Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday and I've got Friday on my mind

It is 9:30 in the morning.  I am on public access internet calling itself "Xpress Internet Access" and it has taken three and a half minutes just to log into my blogspot account. 

I've had my first eggs benedict in months and now feel ill.  Bing Crosby is crooning Silent Night over the shopping centre speakers accompanied by the stadium-like echo of babbling voices, footsteps and little shopping related rattles, clangs and rusles (how does one spell russels? I can't believe I've forgotten how to spell russles) (rustles?)(argh).

I treated myself badly last night - since I now can afford to do so - and feel a little shaky, which is probably contributing to the ill feeling.

I am up to Night Four in How to Make Gravy and am finding it a pleasant way to spend time in bed.

Off to go see how little money I have left, since I have been foolish and wasteful with my money and then possibly retire back to my digs to whimper and self castigate myself, before spending more time with Paul.

What are your plans?

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