Monday, December 27, 2010


So my step-father misheard mother's meal order at the cafe and bought her a marinaded beef strip wrap instead of the thai beef salad, so mother unwrapped it, whilst making disappointed mutterings about how she doesn't like to eat bread more than once a day and only ate the innards and left the wrap limp and lonely on the plate.  It was one of the more silly things I have seen her do.

But she didn't cry - so I feel it didn't go to bad over all. 

She did attempt to kidnap me and take me for a long drive - I managed to cut it short by saying I needed to go to the toilet.  My first excuse that I had intended to go home and do my washing whilst there was some dry weather not considered good enough, even though I only have one set of clean underwear left.  I am notorious for not perforrming domestic chores.  Everybody knows me too well.

If I have to hear about the tiger breadroll again I shall harm myself.  It was mislabeled as being $0.  Four times so far, even though I was actually there when they came back from the bakers Christmas Eve.  I just don't find it that interesting.

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