old cat voluntarily came in for the night, but instead i enjoyed snuggles in blissful ignorance.  Twas not till I turned on the news in substitute of a wall clock that I found out there had been a storm.  Thus I flung on clothes willy-nilly and puttered into work a bit early.

I have heard some good stories, but sadly cannot repeat them due to privacy reasons, etc, etc, etc. 

Rooves off.  Bits flying about.

I had a pot plant fall over.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Crumpled sheets

Am loving Laura Marlings "All my rage".
Caught it on rage the other night.
Might have to go buy her album.

Have been making my old cat come in of a night, a'cause the rain is so heavy.  He screams like a banshee when he sees the other cats, but is settling on the bed without too much trauma, apart from low level growls which last till he falls asleep.  He stayed in for most of today.  Cuddled up over my arm like he used to, but more bad tempered about it when I move.  Saber rattling and a lite bite.  He never bites down, just puts his teeth against ones skin. 
The noise so loud.
The action so quick.
Makes ya jump unless you know he never breaks skin. 
Sometimes even when you do know.

Was going to spring clean and sort stuff in preparation of chucking some out, but it has rained all day, so I stayed in bed and slept instead.   It's snuggling in bed kind of weather.

I dyed my Guiness green for St Patricks day.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

the rain is a fitting soundtrack and has shadowed me all day

mother rang to tell me one of the children of a friend of their's
whom I used to play with and keep entertained on visits
committed suicide last year

i wish i could remember what he looked like
i only remember he was a very nice little boy
he was only nine or ten when i met him
it will probably come to me tonight in my dreams

they only just found out
the parents haven't been able to speak about it until recently

also one of my cousins is apparently deceased
i've met him on and off since i was small

she doesn't know how or why yet
she has been girding her loins to call one of her sisters
to find out what happened

she knows me well
she asked if i were sitting down first

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Surprisingly difficult

i never really thought about it before, but of course its obvious when you do
it is very difficult to take a flash photo of yourself crossing your eyes

i think i should invest in a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle for the next time i am home alone and bored

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Not dead - just sleeping

sleeping so sound he didn't even wake up when I took his photo 

Mary Mary quite contrary

what is it about baskets of clean clothes that cats just can't resist?

oh look, a kitty!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Of course and then there is the other cat

Some of my other cats have quite strong views about photography.

Some have stardom thrust upon them

 So since I did the Blossom post, Woolliff has been posing around the yellow bucket/basket-thingy quite shamelessly.

Camera?  What camera?

Excuse me whilst I extend my long legs
and then slowly lick my toes
- I have always been very flexible

Hello there.  How you doin'

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A star is born

Oh yeah - right there - that itchy spot
*click* huh ... wtf?!?
delete that photo

was not invite to take close-up
why she do this to me?  I is good kitty

this camera finger?
perhaps result of some kind trauma from childhood?
hum ... tell me about your mother

this what i think of photo skills
oh god NO

you will pay for this

Friday, February 17, 2012

Oh my

well ... now that i am working again, all-be-it only temporarily, the prospect of perhaps flying south to listen to bands play raises its tempting head again.

I shall have to trawl to see if anybody i love is playing in the next few months.

For it will only be the next few months that I could possibly do it, as the temp job finishes 29 June (though of course potentially sooner if they suddenly decide to get rid of all the temps or potentially longer if they think i am good and they still need me).

It is a maintenance call centre and so far not unpleasant.  Not busy this week, which is both good and bad. Time to settle in, but one learns quicker with more variety.  First pay isn't until Wednesday or Thursday and I am champing at the bit and living on tuna in white sauce with rice for the foreseeable future.

And porridge.

Probably mostly porridge.
Not sure if I'll cope with porridge for the next five days.
Particularly if I have to resort to the powdered milk with it.

Borrowed money from the eldest which I am vastly looking back to paying back next week.  And sister, who has also been very kind to me.  And thinking obsessively about all the things I want to buy and trying to mentally brake myself at the sametime.

but i NEED an ironingboard and a carpet shampooer and cupboards and chests of drawers and large wall hanging mirrors to remind myself to iron and brush my hair and tidy the darn room they are reflecting.

I decided that one of the deciding factors in my decline into true boom-site-ed-ness was the lack of mirrors. Have not had mirrors around for decades. Need perspective.  Plus I've seen a nice big one with a lovely frame at a second hand store :)  wantz wantz wantz

but am going to be terribly strict on the saving side of things as well, since I have become better at surviving on what is essentially less than half pay.  $600 a fortnight I can't cope with, but $700 or $800 a fortnight I think I could do.

