Tuesday, December 7, 2010


The others have gone to buy food and I have the office to myself for a bit and therefore opportunity to check my blog :)

I miss my blog, but worry that even if I had a working computer at home in which to blog regularly on, I would have nothing to say.  Not a lot happening.  Not much cogitation experienced.  Certainly very little in the way of cleaning happening.  I think the cats and well and truly fed up with the state of the flat.  Their patience wearing thin.  Soon retribution will be enacted. 

I dreamed I was reconciling databases about cat poop the other night.

I fully meant to start on Sunday, since I bought the vacuum cleaner Saturday, but I had such a dreadful headache and it was so very hot.  35 degrees inside and the ceiling fans having very little positive effect.

When did I get so soft, that 35 degrees and probably only 80% humidity would have such an effect on me?  I blame Sydney  *shakes fist south* 

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