Saturday, March 31, 2012


I saw these on one of those daytime television shows and just had to share

The insert is sewn into the panty - your protection is always secure! Learn more about how these panties work to keep you confident, comfortable and smooth in tight situations. You will feel safe and secure knowing you aren't "that girl" everyone is laughing at behind your back. 

Wooly baa-lamb and prince among men

Am wattching Wodehouse Playhouse DVD one and may take to calling people wooly baa-lambs and tallyho

Eldest has asked for an entry for the yearly family photo album and suggested I contribute something as there is a scarcity of photographs of my expanding self (she didn't say expanding) and suggested that this year we should all contribute a little written update or piece of something.  So I suggested I could submit a poem.

Am currently perusing my past efforts and considering submitting a sketch with them.

First lazy effort below.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


oh god oh god oh god
it was like a mini orgasim in an envelope!!!!!

my delightful and talented and wonderful friend sticky-nikkkkkiiiiii (and I am not just saying that because she gave me his WONDERFUL thing for FREEEEEEE) sent me a print of the picture that I soooo lusted for!!!! (probably this is an unstable amount of exclaimation marks and the internet might explode or something?)

I can't wait until the eldest gets to see it :)  I am sure she will try and steal it.
she should be so lucky

I did, in fact see the eldest today with my obscenely delightful two and a bit year old niece.  I love her sentences.  Collecting herbs in the yard and telling me she had money.  Her cousin Dukey trying to pretend she was saying 'mummy' so that he could get her to go back inside and he could go back to his computer game and her saying "no dukey, I don't want to go back to mummy, I want to see the chickens!" (and heck, the chickens are great) .  She is a two year old with definate ideas and I have been enjoying the reading-out-loud a little too much.  In fact, I have been reading out loud to myself in the evenings sometimes.

OH OH OHO OHO and I saw a set of Wodehouse Collection with Pauline Collins like wot (actually not like - actually actually) that I used to watch when I was little .... but I can't remember what shop it was??!?

So this weekend I shall have to try and replicate everything I did two weeks ago (cause I think I forgot I saw it last weekend, but perhaps it was last weekend and I just don't remember that it was last weekend instead of the last last weekend??)

(oh and dan kelly updated his blog, BUT NOT ENOUGH!!!! so I ain't going to link *pouts*)

Monday, March 26, 2012

oh shit i hope dr who hasn't started yet

So ... a change of government.

it does however mean that I may be unemployed again very soon, since I am a mere temp and that is usually one of the first things that is cut (although not for very long - couple months down the track we all come back - such number fakery - although not necessarily the same people)

which is a pity cause I saw this gorgeous dressing table at a second hand store on saturday which I would adore to own - along with the indian glory box which was the size of a dining room table - so awesome.  I wished I'd had camera with me.  They will probably be sold by the I get back there next week - even though getting back there next week will make no difference because I really shouldn't be buying stuff.  I should be culling so that all my belongings fit into one suitcase.

Apart from the cats, of course.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Flashback poem - 12-02-09

*sniff* I have a cold and am feeling somewhat miserable
so I figure it is time for a flashback to a past poetic effort

i wander merry and merrily on my way
i am quite happy today

the sun is shining
i'm feeling mellow
though the swell of my belly over band does billow

soft squishy
cushiony me
today it does not displease

i poke myself
and watch it jiggle
a belly so round and present and ample

i feed my face
a vegaterian open grill
and i am contented and full

the birds sing and crickets chirp
and my cats are all fat, fluffy and inert

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

hum ... i should have known there was something up when my old cat voluntarily came in for the night, but instead i enjoyed snuggles in blissful ignorance.  Twas not till I turned on the news in substitute of a wall clock that I found out there had been a storm.  Thus I flung on clothes willy-nilly and puttered into work a bit early.

I have heard some good stories, but sadly cannot repeat them due to privacy reasons, etc, etc, etc. 

Rooves off.  Bits flying about.

I had a pot plant fall over.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Crumpled sheets

Am loving Laura Marlings "All my rage".
Caught it on rage the other night.
Might have to go buy her album.

Have been making my old cat come in of a night, a'cause the rain is so heavy.  He screams like a banshee when he sees the other cats, but is settling on the bed without too much trauma, apart from low level growls which last till he falls asleep.  He stayed in for most of today.  Cuddled up over my arm like he used to, but more bad tempered about it when I move.  Saber rattling and a lite bite.  He never bites down, just puts his teeth against ones skin. 
The noise so loud.
The action so quick.
Makes ya jump unless you know he never breaks skin. 
Sometimes even when you do know.

Was going to spring clean and sort stuff in preparation of chucking some out, but it has rained all day, so I stayed in bed and slept instead.   It's snuggling in bed kind of weather.

I dyed my Guiness green for St Patricks day.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

the rain is a fitting soundtrack and has shadowed me all day

mother rang to tell me one of the children of a friend of their's
whom I used to play with and keep entertained on visits
committed suicide last year

i wish i could remember what he looked like
i only remember he was a very nice little boy
he was only nine or ten when i met him
it will probably come to me tonight in my dreams

they only just found out
the parents haven't been able to speak about it until recently

also one of my cousins is apparently deceased
i've met him on and off since i was small

she doesn't know how or why yet
she has been girding her loins to call one of her sisters
to find out what happened

she knows me well
she asked if i were sitting down first

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Surprisingly difficult

i never really thought about it before, but of course its obvious when you do
it is very difficult to take a flash photo of yourself crossing your eyes

i think i should invest in a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle for the next time i am home alone and bored

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Not dead - just sleeping

sleeping so sound he didn't even wake up when I took his photo 

Mary Mary quite contrary

what is it about baskets of clean clothes that cats just can't resist?

oh look, a kitty!