Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday, i think

BHJ has been brilliant again.  In fact ... actually ... I don't even mean again.  I mean consistantly.  BHJ has been consistantly brilliant. Again. 

He most certainly deserves a cookie for his latest post.

Another unfinished project

Partially painted faces.

close-up of my two favourites :)

Monday, December 27, 2010


So my step-father misheard mother's meal order at the cafe and bought her a marinaded beef strip wrap instead of the thai beef salad, so mother unwrapped it, whilst making disappointed mutterings about how she doesn't like to eat bread more than once a day and only ate the innards and left the wrap limp and lonely on the plate.  It was one of the more silly things I have seen her do.

But she didn't cry - so I feel it didn't go to bad over all. 

She did attempt to kidnap me and take me for a long drive - I managed to cut it short by saying I needed to go to the toilet.  My first excuse that I had intended to go home and do my washing whilst there was some dry weather not considered good enough, even though I only have one set of clean underwear left.  I am notorious for not perforrming domestic chores.  Everybody knows me too well.

If I have to hear about the tiger breadroll again I shall harm myself.  It was mislabeled as being $0.  Four times so far, even though I was actually there when they came back from the bakers Christmas Eve.  I just don't find it that interesting.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Oh woe is me.
I STILL cannot hoola.

Pink champagne is consoling.

Painted bits for mobile for niece wot never has gotten made - have I mentioned previously how crap I am at painting?  Still I like the pig.

I still have trouble believing I forgot what a giraffe looks like - oy vey.
Woolliff in a dirty pan

Blossom on the new table

Merry Christmas

Chickens are roaming the yard and brother-in-law is pacing about chatting on the cordless phone, whilst in the kitchen mum is messing about.  I can here clanging.  Not sure what she is doing, but it probably involves cleaning.  She has been in a cleaning frenzy since she arrived.

I am sick.
I have a cold.
Feel relatively miserable, but content with my relatives.

Breakfast at eldest's.  Ham and cheese croisants.  Fruit salad.  Muffins.  Rasberry and blueberry and chocolate chip all in one muffin.  Exo.

Thought I might die yesterday.  Shopping did not agree with me.  Didn't finish it all either.  Lines at the bottle shop HUGE.  Sister agreed she was happy to wait until new year for her present.  Eldest's present is terrible.  Have no idea what to buy.  Felt like my brain exploded and for some reason have bought her some preserved lemons?

I have given her other things as well, but nothing she will like.  And she gave me a computer.  Preserved lemons = computer, not.  sigh

Sister told parent that she still had bon bons that parent bought last year, but then couldn't find them and had to buy more and sneak them into the house so that parent wouldn't know - lol.

I know I shouldn't think in terms of giving something of equal or better value when it comes to gifts, but I always do.  I have always been a little obsessive about balance.  The waking  nightmares I used to have as a child were all to do with imbalance (and some of the sleeping ones).  I went through a stage where if I walked on one type of surface with one foot, I needed to also walk it with my other foot.  A little back step leap when moving from pavement to grass.  It was silly though, so I made myself stop.   I know it is to early, but my new years resolution is all about balance.  Balance food and drink with exercise.  Expenditure with saving.  etc etc etc as the king would say.

Perhaps I shall mould a little set of scales from my used tissues to commenorate the decision?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Not my business, but anyway ...

Perhaps I've just had time to become accustomed to it now?
Looks quite good here.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Actuishly hic

Actually, I am not babysitting tonight, but I didn't know that till I arrived and anyway now I've had three glasses of wine and a fajita (sp?) and I gotta stay until I sober up enough to drive - has nothing to do with having access to my sister's internet - nope - not at all - I love the company of family - indeed

Nigella's express is taunting me with awesome cocktails and perfect hair.  and massive bossoms.  can't go past her bossoms.  The are so prominate though restrainedly featured.

I think I need another fajita (sp?) now.


I am restless today.

If I were at home I would be wondering aimlessly from room to room and opening the fridge only to then shut it again because there is nothing in there I want.

I cannot settle to work.  I don't want to.  I want it to be four o'clock so I can go home.  Only today is babysitting day so I wouldn't be doing that either.

Every now and then the phrase 'chickin in a bra' drifts through my brain and I giggle slightly.

So ... I've a vague distracted air, restless movements, lack of concentration and I occasionally giggle for no apparent reason. 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Things that might have been ...

Okay - just thing - the birthday card Glenn Richards isn't going to receive this year (because I don't want to be creepy and he seems to be having enough trouble with mad fans at the moment anyway), would have been this ...

Isn't it awesome?
I saw it on the weekend :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday Afternoon

My beautiful niece Caitlyn is one on Monday.
She is soo cute and sooo bloodyminded.
She refuses to crawl and will only sit up and scoot along the ground on her bum.

 It is the funniest thing to watch, but probably you kind of have to be there for it, ey?


It is Saturday and hot.  The sun battles the clouds, resulting in a stink of humidity that suffocates skin.  Rough palms scuff and scrap delicate skin on face as sweat is swiped from upper lips and chins leaving red whimpering rashes that burn in the too harsh light, and perhaps I should have worn a shirt over my too skimpily topped dress?  The scooter trip to my sisters is probably just long enough for my bossom to get sunburnt.  Must remember not to lean forward.  Why do they make women's clothes so lowcut that one is nearly forced to wear a t-shirt under them?  Do they not know how hot it gets here?

BBQ today, but I think I may mostly eat dip and salad.  Can't face hot greasy bbqed sausage in this weather.  Perhaps I shall just wimp out in the airconditioning?  I've no reputation for socialbility to defend.

