Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wooly baa-lamb and prince among men

Am wattching Wodehouse Playhouse DVD one and may take to calling people wooly baa-lambs and tallyho

Eldest has asked for an entry for the yearly family photo album and suggested I contribute something as there is a scarcity of photographs of my expanding self (she didn't say expanding) and suggested that this year we should all contribute a little written update or piece of something.  So I suggested I could submit a poem.

Am currently perusing my past efforts and considering submitting a sketch with them.

First lazy effort below.


  1. Are you perchance attempting to subtly suggest to your family that they should not ask for contributions in the future?

  2. I once gave my uncle sidney a set of decorative bellows for his birthday. followed up not long after with multiple wooden bird mobiles.

    I have a reputation to live up to.

    And really for that one it should just be a photo of some manky underwear round my ankles. Just thought of that today. Possibly going to enact tonight hahahahahahahhahaha