Sunday, March 18, 2012

Crumpled sheets

Am loving Laura Marlings "All my rage".
Caught it on rage the other night.
Might have to go buy her album.

Have been making my old cat come in of a night, a'cause the rain is so heavy.  He screams like a banshee when he sees the other cats, but is settling on the bed without too much trauma, apart from low level growls which last till he falls asleep.  He stayed in for most of today.  Cuddled up over my arm like he used to, but more bad tempered about it when I move.  Saber rattling and a lite bite.  He never bites down, just puts his teeth against ones skin. 
The noise so loud.
The action so quick.
Makes ya jump unless you know he never breaks skin. 
Sometimes even when you do know.

Was going to spring clean and sort stuff in preparation of chucking some out, but it has rained all day, so I stayed in bed and slept instead.   It's snuggling in bed kind of weather.

I dyed my Guiness green for St Patricks day.


  1. A day in bed is something to be cherished.

  2. oh, but i have so many of them. For me a day when I spend all day productively and actually improving my home environment would be something to be treasured - lol