Niece and nephews birthdays coming up too. Gotta makeup for Christmas.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012


temp job starting monday
goes till 29 June
just in time for me to save up for my rego
plus all my underwear appears to be falling a part at once

am making up a shopping list
my head is all full of iwantz

I will miss watching my cats snooze but

Monday, February 6, 2012

We could have each other with cream

Blossom with his cuddle on

Wombat trying to stop me answering potential offers of employment

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bummer dude

hum, well ... they said they would call this week to let people know who had the job, so i figure i ain't got it - not that i was really expecting to get a call - the interview didn't start out well for me

the lady interviewing started off sternly with the result in the testing and then said i was lucky to get an interview - which rattled me (i didn't do good on the literacy test - as previously mentioned i went back over it after i'd finished and screwed it up second-guessing myself - doh - but i had done very well at the actual typing of the court proceedings - in fact i had the impression i'd actually done the best at the actual court typing out of all the applicants)

so i think i screwed it up again after that

not to mention i can't seem to stop myself getting a bit watery-eyed when the subject of my last job comes up - instant stress reaction, though i don't actually burst into tears - i wore my glasses during the interview this time to try and cover it up, but they aren't tinted, so not sure how effective a cover it is

obviously it is going to take a bit longer for my abraided nerves to get a grip on themselves
its tough being a chicken weiner nancy girl

my previous boss - the nice one who left before i did - rang to say he might have something coming up in the next couple of weeks, so i have my fingers crossed

he looked so happy and stressfree the last time i saw him

anyway, so i've kind of taken the last week off from looking for work whilst i was waiting to hear back from the court job

paid the last of my bills this fortnight so only had enough money for one meal a day for myself - eating lots of rice - lol

quite a few jobs advertised so back on the applicant wheel again tomorrow or monday

the cats continue happy and well-fed and pleased to have me at home

Wooliff-cat insisting I should pay attention to him again

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I love dictionaries and spellcheck


I knew I should have studied before I went in for the transcribing test.  If I finish with enough time to check my work, I always start second guessing myself and thinking everything looks wrong.  I have just looked up some of the words I typed and realise that I had spelt them right originally, and then corrected it into something very wrong - and do you think I could remember how to spell illicit and renown?  No.  I had illicit right originally, but it looked wrong so I went with ellicit - I am such a doofus.

We were not allowed to use spell check.

And I ended up going with renouned instead of renown, even though I knew it was wrong - renown just wouldn't come for me at all.  I don't think I've even read that word in a long time.

I tried not to mutter (cursing my ignorance) as I typed, but I believe I couldn't stop myself giving the occasional 'oh what the heck' shrug.

Renown is not a word I would have expected in a court session, so study would have been redundant in that case anyway.

As will no doubt be plain from my blog,  punctuation, grammar and spelling are not my strong points.  I've also read a few too many things written with the intention of emphasising pronunciation and very nearly accidentally typed 'carn't' instead of 'can't'.

Still ... I had a nice time, which is not something one can say about testing for jobs usually, and I have other prospects, but this would have been an interesting job.  I can only hope that I get some of the audio-typing correct that the others did not.

Never mind.  If I get the job I interviewed for yesterday I will be driving an estimator around in a hummer and following him about at job sites taking notes, which would be fun too.

And if I don't get either of them, the nice manager from my last place of employment who left a month or so before me, said he might have something coming up soon.  It's nice to be wanted :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

stopping by

Have been sleeping in till 8:30 or 9 ish of late, which leads to some confusion when my mobile phone rings because I initially fumble blearily to hit the snooze button on the alarm only to be faced with prospective employers wanting to make appointments.

Have been playing repetitive clicking computer games and knitting to pass the time, which I wish would pass faster between payment days, as all the money is spent within a couple of hours on bills and food and the rest is twiddling my fingers for a fortnight contemplating my boredom. 

Only boring people are bored. 
Fair enough - I have never claimed to be otherwise.
There are lots of things I could do, but ... phfft.
Probably I should try and stimpulate the little grey cells a little more.  Perhaps I should try and re-write "The Slant" (a song by Glenn Richards) to be about a duck.
Or something.

oh well.  Interview at midday today.  Pre-testing for another tomorrow.
Sort of interested in the one tomorrow.  Is typing up court transcripts from recordings.  Potentially interesting and possibly even horrific on occasions.  Make one grateful for what one has.

The cats are still delighted by my daily company, as I am with theirs.  I am less delighted with daytime television and my cheap crappy dvd player which has decided to cease working.  Which is a pity cause it is also all I have to play cds on and have just re-found the Decemberists Crane Wife album which I have been looking for off and on for the past six months.  I knew it was here somewhere.

I swear ... next regular paid work I get, I am getting a skip and ruthlessly decluttering myself.  I want open floor space and cupboards, damnit!  and one of those kitty play towers covered in carpet, and some mirrors around the place to remind me what I look like so that I will exercise a bit.  One tiny little medicine cabinet mirror that I can only see into if I stand on the stairs does not provide sufficient motivation.

