Friday, January 6, 2012

hum ... truth?

my truth is a blazing red glowing sunburnt nose in a blotchy sweaty face with bleached brassy, strawberry blonde is such a flattering description for what it is, hair on a bloated body connected by a wobbly piece of flesh that used to be a neck (and it was rather a nice neck even if I do say so myself) slumped in a cheap multiple-hand chair watching the new TV version of Sherlock homes over and over again with the commentary on because I rather enjoy listening to intelligent interesting people talking about non serious things without the burden of having to try and participate whilst wiling away the time before Dr who starts and contemplating the six weeks it will be before I have any money to actually do anything with because of bills and accidentally becoming behind in my rent, actually it is down to four and a half weeks now, and in betwixt re-reading all the bill bryson, terry pratchett and tom Holt books i currently own and kicking myself for not getting up and cleaning my flat which desperately needs it but it is just too damned hot and humid to even seriously contemplate and i don't enjoy cleaning anyway, although a clean house is nice, it does still rather make me feel more exposed.

it reminds me of a passage in a lois mcmaster bujold book where the hero is describing his decent into alcohol fuelled oblivion and that it is not pleasant but is a very good method for repelling company

but then said character's son upon his hung over reflections of his own  alcohol fuelled blotting out of a disaster remarks that a life in ruins with vomiting is still a life in ruins

which brings up the subject of alcohol and it is nearly four o'clock and surely four o'clock is not too early?

Tomorrow I shall be harsh with myself
I shall  make myself move
even if it does mean sweat pimples and rashes where my thighs rub together
I shall scrub the bathroom floor with my scrubbing brush on a stick
and the kitchen floor shall be mopped to within an a quarter inch of its life

(spell-check insists that Sherlock should have a capital S, but holds no opinion regarding holmes - lol)


  1. Four o'clock is surely drinking time somewhere. You are just not being geographically prejudiced. And heat and humidity are perfect reasons for almost everything.

  2. I'm with TEC. Just so long as you don't ever find yourself itching to start at four o'clock in the morning, I think you're safe.

  3. hum ... i think four o'clock in the morning would be when i would be cursing myself for drinking haha