Monday, March 26, 2012

oh shit i hope dr who hasn't started yet

So ... a change of government.

it does however mean that I may be unemployed again very soon, since I am a mere temp and that is usually one of the first things that is cut (although not for very long - couple months down the track we all come back - such number fakery - although not necessarily the same people)

which is a pity cause I saw this gorgeous dressing table at a second hand store on saturday which I would adore to own - along with the indian glory box which was the size of a dining room table - so awesome.  I wished I'd had camera with me.  They will probably be sold by the I get back there next week - even though getting back there next week will make no difference because I really shouldn't be buying stuff.  I should be culling so that all my belongings fit into one suitcase.

Apart from the cats, of course.


  1. Sad to think that when there's a change in leadership unemployment goes up.

    Kind of the same here as well.

  2. I like and can mega relate to your culling/ not buying situation.
    You are one in a million, Ms MCL.

  3. oh but you have such beautiful stuff - I don't know how you could cull - your pictures of your studio are always so aspirational - I look and think ... bugger ... why don't I have awesome corners like that!