Wednesday, March 21, 2012

hum ... i should have known there was something up when my old cat voluntarily came in for the night, but instead i enjoyed snuggles in blissful ignorance.  Twas not till I turned on the news in substitute of a wall clock that I found out there had been a storm.  Thus I flung on clothes willy-nilly and puttered into work a bit early.

I have heard some good stories, but sadly cannot repeat them due to privacy reasons, etc, etc, etc. 

Rooves off.  Bits flying about.

I had a pot plant fall over.



  1. Oh good, I was literally minutes away from leaving a comment asking how you were.

    Things on the Telly looked pretty awful.

  2. I am grateful Vincent is a good two or three suburbs away from me.

    A lady at work lives there and her house is fine, but all around her is damaged. She had to show ID to get back home after work that first day, because the suburb was blocked off so electricity workers could do their thing.