Have seen lots of things I would quite like to buy myself, but very little to actually buy for family members.  Agreed to go shopping with the parent tomorrow, which will probably be traumatic.  She asks me what she should buy me for Christmas, but she doesn't like any of the things I have suggested.  She has decided she is going to buy me clothes.  Only I rather fear I shall end up outfitted in clothes exactly like mothers.  Like the time she bought us matching vest coats.

Friday, December 17, 2010


Good Lord

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oh the strain - the temptation

I saw Ninja shaped cookie cutters and I am desperate to buy them, but I don't got nobody to give them to?  But I needz to buy them.  They need buying. 

Maybe Secret Squirrel would like them?
Does Bec bake?
Maybe I should send them to Dan Kelly?  He cooks.
But I don't know if he bakes?

You should have seen all the cool stuff in the swanky baby/kids shop.  I wanted to buy nearly the whole store.

Christmas shopping is a trial.


Four hours I played Bejewlled Quest.
I thought surely it must end soon?
But no. 
And don't call me Shirley.

So last night I stopped myself at 9:30 (instead of the 11:38 of the previous evening) and thought ... hum ... I'll just have a little bit of a read and then ... lo ... it was 12:38.

What is with the 38's?

Still.  I didn't even have a glass of wine the other night. Or any snacks.

Perhaps I shall call this 'the bling diet'?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Still amused

Graduation ceremony went well, though long.  Slightly over two and a half hours of listening to speechs and individual introductions of children and their awards or other comments, such as "could be a good team member" and "sometimes contributed to class" - lol - and teachers bravely continuting to talk on and on even though they were starting to cry. 

Beautiful niece played in wind trio introduction music and another little bit and experienced a wardrobe malfunction (shoe broke) with beautiful comic timing.

Kids were very dressed up.  One little girl out the front chatting to other niece awed at her own dress costing a whole $90.  I think much of that was surprise that her parents willingly bought it for her.

Niece decided against the gold beaded glovish things.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


A nieces grade seven graduation tonight.  Whilst babysitting last night offerred up jewellery choices for her perusal. 

Her older sister approved the pearls, but then she would.  I think she is growing up to be the Queen in her solidcoloured suits and pillbox hats.  I've never known a teenager with such restrained taste.

Graduating niece has gone with flash multicoloured jewlled chocker with green glass earings, together with gold beaded wrist cuffs with a middle finger attachment.  Though judging from the streak of lightning she became rushing to the bathroom to strip off accessories when her Uncle Peter turned up, perhaps she won't wear the glovesish thingies.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


The others have gone to buy food and I have the office to myself for a bit and therefore opportunity to check my blog :)

I miss my blog, but worry that even if I had a working computer at home in which to blog regularly on, I would have nothing to say.  Not a lot happening.  Not much cogitation experienced.  Certainly very little in the way of cleaning happening.  I think the cats and well and truly fed up with the state of the flat.  Their patience wearing thin.  Soon retribution will be enacted. 

I dreamed I was reconciling databases about cat poop the other night.

I fully meant to start on Sunday, since I bought the vacuum cleaner Saturday, but I had such a dreadful headache and it was so very hot.  35 degrees inside and the ceiling fans having very little positive effect.

When did I get so soft, that 35 degrees and probably only 80% humidity would have such an effect on me?  I blame Sydney  *shakes fist south* 

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Is THIS not one of the more marvelous clips for a song eva?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday and I've got Friday on my mind

It is 9:30 in the morning.  I am on public access internet calling itself "Xpress Internet Access" and it has taken three and a half minutes just to log into my blogspot account. 

I've had my first eggs benedict in months and now feel ill.  Bing Crosby is crooning Silent Night over the shopping centre speakers accompanied by the stadium-like echo of babbling voices, footsteps and little shopping related rattles, clangs and rusles (how does one spell russels? I can't believe I've forgotten how to spell russles) (rustles?)(argh).

I treated myself badly last night - since I now can afford to do so - and feel a little shaky, which is probably contributing to the ill feeling.

I am up to Night Four in How to Make Gravy and am finding it a pleasant way to spend time in bed.

Off to go see how little money I have left, since I have been foolish and wasteful with my money and then possibly retire back to my digs to whimper and self castigate myself, before spending more time with Paul.

What are your plans?

Friday, December 3, 2010

Hermit Crab

I am all at sixs and sevens.  A messy desk and bits and pieces I am not sure how to do and pinning the lady down to find out has, so far, proved unsuccessful.  I do hate the beginning months of a new job when I don't really know what I am doing or where everything fits together - grrrrrr

I am going to put 'Stop Breathing' (Augie March song from album titled 'thanks for the memes') on repeat for the rest of the afternoon and do something finishable to put myself in a better frame of mind.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Blah blah blah

Thursday and I spent far too much money last night. I could have bought a vacuum cleaner for the amount I spent on books – sigh – but I’ve been wanting Paul Kelly’s book since it came out - I couldn’t resist any more - AND there was a new Jasper Fforde book – I can’t walk past a Jasper Fforde book! Tis unthinkable.

I am not in the mood to be here today darnit – I can see blue sky!

I should be at the strand reading a book on the grass in the shade of a tree, with the prospect of chicken and mango pizza in that café over the water later in the afternoon and perhaps then a nap in my hammock.

Gentleman brings his dog to work. Should be more of it. She is a cutey and has this little football she occasionally comes and begs me to throw.

If he ever stops bringing her I wonder if I can talk them into letting me bring a cat to work? That would be so awesome.