And the books - I can feel another purge on the way. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

move along people - nothing to see here

oh ah ... I am  begging my cats forgiveness for my slackness concerning their kitty litter whilst at same time cursing them ( or in this case her ) for leaping up onto my little notebookieishcomputerthingy when I was amidst online testing for a recruitment company, causing me to grab and chuck in a precipitice (sp?) manner, and thus her claw which had delicately and lightly landed and latched, snicked and lifted the letter "t" away, making my blogging life just that little bit more difficult, which indeed has nothing to do with my slack poopyscoping - i merely lack the will

my scooter blew a fuse at an inconvenient moment this week and I spent too much in that first initial first flush of money and now I am screwed, fuse or no - I really don't want to beg money from my mother, but may yet need to

my oldest and best beloved cat vomits if he is fed anything other than fancyfeast which is distributed in tiny little cans at a dollarish a pop which at twice a day, fourteen days, comes to twenty-eight dollars - if I am lucky

indeed the four yorkshireman sketch is close to my thoughts as I attempt to work out my fortnighly budget - pffft!

really I can't  help but thing I should just blow the whole thing and just buy champagne instead

I almost wish I smoked so that I could futilely puff away a weeks worth of food in an hour via a long cigarette holder

but would you not be offended if someone said I don't thing you'll have a problem fitting in, I think it is more of an issue of you focussing on the work - after pointed and laboured questions like, have you ever worked in an open plan office before?

apparently I talked too much at the interview, but isn't one supposed to talk at an interview?  Particularly if the person doing the interview doesn't actually ask you any questions?  What was I supposed to do?  I think it is because I've turned forty.  I am less nice than I used to be.  I wouldn't normally take offence, but in my last job I was working six and seven day weeks unpaid and ten hour days and even when I came back to work casual, after having resigned, had to point out to the person replacing me that it doesn't really work when updating the database if the person has written the wrong month down and hadn't she noticed?  because it doesn't really work if it is only september and you are dating stuff off as having been done in November.

still ... that is all behind me now and I need to get a grip (but still it seems like a very rude thing to say at an interview - it was just ordinary chitchat for heavensake - the ol' I like to be busy and daytime television is aweful - Xena is my high point of the day blah blah blah).

(I promise not to mention Xena at an interview ever again - cross my heart)
(fuck me, what would have happened if I'd mentione Dr Phil?!)

Friday, January 6, 2012

hum ... truth?

my truth is a blazing red glowing sunburnt nose in a blotchy sweaty face with bleached brassy, strawberry blonde is such a flattering description for what it is, hair on a bloated body connected by a wobbly piece of flesh that used to be a neck (and it was rather a nice neck even if I do say so myself) slumped in a cheap multiple-hand chair watching the new TV version of Sherlock homes over and over again with the commentary on because I rather enjoy listening to intelligent interesting people talking about non serious things without the burden of having to try and participate whilst wiling away the time before Dr who starts and contemplating the six weeks it will be before I have any money to actually do anything with because of bills and accidentally becoming behind in my rent, actually it is down to four and a half weeks now, and in betwixt re-reading all the bill bryson, terry pratchett and tom Holt books i currently own and kicking myself for not getting up and cleaning my flat which desperately needs it but it is just too damned hot and humid to even seriously contemplate and i don't enjoy cleaning anyway, although a clean house is nice, it does still rather make me feel more exposed.

it reminds me of a passage in a lois mcmaster bujold book where the hero is describing his decent into alcohol fuelled oblivion and that it is not pleasant but is a very good method for repelling company

but then said character's son upon his hung over reflections of his own  alcohol fuelled blotting out of a disaster remarks that a life in ruins with vomiting is still a life in ruins

which brings up the subject of alcohol and it is nearly four o'clock and surely four o'clock is not too early?

Tomorrow I shall be harsh with myself
I shall  make myself move
even if it does mean sweat pimples and rashes where my thighs rub together
I shall scrub the bathroom floor with my scrubbing brush on a stick
and the kitchen floor shall be mopped to within an a quarter inch of its life

(spell-check insists that Sherlock should have a capital S, but holds no opinion regarding holmes - lol)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

This one time ...

The ever delightful Dan Kelly is back and blogging - a bit - sort of - well one anyway - from beginning of December wot I didn't know about cause I have been slack with checking sites and it has been ages since he wrote anything anyway and I've been distracted - not that this one is earthshaking or anything, but it is still nice to hear there are new songs being writ, and it made me think of they time in Sydney when we rented a house but didn't have a lawnmower and the guy we hired would only come when we called and not just regular every fortnight like I wanted and one time I went out to the front yard started cutting it with scissors instead cause I'd heard a third or perhaps multiple hand story about someone who had Asian neighbors who used to always cut their lawn with scissors, which I think is probably bollocks.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello 2012

scootering along the road to my sisters this morning
i see what looks like a blown truck tyre or something
strips of mangled looking rubber
realise after i pass that it was actually a small flock of black cockatoos grazing on the grass beside the pathway (8 to 10 ish)

and do we not really just see what we expect to see?
and sight more in the brain than the eyes

cannot help but think this may indicate i am not be in the best frame of mind at this start of a new year