Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I love dictionaries and spellcheck


I knew I should have studied before I went in for the transcribing test.  If I finish with enough time to check my work, I always start second guessing myself and thinking everything looks wrong.  I have just looked up some of the words I typed and realise that I had spelt them right originally, and then corrected it into something very wrong - and do you think I could remember how to spell illicit and renown?  No.  I had illicit right originally, but it looked wrong so I went with ellicit - I am such a doofus.

We were not allowed to use spell check.

And I ended up going with renouned instead of renown, even though I knew it was wrong - renown just wouldn't come for me at all.  I don't think I've even read that word in a long time.

I tried not to mutter (cursing my ignorance) as I typed, but I believe I couldn't stop myself giving the occasional 'oh what the heck' shrug.

Renown is not a word I would have expected in a court session, so study would have been redundant in that case anyway.

As will no doubt be plain from my blog,  punctuation, grammar and spelling are not my strong points.  I've also read a few too many things written with the intention of emphasising pronunciation and very nearly accidentally typed 'carn't' instead of 'can't'.

Still ... I had a nice time, which is not something one can say about testing for jobs usually, and I have other prospects, but this would have been an interesting job.  I can only hope that I get some of the audio-typing correct that the others did not.

Never mind.  If I get the job I interviewed for yesterday I will be driving an estimator around in a hummer and following him about at job sites taking notes, which would be fun too.

And if I don't get either of them, the nice manager from my last place of employment who left a month or so before me, said he might have something coming up soon.  It's nice to be wanted :)


  1. And with that many irons in the fire they will ALL come up trumps and you will have to choose which one is best. And then second guess that choice. And third guess it too.

    Good luck.

  2. Hopefully somehting will pan out for you soon.