Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Chickens are roaming the yard and brother-in-law is pacing about chatting on the cordless phone, whilst in the kitchen mum is messing about.  I can here clanging.  Not sure what she is doing, but it probably involves cleaning.  She has been in a cleaning frenzy since she arrived.

I am sick.
I have a cold.
Feel relatively miserable, but content with my relatives.

Breakfast at eldest's.  Ham and cheese croisants.  Fruit salad.  Muffins.  Rasberry and blueberry and chocolate chip all in one muffin.  Exo.

Thought I might die yesterday.  Shopping did not agree with me.  Didn't finish it all either.  Lines at the bottle shop HUGE.  Sister agreed she was happy to wait until new year for her present.  Eldest's present is terrible.  Have no idea what to buy.  Felt like my brain exploded and for some reason have bought her some preserved lemons?

I have given her other things as well, but nothing she will like.  And she gave me a computer.  Preserved lemons = computer, not.  sigh

Sister told parent that she still had bon bons that parent bought last year, but then couldn't find them and had to buy more and sneak them into the house so that parent wouldn't know - lol.

I know I shouldn't think in terms of giving something of equal or better value when it comes to gifts, but I always do.  I have always been a little obsessive about balance.  The waking  nightmares I used to have as a child were all to do with imbalance (and some of the sleeping ones).  I went through a stage where if I walked on one type of surface with one foot, I needed to also walk it with my other foot.  A little back step leap when moving from pavement to grass.  It was silly though, so I made myself stop.   I know it is to early, but my new years resolution is all about balance.  Balance food and drink with exercise.  Expenditure with saving.  etc etc etc as the king would say.

Perhaps I shall mould a little set of scales from my used tissues to commenorate the decision?

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