Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bummer dude

hum, well ... they said they would call this week to let people know who had the job, so i figure i ain't got it - not that i was really expecting to get a call - the interview didn't start out well for me

the lady interviewing started off sternly with the result in the testing and then said i was lucky to get an interview - which rattled me (i didn't do good on the literacy test - as previously mentioned i went back over it after i'd finished and screwed it up second-guessing myself - doh - but i had done very well at the actual typing of the court proceedings - in fact i had the impression i'd actually done the best at the actual court typing out of all the applicants)

so i think i screwed it up again after that

not to mention i can't seem to stop myself getting a bit watery-eyed when the subject of my last job comes up - instant stress reaction, though i don't actually burst into tears - i wore my glasses during the interview this time to try and cover it up, but they aren't tinted, so not sure how effective a cover it is

obviously it is going to take a bit longer for my abraided nerves to get a grip on themselves
its tough being a chicken weiner nancy girl

my previous boss - the nice one who left before i did - rang to say he might have something coming up in the next couple of weeks, so i have my fingers crossed

he looked so happy and stressfree the last time i saw him

anyway, so i've kind of taken the last week off from looking for work whilst i was waiting to hear back from the court job

paid the last of my bills this fortnight so only had enough money for one meal a day for myself - eating lots of rice - lol

quite a few jobs advertised so back on the applicant wheel again tomorrow or monday

the cats continue happy and well-fed and pleased to have me at home

Wooliff-cat insisting I should pay attention to him again


  1. Sending good luck wishes your way. If your cats are anything like ours no-name cat food just isn't good enough. And rice gets boring v quickly.

    1. Actually I am finding the rice good. I am feeling surprisingly well for my diet. Perhaps it is just because I am not eating all the things I shouldn't?

      I am having more problems coping with Blossom-cat insisting on sleeping on my feet where'vr I am in the house - in 30 plus degree heat (we won't mention the humidity), it is just too much - but I can't kick him off because he is soo cute and sweet.

      This blog may end up just being lots and lots of pictures of my cats.

  2. Nice to see that the recession we have here in the U.S. hasn't touched your country as hard.

    Good luck on finding something new.

    And pictures of cats are always kewl.

    1. kewl - cause pictures of cats is all I got - lol

      I'd really rather be retired with a squillion dollars - lotto ticket time again next week - 20 million jackpot