Saturday, January 14, 2012

move along people - nothing to see here

oh ah ... I am  begging my cats forgiveness for my slackness concerning their kitty litter whilst at same time cursing them ( or in this case her ) for leaping up onto my little notebookieishcomputerthingy when I was amidst online testing for a recruitment company, causing me to grab and chuck in a precipitice (sp?) manner, and thus her claw which had delicately and lightly landed and latched, snicked and lifted the letter "t" away, making my blogging life just that little bit more difficult, which indeed has nothing to do with my slack poopyscoping - i merely lack the will

my scooter blew a fuse at an inconvenient moment this week and I spent too much in that first initial first flush of money and now I am screwed, fuse or no - I really don't want to beg money from my mother, but may yet need to

my oldest and best beloved cat vomits if he is fed anything other than fancyfeast which is distributed in tiny little cans at a dollarish a pop which at twice a day, fourteen days, comes to twenty-eight dollars - if I am lucky

indeed the four yorkshireman sketch is close to my thoughts as I attempt to work out my fortnighly budget - pffft!

really I can't  help but thing I should just blow the whole thing and just buy champagne instead

I almost wish I smoked so that I could futilely puff away a weeks worth of food in an hour via a long cigarette holder

but would you not be offended if someone said I don't thing you'll have a problem fitting in, I think it is more of an issue of you focussing on the work - after pointed and laboured questions like, have you ever worked in an open plan office before?

apparently I talked too much at the interview, but isn't one supposed to talk at an interview?  Particularly if the person doing the interview doesn't actually ask you any questions?  What was I supposed to do?  I think it is because I've turned forty.  I am less nice than I used to be.  I wouldn't normally take offence, but in my last job I was working six and seven day weeks unpaid and ten hour days and even when I came back to work casual, after having resigned, had to point out to the person replacing me that it doesn't really work when updating the database if the person has written the wrong month down and hadn't she noticed?  because it doesn't really work if it is only september and you are dating stuff off as having been done in November.

still ... that is all behind me now and I need to get a grip (but still it seems like a very rude thing to say at an interview - it was just ordinary chitchat for heavensake - the ol' I like to be busy and daytime television is aweful - Xena is my high point of the day blah blah blah).

(I promise not to mention Xena at an interview ever again - cross my heart)
(fuck me, what would have happened if I'd mentione Dr Phil?!)

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  1. Aren't our cats talented at finding a way which necessitates you spending more money on feeding them. And yes, vomiting cheap cat food is an excellent way to ensure that you receive your preferred diet. Perhaps I should try it too to ensure that I get nothing but champagne and mangoes for example.